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TS 22.346 (SA1)
Isolated E-UTRAN Operation for Public Safety –
Stage 1

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Rapporteur:  Dr. Piggin, Paul

Ensuring the continued ability of Public Safety users to communicate within mission critical situations is of the utmost importance. The Isolated E-UTRAN mode of operation provides the ability to maintain a level of communications for Public Safety users, via an eNB (or set of connected eNBs), following the loss of backhaul communications.

The Isolated E-UTRAN mode of operation also provides the ability to create a serving radio access network without backhaul communications, from a deployment of one or more standalone Nomadic eNBs (NeNBs). In addition the Isolated E-UTRAN feature also addresses the scenario where a fixed or nomadic set of eNBs is without normal backhaul communications but has been provided with an alternative (non-ideal) limited bandwidth backhaul.

The present document specifies the service requirements for Isolated E-UTRAN Operation in support of mission critical network operation for Public Safety. In particular, requirements are specified for:
  • Initiation of Isolated E-UTRAN operation.
  • Ongoing Isolated E-UTRAN operation.
  • Termination of Isolated E-UTRAN operation.
  • Security aspects of Isolated E-UTRAN operation.

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