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1  ScopeWord‑p. 9
The present document investigates relevant scenarios and possible solutions to enhance the CS/PS Coordination in a shared UTRAN/GERAN network as currently specified in TS 23.251.
Within this technical report relevant mobility scenarios shall be investigated and it shall be evaluated per scenario if any issues with CS/PS Coordination can be expected. The investigation shall be done for non-supporting UEs and for any UE in shared networks where no Multiple PLMN list is broadcasted. Solutions to solve found issues shall be evaluated and agreed for subsequent normative specification.
The scenarios that need to be handled will at least include:
  • CS handover to UTRAN/GERAN (DTM/non-DTM for GERAN);
  • PS Handover to UTRAN/GERAN (DTM/non-DTM for GERAN);
  • Redirection;
  • Cell reselection;
  • CSFB;
  • rSRVCC and SRVCC;
  • PLMN selection at handover based on UE capability;
  • Registration to PS domain in a shared network after CS only registration has been performed.

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