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3GPP Reference Points

each 3GPP reference point, in this overview, points to the architectural representation in the main relevant technical specification, which in turn gives access (or will do it soon) to the most relevant information. In a few cases, it points directly to the specification.

A   AAA‑*   Abis   B   Bc   Bcp   Bi   Bl   Bm   Bmb   Bmn   Bo   Bp   Bpr   Bs   Bsm   Bt   Bw   Bx   C   CAP   Cr   CSC‑*   Cx   D   Dh   Dx   Dz   E   E‑UTRAN Uu   F   G   Ga   Gb   Gc   GC1   Gd   Gdd   Ge   Gf   Ghv   Gi   GLa   GLb   GLc   GLd   GLe   GLf   GLg   GLh   GLi   GLj   GLk   Gm   Gmb   Gmc   Gn   Gp   Gr   Gs   Gw   Gwn   Gx   Gxx   Gy   Gya   Gyn   Gz   Gza   Gzn   Gxa   Gxb   Gxb*   Gxc   H   HTTP‑*   Hv   I   I1   I2   I3   I4   I5   I6   Ici   Iq   ISC   Iub   IuCS   Iuh   Iupc   IuPS   Iur   Iur‑g   IWF‑*   Ix   Izi   J   K   L   La   Lb   Lc   Le   Lg   Lgd   Lh   Lid   Lp   Lpp   Lr   Ls   LTE‑Uu   M1   M2   M3   Ma   Mb   MB2   Mc   MCData‑*   MCPTT‑*   MCVideo‑*   MCX‑1   Mg   Mi   Mj   Mk   Ml   Mm   Mn   Mp   Mr   Mr'   Mx   Mw   Mz   N1   N2   N3   N4   N5   N6   N7   N8   N9   N10   N11   N12   N13   N14   N15   N16   N16a   N17   N18   N19   N20   N21   N22   N23   N24   N26   N27   N28   N29   N29i   N30   N31   N32   N33   N34   N35   N36   N37   N38   N50   N51i   N52   N55   N56   N57   N58   Nb   Nc   NG   Nq   Nq'   Ns   Np   Nt   Nu   NWt   NWu   PC1   PC2   PC3   PC4a   PC4b   PC5   PC6   PC7   Pc   Pen   Pep   Pet   Peu   Pex   Pg   Ph   Pi   Pk   Pl   Pp   Pr   Pw   Pwp   Px   Rc (IMS)   Rg   Rp   Rc (Charging)   Re   Rr   Ro   Rf   Rx   REST‑Rx   S1‑MME   S1‑U   S3   S4   S5   S6a   S6d   S7a   S7d   S8   S10   S11   S11‑U   S12   S13   S13'   S16   S2a   S2b   S2c   S6b   S6c   S6m   S6n   S6t   S14   S101   S102   S103   S121   SBc   S9   S9a   S15   Sd   Sp   St   Sy   SGd   SGi   SGi‑mb   SGmb   SGs   Sh   Si   SEAL‑*   SIP‑*   SLg   SLh   SLm   SLs   Sm   Sn   STa   Sv   SWa   SWd   SWm   SWn   SWu   SWx   Sxa   Sxb   Sxc   T4   T6a   T6ai   T6b   T6bi   T7   T8   T9a   T9b   Tsms   Tsp   Ta   Tn   Ua   Ub   Ud   Um   Up   Upa   Ut   Uu   V1   V2   V3   V4   V5   V6   VAL‑*   X2   xMB   Xn   Xw   Y1   Y2   Y4   Y5   Yt   Yw   Za   Zb   Zh   Zh'   Zn   Zpn  

For a given letter, not to disrupt a logical set of reference points, the alphabetic order is sometimes not followed.