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User's Guide about 3GPP TS/TR pages

After the quarterly TSG (SA, CT, RAN) Plenary Meetings, the 3GPP produces Word documents. Afterwards the ETSI publishes the PDF versions for the releases that have been frozen (i.e. from June 2018, up to Rel-15).
The ETSI does not publish the PDF version for studies (8xx numbers, and sometimes 7xx numbers).
Except for a few cases, a 3GPP document of a given release is a superset of the same document for the previous release. When this is relevant, the ToC (Table of Contents) shows the evolution of the document according to the releases.
The term 'sTR' has been introduced in order to identify those Technical Reports in the range 8, and sometimes the range 7. Technical Reports in this range are 3GPP internal working documents (of a given Release) for holding the interim results of feasibility studies about Technical Realization (Stage 2).
The 3GPP documents, in the context of this site, are classified as follows:
"living" TS
"living" TR, or
sTR for Rel-14 and after
"static" TS
i.e. upgraded unchanged with at least the last frozen release
"static" TR, or
sTR for Rel-13 and before
discontinued TS/TR