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10  Performance support applications related use cases

11  Business support applications related use cases

12  FRMCS System principles related use cases

12.1  FRMCS System principles overview

12.2  Area Broadcast Group Communication interworking between GSM-R and FRMCS UsersWord‑p. 190

12.3  Location Service interworking between GSM-R and FRMCS Users

12.4  Presence interworking between GSM-R and FRMCS Users

12.5  Point to Point communication between GSM-R and FRMCS Users

12.6  Interworking with legacy systems including LMR

12.7  Use case: Builds stable positioning framework for FRMCS services and devices including trainborne and handheld devices

12.8  Interworking between GSM-R and FRMCS

12.9  Use case: Bearer flexibility

12.10  Use Case: QoS in a railway environmentWord‑p. 203

12.11  Use case: Provide broadband and mission critical services with seamless connectivityWord‑p. 212

12.12  Use case: Offer railway services high-quality control functions with real-time train status monitoring

12.13  Use case: Provide call priority during interworking with LMR

12.14  Use Case: FRMCS Positioning Accuracy

12.15  Use Case: FRMCS System security framework

12.16  Use Case: Interworking to external networksWord‑p. 222

12.17  Use Case: FRMCS On-network/Off-network communicationWord‑p. 226

12.18  Call restriction serviceWord‑p. 232

12.19  Allocation and isolation of FRMCS communication resources

12.20  FRMCS Equipment capabilities for multiple FRMCS Users

12.21  FRMCS System/FRMCS User roaming capabilities

12.22  Use case: Availability - increasing measures

12.23  Use case: Flexible use of available contiguous spectrum blocks(s) and related bandwidth(s)

13  Potential New Requirements

14  Conclusion and Recommendations

A  Examples of Role managementWord‑p. 242

B  Minimum functional and performance requirements for FRMCS from a perspective of Korea LTE-based railway servicesWord‑p. 244

C  Applicability to On-network/Off-network communicationWord‑p. 248

$  Change historyWord‑p. 253

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