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7  Management documents and toolsWord‑p. 36
This clause summarizes and lists the various permanent or semi-permanent documents (and means of documenting).
All these documents/tools are within the responsibilities of the Support Team and or TSG SA.

7.1  Status List of Specifications

This list (data base) contains information about all 3GPP specifications, in terms of specification number, title, latest version, rapporteur and other details. The current list shall be annexed to every TSG SA meeting report.

7.2  Work Item Status List

This data base contains information about all 3GPP Work Items, in terms of identified future specifications, identified specifications to be amended, supplementary/temporary documentation, expected/planned completion dates and intermediary milestones, and other management information related to specifications, responsible Groups, rapporteurs, completion dates etc.

7.3  Change Request data base

The Change Request data base records all CRs to specifications.

7.4  Mailing lists and Membership data bases

The members data base contains information of all delegates in the 3GPP TSGs.

7.5  Electronic tools used/preferred

For the various types of documents and parts of documents of 3GPP, a minimum variety of word processors etc. should be used. Those identified in TR 21.801 are permitted.

7.6  WEB and FTP servicesWord‑p. 37
The 3GPP ( web pages provide up-to-date information on specification work, such as: meeting calendars, meeting minutes, meeting documents and latest specifications. FTP links to file server areas of each TSG and WG can be found via the 3GPP web pages.

7.7  E-mail reflectors

TSGs, WGs and SWGs have their own e-mail lists. There are also several additional lists per topic. Further information can be found on 3GPP web pages.

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