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0  IntroductionWord‑p. 4
Supplementary services such as CLIP, CNAP and OIP for CS and IMS network provide the calling party's number/name to the called party, which is useful especially when subscribers are receiving calls from strangers. However, with the uptake of smart phones, a number of "calling information presentation" OTTs have been introduced that can realize exchange of personal information (including name, portrait, signature, etc.) between the calling and the called party on call setup. These types of OTTs are becoming more and more popular, which demonstrate that there are additional requirements from users for supplementary services: They want more information to be shared in a call, and want the calling information presentation to be supported in both directions.
Customized Alerting Tone (CAT) and Customized Ringing Signal (CRS) were introduced to provide multimedia experience during the establishment of a call for the calling and the called party, but they have limitations as for CAT picture is not included in content type.
Hence, there is a need to improve and enhance the calling information presentation, so that the value of network can be maximized.
1  ScopeWord‑p. 5
The present document will consider use cases and identify potential requirements for enhancing the calling information presentation. This will include:
  • Type of contents shared in calling information presentation, e.g. number, name, portrait, signature, etc.
  • Use cases for both calling party and called party.
  • Interaction with MMTel services, CAT, and CRS service.
  • Interoperability with other network.

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