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8  Interaction with other featuresp. 25

8.1  Interaction with barring servicesp. 25

Barring services described in TS 23.040 are prior to VAS-SMS services. Any related VAS-SMS service to Operator Determined Barring (see TS 22.041) is not applicable when Operator Determined Barring applies to the Short Message Service. For example, if an originating service for SMS is barred by ODB and a terminating service for SMS is not barred, all the related originating services for VAS-SMS service are also barred, but terminating services (e.g. SMS forwarding) for VAS-SMS are not impacted.

8.2  Interaction with multiple Short Message transferp. 25

There is no direct conflict between the VAS-SMS service and the multiple short message transfer service described in TS 23.040. VAS-SMS services shall not impact the implementation of the multiple short message transfer service when the SMS-SC indicates to the SMS-GMSC that there are more messages to send for each message waiting in the service centre.

8.3  Interaction with SMS COMPRESSIONp. 25

VAS-SMS services should be applicable for the SMS COMPRESSION described in TS 23.040. If the VAS-SMS service does not support SMS COMPRESSION (for example for VAS-SMS services that modify the content of a SM), then it shall guarantee the compressed SMS message delivery as normal.

8.4  Interaction with Enhanced Messaging Servicep. 25

For the enhanced messaging service described in TS 23.040, VAS-SMS services should be applicable. If the VAS-SMS service does not support the enhanced messaging service (for example for VAS-SMS services that modify the content of a SM), then it shall guarantee enhanced message delivery as normal.

8.5  Interaction with SM delivery reportp. 26

If a Short Message Receipt service is applied the SMS Node shall not send SM delivery report message to the user.

8.6  Interaction with chargingp. 26

VAS-SMS services are required to produce billing of extra fee (e.g. monthly based function fee).

8.7  Interaction between VAS-SMS servicesp. 26

VAS-SMS services should be classified by priority and triggered according to priority order based on operator's policy.

9  Interworking with other networksp. 26

The network architecture defined for VAS SMS is based on cellular networks. TS 23.204 specifies how to deliver SMS over generic 3GPP IP access. The theory of interworking with IP based network for VAS SMS is the same as normal SMS; refers to TS 23.204.

$  Change historyp. 27

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