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3GPP 25-series — 3G UTRA(N) Radio Aspects

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Technical Reports in this range are 3GPP internal working documents (of a given Release) for holding the interim results of feasibility studies about UTRA/UTRAN.

TR 25.800RAN6Rel‑12
UMTS Hetergeneous Networks

TR 25.801RAN3Rel‑6
Feasibility study for improved access to UE measurement data for CRNC to support TDD RRM

TR 25.803RAN6Rel‑6
S-CCPCH performance for MBMS

TR 25.804RAN6Rel‑6
Feasibility study on uplink enhancements for UTRA TDD

TR 25.806RAN4Rel‑6 → 7
UMTS 1700/2100MHz Work Item

TR 25.807RAN3Rel‑6
Low output powers for general purpose FDD Base Station

TR 25.808RAN6Rel‑6
FDD enhanced uplink; Physical layer aspects

TR 25.809RAN6Rel‑7
7.68 Mcps TDD option: Physical layer

TR 25.810RAN4Rel‑7
UMTS 2.6 GHz (FDD) Work Item technical report

TR 25.811RAN4Rel‑7
UMTS 2.6 GHz TDD Work Item technical report

TR 25.813RAN6Rel‑7
E-UTRA and E-UTRAN — Radio interface protocol aspects

TR 25.814RAN6Rel‑7
Physical layer aspect for E-UTRA

TR 25.815RAN6Rel‑7
Signalling enhancements for CS and PS connections — Analyses and recommendations

TR 25.816RANRel‑7 → 8
UMTS 900 MHz Work Item technical report

TR 25.817RAN4Rel‑7
UMTS 1700 Work Item technical report

TR 25.818RAN4Rel‑7
UTRA tower mounted amplifier (FDD) study item technical report

TR 25.820RAN4Rel‑8
3G Home Node B (HNB) study item

TR 25.821RAN4Rel‑8
UMTS 1500 MHz work item technical report

TR 25.823RAN6Rel‑8
Feasibility study on synchronized E-DCH for UTRA FDD

TR 25.824RAN6Rel‑8
Scope of HSPA Evolution for 1.28Mcps TDD

TR 25.826RAN6Rel‑7
3.84 Mcps TDD enhanced uplink — Physical layer aspects

TR 25.827RAN6Rel‑7
1.28 Mcps TDD enhanced uplink — Physical layer aspects

TR 25.829RAN4Rel‑7
7.68 Mcps TDD: RF transmission/reception, System performance requirements and conformance testing

TR 25.832RAN3Rel‑3 → 4
Manifestations of Handover and SRNS relocation

TR 25.833RAN6Rel‑3
Physical layer items not for inclusion in Release 99

TR 25.834RAN6Rel‑4
UTRA TDD low chip rate option; Radio protocol aspects

TR 25.836RAN6Rel‑4
Node B synchronization for TDD

TR 25.838RAN3Rel‑4
Node B Synchronisation for TDD (Iub/Iur aspects)

TR 25.840RAN6Rel‑4
Terminal power saving features

TR 25.841RAN6Rel‑4
DSCH power control improvement in soft handover

TR 25.843RAN6Rel‑4
1.28 Mcps TDD UE Radio Access Capabilities

TR 25.844RAN6Rel‑4
Radio acces bearer support enhancements

TR 25.847RAN6Rel‑4
UE positioning enhancements

TR 25.848RAN6Rel‑4
Physical Layer Aspects of UTRA High Speed Downlink Packet Access

TR 25.849RAN3Rel‑4
DSCH power control improvement in soft handover

TR 25.850RAN3Rel‑4
UE positioning in UTRAN Iub/Iur protocol aspects

TR 25.851RAN3Rel‑4
RAB Quality of Service (QoS) Renegotiation over Iu

TR 25.853RAN3Rel‑3 → 4
Delay budget within the access stratum

TR 25.854RAN6Rel‑5
Uplink Synchronous Transmission Scheme (USTS)

TR 25.858RAN6Rel‑5
Physical layer aspects of UTRA High Speed Downlink Packet Access

TR 25.859RAN6Rel‑5
UE positioning enhancements for 1.28 Mcps TDD

TR 25.860RAN6Rel‑5
Radio acces bearer support enhancements

TR 25.862RAN6Rel‑6
RAB support for IMS

TR 25.863RAN4Rel‑10 → 11
UTRA — Uplink transmit diversity for High Speed Packet Access (HSPA)

TR 25.864RAN4Rel‑10
UTRA Downlink configurations for Four-carrier High Speed Download Packet Access (4C-HSDPA)

TR 25.865RAN6Rel‑10
Improvements of distributed antenna for 1.28Mcps TDD

TR 25.866RAN4Rel‑9
28Mcps TDD Home Node B (HNB) study item technical report

TR 25.868RAN6Rel‑5
Node B synchronization for 1,28 Mcps TDD

TR 25.870RAN6Rel‑5
Enhancement on the DSCH Hard Split mode

TR 25.871RAN6Rel‑11
Uplink Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) for High Speed Packet Access (HSPA)

TR 25.872RAN6Rel‑11
High Speed Packet Access (HSDPA) multipoint transmission

TR 25.873RAN4Rel‑11
UE Demodulation Performance Requirements Under Multiple-cell Scenario for 1.28Mcps TDD

TR 25.874RAN6Rel‑11
HSPA Feedback and Signalling Efficiency Enhancements for LCR TDD

TR 25.875RAN3Rel‑5
NAS node selector function

TR 25.876RAN6Rel‑7
Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) antennae in UTRA

TR 25.877RAN3Rel‑5
HSDPA — Iub/Iur Protocol Aspects

TR 25.878RAN3Rel‑5
RL timing adjustment

TR 25.879RAN3Rel‑5
Separation of resource reservation and radio link activation

TR 25.880RAN3Rel‑5
Re-arrangement of Iub transport bearers

TR 25.881RAN3Rel‑5
Improvement of Radio Resource Management (RRM) across RNS and RNS/BSS

TR 25.882RAN4Rel‑5
1,28 Mcps TDD option base station classification

TR 25.883RAN3Rel‑5
Direct Transport Bearers Between SRNC and Node-B

TR 25.884RAN3Rel‑5
Iur Neighbouring cell reporting efficiency optimisation

TR 25.887RAN6Rel‑6
Beamforming enhancements

TR 25.888RAN6Rel‑6
Improvement of inter frequency and inter system measurement for 1,28 Mcps TDD

TR 25.889RAN4Rel‑6
Feasibility study: viable deployment of UTRA in additional and diverse spectrum arrangements

TR 25.892RAN6Rel‑6
Feasibility study for OFDM for UTRAN enhancement

TR 25.895RAN6Rel‑6
Analysis of higher chip rates for UTRA TDD evolution

TR 25.896RAN6Rel‑6
Feasibility study for enhanced uplink for UTRA FDD

TR 25.899RAN6Rel‑6
HSDPA enhancements