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The present document studies the requirements for IP-Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) Convergent Multimedia Conferencing (CMMC) service in IMS. Specifically, the objective of this study item is to:
  1. Identify features of IMS multimedia conferencing, and describe potential service requirements for IMS multimedia conferencing.
  2. Identify the IMS requirements for multimedia conferencing services:
    1. the conference framework
    2. data sharing session establishment/termination/management in a conference
    3. media control for audio, video and data
    4. floor control for audio, video and data
    5. conference policy
  3. Identify possible routes to standardization by:
    1. Adopting existing and emerging standards, e.g. OMA, IETF, W3C.
    2. Modifying and enhancing existing and emerging standards.
    3. Developing of new standards.

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