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The present document defines the principal architecture of layer 3 and its sublayers on the GSM Um interface, i.e. the interface between Mobile Station (MS) and network; for the CM sublayer, the description is restricted to paradigmatic examples, call control, supplementary services, and short message services for non-GPRS services. It also defines the basic message format and error handling applied by the layer 3 protocols.
For CTS services, the present document defines the principal architecture of layer 3 on the GSM Um* interface, i.e. the interface between a CTS capable Mobile Station (CTS-MS) and a Fixed Part (FP).
The corresponding protocols are defined in other Technical Specifications, see subclause 4.3.4.
For non-GPRS services the communication between sublayers and adjacent layers and the services provided by the sublayers are distributed by use of abstract service primitives. But only externally observable behaviour resulting from the description is normatively prescribed by the present document.
For GPRS services in addition the local information transfer and stimuli sent between sublayers is informatively included within Annex C of in the present document.
This document also defines the principal architecture of the EPS NAS and 5GS NAS layer 3 protocol and their sublayers, including the message format applied by layer 3.
In the present document MS is also used as a synonym for UE.
Descriptions in clauses 6 to 10 are not maintained actively.

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