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draft-TR 23.736 (SA2)
Study on enhancement of systems using EPS for Ultra Reliability and Availability using commodity equipment

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V0.2.0 (Wzip)  2018/06  11 p.

Rapporteur:  Mr. Pudney, Chris

The objective of this Technical Report is to study the solutions and potential enhancements needed for systems using EPS to enable data services (UE to Data Network, and, UE to UE via Data Network) with one or more the following requirements:
  1. Availability greater than that of a single pre-Release 16, EPC based 3GPP system with a traditional arrangement of base stations, power supplies, transmission links and core network entities.
  2. Providing reliable (e.g. better than 1*10-9 undetected bit error rate) 3GPP data services with low latency (e.g. less than 15 ms between UE and application server).
  3. Providing prompt, deterministic recovery mechanisms following periods where the required connectivity quality of the EPS bearer was not achieved.
  4. Investigating the end to end provision of 3GPP data services with low jitter, e.g. less than 100µs between UE and Data Network.