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1  ScopeWord‑p. 8
The objective and scope of this TR is to study enhancements to 5GS that are required to fulfil Stage-1 service requirements in vertical domains defined in TS 22.261 and TS 22.104:
  • Enablers (e.g. time synchronization of packet delivery in each hop) to support Time Sensitive Networking, and industrial control use cases specified by Stage 1.
  • Architecture enhancements required to support security requirements.
  • Enhancements to the 5G system to support 5GLAN service.
  • Enhancements to service exposure via APIs for 3rd party use of functionalities e.g. for information regarding the geographic location of coverage area of non-public network;
  • Enablers to support new KPIs (e.g. 5QI) to meet service requirements of vertical;
  • Support for non-public networks:
    • Support for UEs being registered in non-public network and a PLMN when the UE supports credentials required for non-public network and credentials required for a PLMN and is able to maintain both registrations independently.
    • Support for roaming, mobility and service continuity between PLMN and non-public networks (e.g. for mobility from non-public networks to PLMN) with direct interaction between non-publicnetworks and PLMN.

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