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This technical report relates to a study on positioning use cases for both outdoor and indoor environments. It analyses positioning use cases and complements existing work on 5G use cases involving positioning needs in order to identify potential requirements for 5G positioning services.
This document also identifies new use cases, their scope and environment of use along with the related KPIs. For use cases already addressed (fully or partially) in other 3GPP studies, it consolidates and validates the KPI and assumptions.
The document further develops the identified use cases by providing some considerations on the suitability of positioning technologies to these use cases. These considerations support the identification of potential requirements that can be achieved with 3GPP positioning technologies or with a combination of 3GPP and non-3GPP positioning technologies. The use cases and performance targets are independent of specific solutions even though, in order to support these considerations, the report provides some illustrative allocation between existing positioning technologies and 3GPP new positioning technologies (e.g. NR-based).

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