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3GPP 23-series — index of 23.7… Technical Reports

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Technical Reports in this range, which is an extension of 23.8 range, are 3GPP internal working documents (of a given Release) for holding the interim results of feasibility studies about Technical Realization (Stage 2).
Studies in this range start from Rel‑12;

TR 23.701SA2Rel‑12
Study on Web Real Time Communication (WebRTC) access to IMS

TR 23.702SA2Rel‑14
Study on 3GPP PS Data Off

TR 23.703SA2Rel‑12
Study on Architecture enhancements to support Proximity Services (ProSe)

TR 23.704SA2Rel‑13
Study on CS/PS Coordination in Shared Network

TR 23.705SA2Rel‑13
Study on System enhancements for User Plane Congestion Management

TR 23.706SA2Rel‑13
Study on enhancements to WebRTC access to IMS

TR 23.707SA2Rel‑13
Architecture enhancements for Dedicated Core Networks

TR 23.708SA2Rel‑13
Architecture enhancements for Service Capability Exposure

TR 23.709SA2Rel‑13
Study on Optimizations to support High Latency Communications

TR 23.710SA2Rel‑14
Study on improvement of Awareness of User Location

TR 23.711SA2Rel‑14
Enhancements of Dedicated Core Networks Selection mechanism

TR 23.712CT1Rel‑13
Study on Warning Status Reporting

TR 23.713SA2Rel‑13
Study on extended architecture support for Proximity-based Services

TR 23.714SA2Rel‑14
Study on Control and User Plane Separation of EPC nodes

TR 23.715SA2Rel‑16
Study on system enhancements
for provision of access to restricted local operator services
by an unauthenticated UE

TR 23.716SA2Rel‑16
Study on the Wireless and Wireline Convergence
for the 5G System architecture

TR 23.718SA2Rel‑13
Architecture enhancement for Flexible Mobile Service Steering

TR 23.719SA2Rel‑14
Feasibility Study on Service Domain Centralization

TR 23.720SA2Rel‑13
Study on Architecture enhancements for Cellular Internet of Things

TR 23.721SA2Rel‑14
Study on Sponsored Data Connectivity improvements

TR 23.722SA6Rel‑15
Study on Common API Framework
for 3GPP Northbound APIs

TR 23.723draftSA2
Study of System Level impacts
due to introduction of Light Connection for LTE in EPS

TR 23.724SA2Rel‑16
Study on CIoT support and Evolution for the 5GS

TR 23.725SA2Rel‑16
Study on enhancement of URLLC support in the 5GC

TR 23.726SA2Rel‑16
Study on enhancing Topology of SMF and UPF in 5G Networks

TR 23.727draftSA2
Study on Application Awareness Interworking between LTE and NR

TR 23.728draftSA2
Study on System Architecture enhancement
for Next Generation Real-Time Communication

TR 23.729SA2Rel‑15
Study on Unlicensed Spectrum Offloading System enhancements

TR 23.730SA2Rel‑14
Study on extended Architecture support for Cellular Internet of Things

TR 23.731SA2Rel‑16
Study on enhancement to the 5GC LoCation Services

TR 23.732SA2Rel‑16
Study on User data Interworking, Coexistence and Migration

TR 23.733SA2Rel‑15
Study on Architecture enhancements to ProSe UE-to-Network Relay

TR 23.734SA2Rel‑16
Study on enhancement of 5GS for Vertical and LAN Services

TR 23.735draftCT1
Study on enhancements of Public Warning System

TR 23.736draftSA2
Study on enhancement of Systems using EPS
for Ultra Reliability and Availability
using Commodity Equipment

TR 23.737draftSA2
Study on Architecture aspects
for using Satellite Access in 5G

TR 23.738draftSA2
Study on supporting
Flexible Local Area Data Network

TR 23.739draftSA2
Study on enhancement of EPC
for Low Latency Communication including Device Mobility

TR 23.740SA2Rel‑16
Study on Enhancement of Network Slicing

TR 23.741SA2Rel‑13
Study on Enhancements to MBMS for LTE

TR 23.742SA2Rel‑16
Study on Enhancements to the Service-Based Architecture

TR 23.743SA2Rel‑16
Study on optimisations on UE radio capability signalling

TR 23.744draftSA6
Study on Location enhancements
for Mission Critical Services

TR 23.745draftSA6
Study on Application Support Layer
for Factories of the Future in the 5G Network

TR 23.746SA2Rel‑14
Study on System Architecture enhancements
to eMBMS for Television Video Service

TR 23.749SA2Rel‑14
Study on S8 Home Routing Architecture for VoLTE

TR 23.750SA2Rel‑14
Study for Robust Call Setup for VoLTE Subscriber in LTE

TR 23.751SA2Rel‑15
Study on support of Voice over WLAN

TR 23.754draftSA2
Study on supporting Unmanned Aerial Systems Connectivity, Identification and Tracking

TR 23.755draftSA6
Study on Application layer support for Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)

TR 23.756SA2Rel‑16
Study for Single Radio Voice Continuity from 5G to 3G

TR 23.759SA2Rel‑15
Study for enhanced VoLTE Performance

TR 23.761draftSA2
Study on System Enablers for Devices having multiple USIM

TR 23.768SA2Rel‑12
Study on Architecture Enhancements to Support Group Communication System Enablers for LTE

TR 23.769SA2Rel‑13
Group based Enhancements

TR 23.770SA2Rel‑13
Study on system impacts of extended Discontinuous Reception (DRX) cycle
for power consumption optimization

TR 23.771SA2Rel‑13
Study on System impacts of IMS Emergency sessions over WLAN

TR 23.772draftSA2
Enhanced Circuit Switched (CS) Fallback

TR 23.773SA2Rel‑14
Study on extension in the Group based enhancements
in the Network Capability Exposure functions

TR 23.778draftSA6
Study on MC Services Access aspects

TR 23.779SA6Rel‑13
Study on Application architecture to support MCPTT Services

TR 23.780SA6Rel‑14
Study on MBMS usage for Mission Critical Communication services

TR 23.781SA6Rel‑15
Study on Migration and Interconnection for Mission Critical Services

TR 23.782SA6Rel‑15
Study on Mission Critical Communication interworking
between LTE and non-LTE systems

TR 23.783draftSA6
Study on Mission Critical Services support over 5G System

TR 23.784draftSA6
Study into Discreet Listening and Logging for Mission Critical Services

TR 23.785SA2Rel‑14
Study on Architecture enhancements for LTE support of V2X services

TR 23.786SA2Rel‑16
Study on Architecture enhancements for EPS and 5G System
to support advanced V2X services

TR 23.787draftSA2
Study on Encrypted Traffic Detection and Verification

TR 23.789SA2Rel‑13
Monitoring Enhancements

TR 23.790SA6Rel‑15
Study on Application architecture
for the Future Railway Mobile Communication System (FRMCS)

TR 23.791SA2Rel‑16
Study of enablers for Network Automation for 5G

TR 23.792SA6Rel‑16
Study on MBMS APIs for Mission Critical Services

TR 23.793SA2Rel‑16
Study on Access Traffic Steering, Switch and Splitting support
in the 5G system architecture

TR 23.794draftSA2
Study on Enhanced IMS to 5GC Integration

TR 23.795SA6Rel‑16
Study on Application Layer support for V2X Services

TR 23.796SA6Rel‑16
Study on Application architecture for the FRMCS Phase 2

TR 23.797SA2Rel‑13
Study on architecture enhancements
to support Isolated E-UTRAN Operation for Public Safety

TR 23.798SA2Rel‑15
Study on enhancements to Isolated E-UTRAN Operation for Public Safety

TR 23.799SA2Rel‑14
Study on Architecture for Next Generation System