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RFC 7970


The Incident Object Description Exchange Format Version 2

Part 9 of 9, p. 167 to 172
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11.  References

11.1.  Normative References

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11.2.  Informative References

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   Thanks to Paul Stoecker for his editorial leadership in the
   transition of an early draft to the current document.

   Thanks to Kathleen Moriarty, Brian Trammel, Alexey Melnikov, Takeshi
   Takahashi, David Waltermire, and Sean Turner (as the MILE working
   group chairs, secretary, and area directors) for providing feedback
   and coordination of this document.

   Thanks to the following individuals (listed alphabetically) who
   provided feedback during the meetings, on the mailing list, or
   through implementation experience: Jerome Athias, David Black, Eric
   Burger, Toma Cejka, Patrick Curry, John Field, Christopher
   Harrington, Chris Inacio, Panos Kampanakis, David Misell, Daisuke
   Miyamoto, Adam Montville, Robert Moskowitz, Lagadec Philippe, Tony
   Rutkowski, Mio Suzuki, and Nik Teague.

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Author's Address

   Roman Danyliw
   Software Engineering Institute
   Carnegie Mellon University
   4500 Fifth Avenue
   Pittsburgh, PA
   United States of America