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4  Reference Architecture and Connectivity Models

5  Functional Description for Supporting Edge ComputingWord‑p. 10

6  Procedures for Supporting Edge ComputingWord‑p. 11

6.1  General

6.2  EAS Discovery and Re-discovery

6.3  Edge RelocationWord‑p. 27

6.4  Network Exposure to Edge Application Server

6.5  Support of 3GPP Application Layer Architecture for Enabling Edge ComputingWord‑p. 37

6.6  Support of AF Guidance to PCF Determination of Proper URSP Rules

7  Network Function Services and DescriptionsWord‑p. 39

A  EAS Discovery Using 3rd Party MechanismsWord‑p. 42

B  Application Layer based EAS (Re-)DirectionWord‑p. 43

C  UE Considerations for EAS (re)DiscoveryWord‑p. 44

D  Examples of AF Guidance to PCF for Determination of URSP RulesWord‑p. 47

E  EPS Interworking ConsiderationsWord‑p. 48

F  EAS Relocation on Simultaneous Connectivity over Source and Target PSAWord‑p. 49

$  Change historyWord‑p. 52

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