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The present document studies enhancements to the 3GPP system and UE procedures that are meant to cover essential functionality to enable new TV services by a 3GPP network. The scope of the work has three main components:
  • A broadcast component where mechanisms to enable decoupling of content, MBMS service and MBMS transport, allowing the system to: offer eMBMS transport only, a shared eMBMS network between MNOs, broadcast only TV service to devices with no MNO subscription, will be studied.
  • A unicast component, in which MNO subscription for TV service is required, where mechanisms for broadcast/unicast fall-back support, consumption-based switching between unicast/broadcast, and system enhancements for providing guaranteed QoS across large geographical areas will be studied.
  • An MBMS user service exposure to 3rd party server, in which mechanisms in order to enable delivery of TV content based on the information provided by the 3rd party content/service providers, e.g. the expected broadcast area and time will be studied.

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