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3GPP 22-series — Service Aspects – Stage 1

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Technical Reports in this range are 3GPP internal working documents (of a given Release) for holding the interim results of feasibility studies about Services.

TR 22.800SA1Rel‑6
IMS subscription and access scenarios

TR 22.801SA1Rel‑12
Study on non-MTC mobile data applications impacts

TR 22.802SA1Rel‑14
Study on scenarios where multiple APNs are needed

TR 22.803SA1Rel‑12
Feasibility Study on Proximity-based Services

TR 22.804SA1Rel‑16
Study on Communication for Automation in Vertical domains (CAV)

TR 22.805SA1Rel‑12
User plane congestion management use cases and requirements

TR 22.806SA1Rel‑13
Study on application-specific congestion control for data communication

TR 22.807SA1Rel‑13
Study on enhancements for infrastructure based data communication between devices

TR 22.808SA1Rel‑13 → 14
Study on Flexible Mobile Service Steering (FMSS)

TR 22.809SA1Rel‑11
3GPP voice interworking with enterprise IP-PBX (VINE)

TR 22.810SA1Rel‑13
Study of enhanced call information presentation

TR 22.811SA1Rel‑7
Review of network selection principles

TR 22.813SA1Rel‑10
Study of use cases and requirements for enhanced voice codecs for the EPS

TR 22.814SA1Rel‑10
LCS support in EPC for non-3GPP accesses

TR 22.815SA1Rel‑14
Study on Multimedia Broadcast Supplement for Public Warning System (MBSP)

TR 22.816SA1Rel‑14
3GPP enhancement for TV service

TR 22.818SA1Rel‑14
Feasibility Study on Control of Applications when Third party Servers encounter difficulties

TR 22.819SA1Rel‑16
Feasibility Study on Maritime Communication Services over 3GPP system

TR 22.820SA1Rel‑15
Study on Provision of Local Operator Services

TR 22.821SA1Rel‑16
Feasibility Study on LAN Support in 5G

TR 22.822SA1Rel‑16
Study on using Satellite Access in 5G

TR 22.823SA1Rel‑16
Study on enhancements to IMS for new real time communication services

TR 22.824SA1Rel‑16
Study on 5G message service for MIoT

TR 22.825SA1Rel‑16
Study on Remote Identification of
Unmanned Aerial Systems

TR 22.826SA1Rel‑17
Study on Communication Services
for Critical Medical Applications

TR 22.827SA1Rel‑17
Study on Audio-Visual Service Production

TR 22.828SA1Rel‑13
Study on Co-ordinated P-GW Change
for Selected IP Traffic Offload

TR 22.829SA1Rel‑17
Study on enhancement for
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

TR 22.830SA1Rel‑16
Study on Business Role Models for Network Slicing

TR 22.831SA1Rel‑17
Study on Support for
Minimization of Service Interruption

TR 22.832SA1Rel‑17
Study on enhancements for
Cyber-Physical Control Applications in Vertical Domains

TR 22.833SA1Rel‑16
Study on enhancement of LTE
for Efficient Delivery of Streaming Service

TR 22.834SA1Rel‑17
Study on support for
Multi-USIM Devices

TR 22.836SA1Rel‑17
Study on Asset Tracking Use Cases

TR 22.838SA1Rel‑14
Paging policy enhancements and procedure optimizations in LTE

TR 22.842SA1Rel‑17
Study on Network Controlled Interactive Services

TR 22.852SA1Rel‑12 → 13
Study on Radio Access Network (RAN) sharing enhancements

TR 22.853SA1Rel‑13
Study on Service Exposure and Enablement Support (SEES) requirements

TR 22.854SA1Rel‑17
Feasibility Study on Multimedia Priority Service (MPS) Phase 2

TR 22.857SA2Rel‑6
Run-time independent framework feasibility study

TR 22.861SA1Rel‑14
FS_SMARTER - massive Internet of Things

TR 22.862SA1Rel‑14
FS_SMARTER - Critical Communications

TR 22.863SA1Rel‑14
FS_SMARTER - enhanced Mobile Broadband

TR 22.864SA1Rel‑14 → 15
FS_SMARTER - Network Operation

TR 22.866SA1Rel‑17
Enhanced relays for energy efficiency and extensive coverage

TR 22.868SA1Rel‑8
Study on facilitating machine to machine communication in 3GPP systems

TR 22.869SA1Rel‑16
Feasibility study on enhancements of Public Warning System (PWS)

TR 22.871SA1Rel‑11
Study on non-voice emergency services

TR 22.872SA1Rel‑16
Study on positioning use cases

TR 22.879SA1Rel‑14
Feasibility study on mission critical video services over LTE

TR 22.880SA1Rel‑14
Feasibility study on mission critical data communications

TR 22.885SA1Rel‑14
Study on LTE support for Vehicle to Everything (V2X) services

TR 22.886SA1Rel‑15 → 16
Study on enhancement of 3GPP support for 5G V2X services

TR 22.888SA1Rel‑12
Study on Enhancements for MTC

TR 22.889SA1Rel‑15 → 17
Study on Future Railway Mobile Communication System

TR 22.891SA1Rel‑14
Study on New Services and Markets Technology Enablers

TR 22.892SA1Rel‑8
Study on IMS Centralized Services (ICS) requirements

TR 22.893SA1Rel‑10
Advanced requirements for IP interconnect

TR 22.894SA1Rel‑11
Feasibility study on IMS network-independent public user identities

TR 22.895SA1Rel‑12
Integration of SSO frameworks with 3GPP operator-controlled resources and mechanisms

TR 22.896SA1Rel‑12
Study on continuity of data sessions to local networks

TR 22.897SA1Rel‑13
Study on isolated E-UTRAN operation for public safety

TR 22.898SA1Rel‑14
Study on User Control Over Spoofed Calls

TR 22.899SA1Rel‑14
Study on enhancements to user location reporting support