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4.5  Identifiersp. 27

4.5.1  Generalp. 27

The UAV is associated with the following identifiers in the 3GPP system.

4.5.2  CAA-Level UAV Identityp. 27

A UAV is assigned a CAA-level UAV Identity by functions in the aviation domain (e.g. USS). This assigned identity is used for Remote Identification and Tracking and to identify the UAV.
The UAV provides the CAA-level UAV Identity to the 3GPP system during UUAA procedures.
The CAA-level UAV Identity is used by the UAV as UAV identity in Remote Identification.
The aviation domain may allocate a new CAA-level UAV Identity for the UAV at any time. The new CAA-level UAV Identity may be provided to the UAV and 3GPP system during UAS related procedures.

4.5.3  3GPP UAV IDp. 27

A 3GPP UAV ID is associated to the UAV by the 3GPP system in the subscription information and is used by the 3GPP system to identify the UAV. GPSI in the format of External Identifier is used as the 3GPP UAV ID.
The USS stores the association of the CAA-level UAV ID (provided by the UAV or a new one allocated by the aviation domain) to the 3GPP UAV ID (which is provided during the UUAA procedure).

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