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6  Critical communication applications related use cases

6.1  Introduction

6.2  Multi-train voice communication for Drivers and Ground FRMCS User(s)

6.3  On-train outgoing voice communication from the Driver towards the Controller(s) of the trainWord‑p. 36

6.4  Railway emergency communicationWord‑p. 44

6.4.1  Introduction

6.4.2  General overview

6.4.3  Use case: Initiation of the railway emergency alertWord‑p. 46

6.4.4  Use case: New entry to the railway emergency alertWord‑p. 49

6.4.5  Use case: Changing of the railway emergency alert

6.4.6  Use case: Leaving of the railway emergency alertWord‑p. 54

6.4.7  Use case: Termination of the railway emergency alert

6.4.8  Use case: Initiation of railway emergency voice communication

6.4.9  Use case: Termination of railway emergency voice communicationWord‑p. 59

6.4.10  Use case: Initiation of Data communication during railway emergency alert

6.4.11  Use case: Service interworking and service continuation with GSM-R

6.4.12  Use case: Interface to train borne recorderWord‑p. 67

6.5  Use case: Automatic Train Protection (ATP) support by the FRMCS System

6.6  Trackside Maintenance Warning System communication related use cases

6.7  Pushed Real Time Video streaming

6.8  Public emergency call related use cases

6.9  Data communication for possession management related use cases

6.10  Recording of communicationWord‑p. 78

6.11  Remote control of engines communication related use casesWord‑p. 79

6.12  Automatic Train Operation data communication

6.13  Monitoring and control of critical infrastructure related use cases

6.14  Use case: Data transmission in real time

6.15  On-train incoming voice or video communication from the Controller(s) of the train towards the drivers

6.16  Use cases on data communication for Train Operation System CommunicationWord‑p. 88

6.17  On-train safety device to ground communication

6.18  Train Integrity monitoring data communicationWord‑p. 93

6.19  Use case: Broadcast of public emergency warning information

6.20  Safety related critical advisory messagingWord‑p. 97

6.21  Automatic Train Protection data communication

6.22  Voice communication transfer related use cases

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