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3GPP 23-series — Technical Realization – Stage 2

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Technical Reports in this range are 3GPP internal working documents (of a given Release) for holding the interim results of feasibility studies about Technical Realization (Stage 2). Studies in this range are from Rel‑3 up to Rel‑13, but this range is extended by the 23.7 range, for Studies from Rel‑12.

TR 23.800SA2Rel‑12
Study on
Application Based Charging (ABC)

TR 23.802SA2Rel‑7
Architectural enhancements
for end-to-end QoS

TR 23.804SA2Rel‑7
Support of SMS and MMS
over Generic 3GPP IP Access

TR 23.806SA2Rel‑7
Voice Call Continuity
between CS and IMS Study

TR 23.810SA2Rel‑8
Study on Architecture impacts
of Service Brokering

TR 23.811SA2Rel‑8
Service Level Interworking
for Messaging Services

TR 23.812SA2Rel‑11
Feasibility Study on
IMS evolution

TR 23.813SA2Rel‑11
Study on Policy Solutions and Enhancements

TR 23.814CT1Rel‑3
Separating RR and MM Specific Parts
of the MS Classmark

TR 23.815SA2Rel‑5
Charging Implications
of IMS Architecture

TR 23.816SA2Rel‑7
Identification of
Communication Services in IMS

TR 23.820CT4Rel‑8 → 9
Study of IMS Restoration Procedures

TR 23.824SA2Rel‑10
IP-SM-GW enhancements for Interworking
with OMA Converged IP Messaging

TR 23.826SA2Rel‑9
Feasibility Study
on VCC support
for Emergency Calls

TR 23.828SA2Rel‑8
ETWS Requirements and Solutions

TR 23.829SA2Rel‑10
Local IP Access
and Selected IP Traffic Offload

TR 23.830SA2Rel‑9
Architecture aspects of HNB/HeNB

TR 23.831SA2Rel‑10
IMS Service Continuity –
Inter-UE Transfer enhancements

TR 23.832SA2Rel‑10
IMS aspects of Architecture for HNB

TR 23.834SA2Rel‑10
Study on GTP-based S2b

TR 23.838SA2Rel‑9
IMS Service Continuity enhancements –
Service, Policy and Interaction

TR 23.839SA2Rel‑12
Study on support of
Broadband Forum (BBF) Access Interworking

TR 23.840CT4Rel‑7
Study into Routeing
of MT-SMs via the HPLMN

TR 23.841SA2Rel‑6
Presence Service Architecture

TR 23.842SA2Rel‑11
Study on
Network provided Location Information
to the IMS

TR 23.843SA2Rel‑12
Study on Core Network Overload (CNO) Solutions

TR 23.844SA2Rel‑12
Feasibility Study
on IMS Based Peer-to-Peer
Content Distribution Services

TR 23.845CT4Rel‑10
Study on User Data Convergence (UDC) Evolution

TR 23.846SA2Rel‑6
Multimedia Broadcast/Multicast Service (MBMS)

TR 23.847SA2Rel‑8
Enhancements to IMS Service Functionalities
Facilitating Multicast Bearer Services

TR 23.849SA2Rel‑11
Study on Stage 2 aspects
of OSCAR in the IMS whilst Roaming

TR 23.850SA2Rel‑11
Study on Roaming Architecture
for Voice over IMS
with Local Breakout

TR 23.851SA2Rel‑6
Network Sharing –
Architecture and Functional Description

TR 23.852SA2Rel‑12
Study on
S2a Mobility based on GTP
and WLAN Access to the EPC network (SaMOG)

TR 23.853SA2Rel‑12
Operator Policies
for IP Interface Selection (OPIIS)

TR 23.854SA2Rel‑11
Enhancements for
Multimedia Priority Service (MPS)

TR 23.855SA2Rel‑11
Data Identification in
Access Network Discovery and Selection Function (ANDSF)

TR 23.856SA2Rel‑10
Single Radio Voice Call Continuity (SRVCC)

TR 23.857CT4Rel‑11
Study of EPC Nodes Restoration

TR 23.858SA2Rel‑13
Usage Monitoring Control
PCC Enhancement

TR 23.859SA2Rel‑12
LIPA Mobility and SIPTO
at the Local Network

TR 23.860SA2Rel‑10
Enabling Coder Selection and Rate Adaptation
for Load Adaptive Applications

TR 23.861SA2Rel‑13
Network based IP Flow Mobility

TR 23.862SA2Rel‑12
EPC enhancements
to support Interworking
with Data Application Providers

TR 23.863SA2Rel‑12
Support of SMS in IMS without MSISDN

TR 23.865SA2Rel‑12
WLAN Network Selection
for 3GPP Terminals

TR 23.866SA2Rel‑12
System improvements
for Energy Efficiency

TR 23.867SA2Rel‑7
IP-based IMS Emergency Sessions

TR 23.868SA2Rel‑9
Feasibility Study on
Extension of Support
for IMS Emergency Calls

TR 23.869SA2Rel‑9
Support for IP based IMS Emergency Calls
over GPRS and EPS

TR 23.870SA2Rel‑9
Single Radio Voice Call Continuity (SR-VCC) support
for IMS Emergency Calls

TR 23.871SA2Rel‑5
Enhanced support
for User Privacy
in Location Services (LCS)

TR 23.872SA2Rel‑8
Study on Architecture
of IMS based Customized Alerting Tone (CAT)

TR 23.873SA2Rel‑4
Feasibility Study
for Transport and Control Separation
in the PS CN Domain

TR 23.875SA2Rel‑5
Support of Push Service

TR 23.877SA2Rel‑6
Architectural aspects
of Speech-enabled Services

TR 23.879SA2Rel‑9
Study on CS Domain Services
over Evolved PS Access

TR 23.882SA2Rel‑8
3GPP SAE: Report on Technical Options and Conclusions

TR 23.883SA2Rel‑9
Study on enhancements
to IMS Centralized Services (ICS)

TR 23.885SA2Rel‑11
Feasibility Study

TR 23.886SA2Rel‑10
Feasibility Study
of Single Radio Video Call Continuity (vSRVCC)

TR 23.887SA2Rel‑12
Study on MTC
and other Mobile Data Applications Communications enhancements

TR 23.888SA2Rel‑11
System improvements
for Machine-Type Communications (MTC)

TR 23.889CT4Rel‑10
Local Call Local Switch (LCLS)
System impacts –
Feasibility study

TR 23.890SA2Rel‑12
Optimized Offloading to WLAN
in 3GPP RAT Mobility

TR 23.891SA2Rel‑9
Evaluation of
LCS Control Plane Solutions
for EPS

TR 23.892SA2Rel‑8
IMS Centralized Services

TR 23.893SA2Rel‑8
Feasibility Study
on Multimedia Session Continuity

TR 23.894SA2Rel‑10
System enhancements
for the use of IMS Services
in Local Breakout
and Optimal Routeing of Media

TR 23.895SA2Rel‑6
Provision of
UE Specific Behaviour Information
to Network Entities

TR 23.896SA2Rel‑12
Support for Fixed Broadband Access Networks Convergence

TR 23.897SA2Rel‑12
Feasibility Study on
IMS Business Trunking for IP-PBX
in Static Mode of Operation

TR 23.898SA2Rel‑7
Access Class Barring
and Overload Protection (ACBOP)