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5  Functional entitiesWord‑p. 10

6  Network resource management procedures

6.1  General

6.2  On-network procedures

6.2.1  General

6.2.2  Unicast resource managementWord‑p. 11

6.2.3  Multicast resource managementWord‑p. 15  General  Use of pre-established MBMS bearers procedure  MBMS bearer announcement over MBMS bearer procedureWord‑p. 18  MBMS bearer quality detection procedure  Service continuity in MBMS scenarios  MBMS suspension notification procedureWord‑p. 23  MBMS bearer event notification procedureWord‑p. 25  Switching between MBMS bearer bearer and unicast bearer procedure  Use of dynamic MBMS bearers procedure

6.3  Off-network procedures

7  Coding

$  Change historyWord‑p. 41

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