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1  ScopeWord-p. 8
2  References
3  Definitions, Symbols and AbbreviationsWord-p. 9
4  OverviewWord-p. 10
5  Use Cases and Scenarios
5.1  General Use Cases
5.1.1  Restricted ProSe Discovery Use Case
5.1.2  Open ProSe Discovery Use CaseWord-p. 15
5.1.3  Discovery Use Case with Subscribers from Different PLMNs
5.1.4  Discovery Use Case with Roaming Subscribers
5.1.5  Network ProSe Discovery Use Case
5.1.6  Service Continuity between Infrastructure and E-UTRA ProSe Communication paths
5.1.7  Operator A uses ProSe to Enhance Location and Presence ServicesWord-p. 20
5.1.8  ProSe for Large Numbers of UEs
5.1.9  ProSe-assisted WLAN Direct Communications Use Case
5.1.10  Service Management and Continuity for ProSe-assisted WLAN Direct CommunicationsWord-p. 22
5.1.11  Use Case for ProSe Application Provided by the Third-Party Application DeveloperWord-p. 23
5.1.12  Concurrent E-UTRAN Infrastructure and WLAN Proximity CommunicationUp
5.1.13  Network Offloading via WLAN ProSe Communication

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