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6  Roles for registration in the IM CN subsystem for service continuity

7  Roles for General CapabilitiesWord‑p. 16

8  Roles for call termination for inter UE transfer

9  Roles for UE discovery for inter-UE transfer

10  Roles for inter-UE transfer without establishment of collaborative sessionWord‑p. 18

11  Roles for collaborative session establishment for inter-UE transferWord‑p. 23

12  Roles for media transfer within collaborative session for inter-UE transferWord‑p. 28

13  Roles for release of collaborative session for inter-UE transferWord‑p. 31

14  Roles for addition and deletion of media within collaborative session for inter-UE transfer

14.1  Introduction

14.2  SC UEWord‑p. 33

14.3  SCC AS

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