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full Table of Contents for  TS 24.301  Word version:   16.3.0

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9.9.3  EPS Mobility Management (EMM) information elements  Additional update result  Additional update typeWord-p. 423  Authentication failure parameterWord-p. 424  Authentication parameter AUTN  Authentication parameter RANDUp  Authentication response parameter  Ciphering key sequence numberWord-p. 425  SMS services status [R13]  CSFB responseWord-p. 426  Daylight saving time  Detach type  DRX parameterWord-p. 427  EMM cause  EPS attach resultWord-p. 428  EPS attach typeWord-p. 429  EPS mobile identity  EPS network feature supportWord-p. 431  EPS update resultWord-p. 435  EPS update type  ESM message containerWord-p. 436  GPRS timer  GPRS timer 2 [R10]Word-p. 437  GPRS timer 3 [R10]  Identity type 2  IMEISV requestUp  KSI and sequence number  MS network capability  MS network feature support [R10]  NAS key set identifierWord-p. 438  NAS message container  NAS security algorithmsWord-p. 439  Network name  Network resource identifier container [R11]Word-p. 440  Nonce  Paging identityUp  P-TMSI signatureWord-p. 441  Extended EMM cause [R12]  Service type  Short MACWord-p. 442  Time zone  Time zone and timeWord-p. 443  TMSI status  Tracking area identity  Tracking area identity listWord-p. 444  UE network capabilityWord-p. 448  UE radio capability information update neededWord-p. 453  UE security capabilityWord-p. 454  Emergency Number ListWord-p. 457  Extended emergency number list [R15]  CLIWord-p. 459  SS CodeWord-p. 460  LCS indicator  LCS client identity  Generic message container type [R9]Word-p. 461  Generic message container [R9]Up  Voice domain preference and UE's usage setting [R9]Word-p. 462  GUTI type [R10]  Extended DRX parameters [R13]  Control plane service type [R13]Word-p. 463  DCN-ID [R14]  Non-3GPP NW provided policies [R14]  HashMME [R14]  Replayed NAS message container [R14]Word-p. 464  Network policy [R14]Word-p. 465  UE additional security capability [R15]Up  UE status [R15]Word-p. 468  Additional information requested [R15]  Ciphering key data [R15]  N1 UE network capability [R16]Word-p. 472  UE radio capability ID availability [R16]Word-p. 473  UE radio capability ID request [R16]Word-p. 474  UE radio capability ID [R16]  UE radio capability ID deletion indication [R16]  WUS assistance information [R16]

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