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A  Example signalling flows of conferencing operationp. 27

A.1  Scope of signalling flowsp. 27

A.2  Introductionp. 27

A.3  Flows demonstrating the creation of a conferencep. 29

A.4  Flows demonstrating a user joining a conferencep. 84

A.5  Flows demonstrating a user subscribing to the conference event packagep. 185

A.6  Flows demonstrating a user leaving a conferencep. 192

A.7  Flows demonstrating conference terminationp. 201

A.7.1  Generalp. 201

A.8  Flows demonstrating usage of hold and resume during conferencesp. 201

A.9  Flows demonstrating the use of the Replaces header |R7|p. 202

B (Normative)  SDP a=content attribute "g.3gpp.conf" value |R15|p. 207

B.1  Introductionp. 207

B.2  New valuep. 207

$  Change historyp. 208

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