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The present document aims to identify the market segments and verticals whose needs 3GPP should focus on meeting, and to identify groups of related use cases and requirements that the 3GPP eco-system would need to support in the future. This is a very broad and wide-ranging endeavour. As a result, the work will be organised so that a subset of distinct work/study items with clearly focussed objectives are executed in each stage of the work.
This study will develop several use cases covering various scenarios and identify the related high-level potential requirements which can be derived from them. It will identify and group together use cases with common characteristics and propose a few, e.g. 3-4, use cases (or groups of use cases with common characteristics) for further development in the next stage of the work.
Analysis will also be made on which legacy services and requirements from the existing 3GPP systems need to be included, if fallback mechanisms to them need to be developed, or if fallback is not necessary.
The focus of this work is on the use cases and requirements that cannot be met with EPS. Use cases identified as applicable for EPS are outside the scope of this study and are expected to be progressed independently of it.

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