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Content for  TS 24.109  Word version:  17.2.0

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A  Signalling flows of bootstrapping procedurep. 29

A1  Signalling flows of GBA Push procedure |R8|p. 36

B  Signalling flows for HTTP Digest Authentication with bootstrapped security associationp. 39

C (Normative)  XML Schema Definitionp. 44

D  Signalling flows for Authentication Proxyp. 45

E  Signalling flows for PKI portalp. 51

F  Signalling flows for PSK TLS with bootstrapped security associationp. 67

G (Normative)  3GPP specific extension-headers for HTTP entity-header fieldsp. 70

H (Normative)  2G GBA |R7|p. 71

I (Normative)  GBA_Digest |R11|p. 74

J (Normative)  Realization of GBA Push delivery |R11|p. 75

K (Normative)  TLS with AKMA profiles |R17|p. 79

$  Change historyp. 82

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