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9  Measurements performance requirements

9.1  Measurements performance for UEWord‑p. 152

9.1.1  Performance for UE measurements in downlink (RX)  P-CCPCH RSCP (TDD)  CPICH measurements (FDD)Word‑p. 156  Timeslot ISCP  UTRA carrier RSSI  GSM carrier RSSI  E-UTRAN RSRP |R8|Word‑p. 161  E-UTRAN RSRQ |R8|  SIR  Transport channel BLER  SFN-SFN observed time differenceWord‑p. 163  Observed time difference to GSM cellWord‑p. 166  UE GPS Timing of Cell Frames for UPWord‑p. 167  SFN-CFN observed time differenceWord‑p. 169

9.1.2  Performance for UE Measurements in Uplink (TX)Word‑p. 171

9.2  Measurements Performance for UTRANWord‑p. 175

9.2.1  Performance for UTRAN Measurements in Uplink (RX)  RSCP  Timeslot ISCP  Received Total Wide Band Power  SIRWord‑p. 180  Transport Channel BERWord‑p. 181  RX Timing DeviationWord‑p. 182  UTRAN GPS Timing of Cell Frames for UP  SYNC-UL Timing Deviation for 1.28 Mcps |R4|  Node B Synchronisation for 3.84 Mcps |R4|Word‑p. 186  Node B Synchronisation for 1.28Mcps TDD |R5|  Node B Synchronisation for 7.68 Mcps |R7|Word‑p. 189  SFN-SFN observed time difference |R4|  AOA measurement for UE positioning for 1.28Mcps TDD option |R5|  HS-SICH reception quality |R5|Word‑p. 193  UpPTS interference (1.28Mcps TDD) |R6|

9.2.2  Performance for UTRAN measurements in downlink (TX)

10  FPACH physical layer information field definition (1.28 Mcps TDD) |R4|

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