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The objective of the feasibility study is to investigate a solution for supporting single radio the video call continuity from E-UTRAN/HSPA to UTRAN-CS based on the Rel-8/9 Single Radio Voice Call Continuity (SRVCC) architecture as specified in TS 23.216 and TS 23.237, and study the mechanisms to resolve the key issues. It is not expected that the SRVCC architecture will be modified unless any of the key issues cannot be resolved with the current architecture.
The study will be performed to the scenarios where IMS session using bidirectional voice and synchronised video such as defined in TS 22.173, originated in E-UTRAN/HSPA and the UE moves to UTRAN and continues the service over UTRAN in the CS domain.
The video call continuity from E-UTRAN/HSPA to GERAN is not supported.

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