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This Technical Report describes relevant use-cases and proposes respective potential service requirements for 5G systems to support production of audio-visual (AV) content and services.
Previous work assessed certain aspects for local applications (e.g. ultra-reliable low-latency and time synchronization demands.) This study addresses implications for 3GPP from wide-area media production and additional local applications. Topics to be studied include demanding locally-distributed production scenarios or ad-hoc deployments of high-bandwidth networks providing increased mobility and coverage and lowest streaming latencies.
Investigation is considered for example:
  • provision of pre-defined bandwidth capacity, end-to-end latency and other QoS requirements for e.g. larger live music events or high-quality cinematic video production;
  • time synchronisation among all devices (cameras, microphones, in-ear monitors etc.), optionally using a production-based master clock or time code generator, which is broadcasted;
  • coverage-related issues dealing with nomadic and ad-hoc production deployments, future ways for electronic news gathering, usage of airborne equipment and support for higher ground speeds of up to 400 km/h;
  • interoperability issues related to existing audio-visual production standards and protocols;
  • dependability assurance and related topics (network isolation, QoS monitoring etc.).

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