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This Technical Report aims to present use cases in telecommunication services that are developed by applying haptic technology. It also justifies accepting haptic technology in telecommunication services by investigating readiness for its use in the telecommunication system and the level of benefit for the user experience.
For such purpose this document investigates following questions:
  • Provide the overview of current haptic technology which might be deployed in telecommunication
  • Identify any adaption required for existing services enhanced by supporting the delivery of haptic sense
  • Identify key aspects of new services built on capabilities provided by haptic technology
  • Identify and specify general requirements for delivery of haptic sense in telecommunication networks
  • Identify the scope and roles of 3GPP for mobile haptic services and consult with OMA to coordinate on the development of mobile haptic services
Note that this Technical Report considers all types of telecommunication networks within the scope of 3GPP, including mobile networks and IMS-based fixed networks, etc.

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