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3GPP 24-series — index of 24.8… Technical Reports

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Reports in this range are 3GPP internal working documents (of a given Release) for holding the interim results of feasibility studies about UE-to-Network Signalling Protocols (Stage 3).

TR 24.801CT1Rel‑8
3GPP System Architecture Evolution (SAE) –
CT WG1 aspects

TR 24.802CT3Rel‑12
Indication of NNI Routeing Scenarios
in SIP Requests in the IMS

TR 24.803CT1Rel‑12
Study on Telepresence using IMS

TR 24.819CT1Rel‑7
Protocol Impact from Providing IMS Services
via Fixed Broadband

TR 24.820CT1Rel‑11
3GPP System to Fixed Broadband Access Network Interworking –
UE to Network protocols

TR 24.826CT1Rel‑11
Impacts on Signalling between UE and Core Network
from Energy Saving

TR 24.837CT1Rel‑10
IMS inter-UE Transfer enhancements

TR 24.841CT1Rel‑6
Presence Service based on SIP –
Functional Models, Information Flows and Protocol Details

TR 24.879CT1Rel‑7
Combining CS Calls and IMS Sessions

TR 24.880CT1Rel‑8
Media Server Control
using the IP Multimedia (IM) Core Network (CN) Subsystem

TR 24.883☆ (draft)CT1
Mission Critical Systems Connection to LMR

TR 24.885☆ (draft)CT1
Mission Critical (MC) System Migration and Interconnection

TR 24.890CT1Rel‑15
CT WG1 aspects of 5G System Phase 1