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3GPP 25-series — 3G UTRA(N) Radio Aspects

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.70…   .75…   .76…
Technical Reports in this range, which is an extension of 25.8 range, are 3GPP internal working documents (of a given Release) for holding the interim results of feasibility studies about UTRA/UTRAN.

TR 25.700RAN6Rel‑12
Further EUL enhancements

TR 25.701RAN6Rel‑12
Flexible Bandwidth Usage for UMTS FDD

TR 25.702RAN6Rel‑12
Dedicated Channel enhancements

TR 25.703RAN3Rel‑12
Study on Home Node B (HNB) emergency warning area

TR 25.704RAN6Rel‑12
Study on mechanisms for additional broadcast capacity

TR 25.705RAN6Rel‑13
Study on Small data transmission enhancements for UMTS

TR 25.706RAN6Rel‑13
Downlink Enhancements for UMTS

TR 25.707RAN6Rel‑14
Multi-Carrier Enhancements for UMTS

TR 25.708RAN6Rel‑15
Study on scheduling enhancements with carrier aggregation for UMTS

TR 25.709RAN6Rel‑15
Study on a simplified HS-SCCH for UMTS

TR 25.756RAN3Rel‑13
RAN Sharing Enhancements for UMTS

TR 25.766RAN6Rel‑13
Study on Network-Assisted Interference Cancellation and Suppression for UMTS