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8  Conclusionsp. 38

8.1  Conclusions for Key Issue #1: Enabling long eDRX cycle support in RRC_INACTIVE statep. 38

The following aspects are concluded as principles for the normative work:
  • It is agreed to support MT data signalling handling in CN when the UE is unreachable due to long extended DRX in RRC inactive.
  • When the gNB sends an indication to the CN and provides unreachability information (e.g., eDRX values negotiated between UE and gNB for RRC_INACTIVE state), the CN applies the HLcom functions based on gNB provided unreachability information (as described in solution #6).
  • If the gNB has indicated the UE has entered RRC_INACTIVE to the CN, the gNB also notifies the CN about the RRC State transition back to RRC_CONNECTED (as described in solution #6).

$  Change historyp. 39

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