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RFC 1062


Internet numbers

Part 3 of 3, p. 40 to 65
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    85  AERO-NET                                               [LCN]
    86  SURANET-AS                                            [JH92]
    87  INDIANA-AS                                            [BS69]
    88  PRINCETON-AS                                          [LRR1]
    89  NUSC-CSTLNET-AS                                       [MP20]
    90  SUN-AS                                                 [WM3]
    91  RPI-AS                                                 [MS9]
    92  CLARKSON-AS                                           [ABS6]
    93  FORD-AS                                                [KR9]
    94  BELVOIR-NET                                           [DH30]
    95  NUSCLSB1                                               [RPP]
    96  JTELS-BEN1-AS                                         [RR26]
    97  JVNC-AS                                               [SH37]
    98  ROCKEFELLER-AS                                        [MK38]
    99  INTEL-IWARP                                           [WM10]
   100  FMC-CEL                                                [KW2]
   101  WASH-NSF-AS                                           [SH47]
   102  NSF-HQ-AS                                             [FW17]
   103  NWU-AS                                                [EEW6]
   104  COLORADO-AS                                           [RAJ8]
   105  GSWD-VMS-AS                                            [PEK]
   106  ETN-WLV-AS                                            [SMS1]
   107  ECSNET-AS                                             [CAL7]
   108  XEROX-AS                                              [JNL1]
   109  CISCOSYSTEMS                                           [KSL]
   110  CCA-AS                                                 [AL6]
   111  BOSTONU-AS                                            [BS24]
   112  CMU-SEI-AS                                            [PDB5]
   113  SCCNET-AS                                             [MJO4]
   114  SESQUINET-AS                                           [GTA]
   115  PBAS-BEN2-GW-AS                                       [RR26]
   116  BELLCORE-AS                                           [PK28]
   117  ALBM-NET-AS                                           [NB16]
   118  NSWSES-NAVY-AS                                        [DD41]
   119  AMS-AS                                                [SBW4]
   120  MITRE-OMAHA                                           [SM62]
   121  IH-POE-AS                                             [LK27]
   122  U-PGH-NET-AS                                           [SM6]
   123  LOGAIRCOMNET-AS                                       [TEC6]
   124  ENCORE-GW-AS                                          [DK70]
   125  HI-NET-AS                                             [DB97]
   126  MINSY-POE-AS                                          [CV14]
   127  JPL-AS                                               [JAW16]
   128  ADS-AS                                                [MB26]
   129  CDA-AS                                                [FJS3]
   130  CSOCNET-AS                                           [JJD12]
   131  UCSB-NET-AS                                           [PKH1]
   132  WPAFB-CDS-NET-AS                                      [CMC6]

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   133  AFIT-AS                                               [PHS1]
   134  CORONA-GW-AS                                          [LM35]
   135  BRL-CDCNET-GW-AS                                      [GJK1]
   136  ECONET-AS                                             [TD40]
   137  CNUCE-AS                                              [ABB2]
   138  BRL-CMCGW-AS                                          [RR33]
   139  NUWESNET-AS                                          [RM125]
   140  DAITC-NET-AS                                         [SS125]
   141  NWCNNET-AS                                            [EG17]
   142  WESTPOINT                                            [RLR23]
   143  OOG1-AS                                               [JD86]
   144  ATT-INTERNET                                          [HT19]
   145  NSFNET-CORE                                            [HWB]
   146  HQEIS-AS                                              [SMK2]
   147  NAVCAMS-LAN                                          [JM246]
   148  NWSC-GW-AS                                            [JA91]
   149  ADEL-AS                                              [CM115]
   150  SEANET-AS                                             [JH10]
   151  IND-NTC-AS                                            [AB98]
   152  SRI-ACATT-AS                                           [RDQ]
   153  SAAD-ARPA-AS                                         [DRM24]
   154  USACEC-NET-AS                                          [DEA]
   155  CACNET-AS                                             [BG25]
   156  NORTHEASTERN-GW-AS                                    [CJ38]
   157  INTELLIAUTON-AS                                       [RJL3]
   158  ACC-AS                                                [AB20]
   159  SONNET-AS                                             [MF74]
   160  U-CHICAGO-AS                                          [MC17]
   161  TI-AS                                                 [DF71]
   162  NOSL-POE-GW-AS                                       [DB211]
   163  IBM-RESEARCH-AS                                        [MT1]
   164  DDN-MB-AS                                              [RH6]
   165  NESEA-DDN-GW-AS                                       [DT59]
   166  IDA-AS                                               [MM227]
   167  WESLEYAN-AS                                           [JGD1]
   168  UMASS-AMHERST                                          [ASG]
   169  HANSCOM-NET-AS                                        [DD63]
   170  YKTNPOE-GW-AS                                         [WRR5]
   171  NORTHWESTNET-AS                                       [GK44]
   172-65534  Unassigned                                       [NIC]
   65535  Reserved                                             [JBP]

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Top       Page 43 
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HANDLE       NAME                     MAILBOX

[AB13]       Brown, Alison            alison@TCGOULD.TN.CORNELL.EDU
[AB20]       Berggreen, Arthur        art@ACC.ARPA
[AB71]       Bleiberg, Abraham        bleiberg@ARGUS.STANFORD.EDU
[AB90]       Ben-Artzi, Amatzia       amatzia@AMADEUS.STANFORD.EDU
[AB98]       Beacham, Albert          hpindda!abeacha@HPLABS.HP.COM
[ABB2]       Bonito, A. Blasco        BLASCO@CNUCE-VM.ARPA
[ABS6]       Stine, Arthur B.         abstine@OMNIGATE.CLARKSON.EDU
[AC42]       Cohen, Adam
[AC66]       Crotty, Art
[AC85]       Cantrall, Arthur      icsadc%asuic.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU
[AD22]       DesJardins, Arlene       Arlene@VLSI.CALTECH.EDU
[AD67]       Davis, Andy           mcvax!!andy@UUNET.UU.NET
[AG22]       Ganz, Alfred             ganz-alfred@YALE.EDU
[AG61]       Goodarzi, Afshin
[AG67]       Garg, Atul
[AGS5]       Smith, Arnold G.         AGSMITH@WARBUCKS.AI.SRI.COM
[AHA]        Anderson, Allan H.       anderson@LL-VLSI.ARPA
[AJC11]      Cole, Andrew J.      AJCOLE%AI.LEEDS.AC.UK@NSS.CS.UCL.AC.UK
[AK36]       Kondo, Akio       akondo%asevx1%slb-doll.csnet@RELAY.CS.NET
[AKC]        Cheng, Albert K.         acheng@A.CS.UIUC.EDU
[AKG2]       Gupta, Ajay K. 
[AKH5]       Hartwig, Arthur K.
[AL6]        Layton, Alexis           alex@CCA.CCA.COM
[AL46]       Linton, Andy
[ALG4]       Grijalva, Alma           alma@ARIZRVAX.CCIT.ARIZONA.EDU
[AM54]       MacPherson, Andrew
[AM92]       Mott, Arch               froyen#sverre%e.mfenet@NMFECC.ARPA
[AMM14]      Monteiro, Antonio M.
[AMS1]       Schiffman, Allan M.      Schiffman@KL.SRI.COM
[AP]         Parker, R. Alan          parker@NRL-CSS.ARPA
[AP25]       Partan, Andrew           hadron!cos!asp@seismo.CSS.GOV
[AP57]       Palmer, Anthony          tony%umnmor.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU
[AR41]       Renard, Annie            fr-zone-contact@INRIA.INRIA.FR
[AR60]       Robbins, Arnold          arnold@EMORYU1.ARPA
[ARM5]       Maffei, Andrew R.        mit-erl!aqua!arm@EDDIE.MIT.EDU
[ARS3]       Silverman, Alan R.
[AS62]       Steiner, Albert        AJS001%NUACC.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU
[AS90]       Schoener, Anthony
[AS116]      Schindler, Albert
[AGG]        Gaylord, Arthur S.       ART@UMASS-GW.CS.UMASS.EDU
[AW48]       Wilcox, Andy             ajw%ufl.csnet@RELAY.CS.NET

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[AW56]       Asher Waldfogel
[AW65]       Whiteman, Alan
[AY5]        Yasuda, Akiharu          DIA@PAXRV-NES.ARPA
[AY10]       Yamamura, Alan           alany@SUNOPTICS.CALTECH.EDU
[AY11]       Yeh, Arthur          C0298%univscvm.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU
[AZ]         Zadeh, Ansari            ansariza%tsuunix.uucp@RICE.EDU
[BA26]       Ayres, Bill           ayres%orstate.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU
[BA41]       Armstrong, Borden
[BAB7]       Burke, Barry A.          barry%adelie@HARVARD.HARVARD.EDU
[BAT4]       Tolliffe, Brin A.        TOLLIFFE@WESTPOINT.ARPA
[BAV]        Verser, Brick A.         BAV%KSUVM.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU
[BAW9]       Wilford, Bruce A.        bruce@NSS.CS.UCL.AC.UK
[BB64]       Boyter, Brian            boyter@NGP.UTEXAS.EDU
[BC14]       Cattani, Robert          CATTANI@COLUMBIA.EDU
[BC32]       Cunningham, Bob       cunninghamr%haw.sdscnet@NMFECC.ARPA
[BC65]       Chiarchiaro, Bill        wjc@XN.LL.MIT.EDU
[BC72]       Carrihill, Brian         carrhill@NYU.ARPA
[BCH2]       Howard, Barry C.         HOWARD@NMFECC.ARPA
[BD55]       Down, Brian        bdown%uturing%toronto.csnet@RELAY.CS.NET
[BD56]       Daniels, Bob             masscomp!bob@EDDIE.MIT.EDU
[BE6]        Esposito, Bob            espo@BPA.BELL-ATL.COM
[BE10]       Eriksen, Bjorn           ber@ENEA.SE
[BEC1]       Chi, Benjamin E.     sysiln%albnylvx.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU
[BG23]       Greasley, Bud            bud@SQ.SQ.COM
[BG25]       Gorman, Bryan            GORMAN@BRAGGVAX.ARPA
[BH80]       Haanstra, Bruce
[BH103]      Housley, Brian           housley@cageir5a.bitnet
[BIM]        Margulies, Benson I.     KSR!BENSON@HARVARD.HARVARD.EDU
[BJN1]       Nemnich, Bruce           bruce@THINK.COM
[BJR2]       Russell, Bill J.         RUSSELL@NYU.ARPA
[BK46]       Kummerfeld, Bob    unnari!!bob@UUNET.UU.NET
[BL31]       Lemley, Bob          lemleyr%baylor.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU
[BLI]        Irwin, Basil L.          irwin%ncar@RELAY.CS.NET
[BM68]       Murray, Burton
[BM79]       Michie, Bob              bob@NJITSC1.NJIT.EDU
[BM106]      Mulligan, Brian
[BML2]       Liblong, Breen M.        liblong@GAEA.WEST.SYMBOLICS.COM
[BMS2]       Segal, Ben M.
[BMW7]       Wilber, B. Michael       wilber@SCORE.STANFORD.EDU
[BN4]        Nowicki, Bill            nowicki@SUN.COM
[BN9]        Nesheim, Bill            nesheim@THINK.COM
[BO5]        Ogilvy-Morris, Bruce
[BP51]       Page, Bob                PAGE@ULOWELL.EDU
[BP52]       Parker, Brad         cayman!cayman!brad@HARVARD.HARVARD.EDU
[BP57]       Payne, Bob               bpayne@NRAO.ARPA
[BPW1]       Wright, Bradley P.       AFDDN.WRIGHT@GUNTER-ADAM.ARPA
[BRB8]       Bangaru, Babu R.

Top       Page 48 
[BS24]       Shein, Barry             BZS@BU-CS.BU.EDU
[BS69]       Sweeny, Brent R.         SWEENY@GOLD.BACS.INDIANA.EDU
[BSW]        Seeber-Wagner, Barbara   bnsw@MITRE-BEDFORD.ARPA
[BT4]        Teel, Bill
[BT5]        Tomlinson, Bob           tomlin@HC.DSPO.GOV
[BTK1]       Koch, Bryan T. 
[BWA]        Allen, Bobby W.          allen@YUMA.ARPA
[CAD13]      DeFranco, Carl A., Jr.   defranco@RADC-TOPS20.ARPA
[CAK]        Kent, Christopher A.     kent@DECWRL.DEC.COM
[CAL7]       Leach, Charles A.        CAL@OKC-UNIX.ARPA
[CAS]        Sunshine, Carl A.        sunshine@JOVE.CAM.UNISYS.COM
[CAS1]       Steffey, Claude A.       csteffey@WSMR05.ARPA
[CBD]        Dawson, Clive B.         Clive@MCC.COM
[CBR2]       Ray, Charles B.
[CC89]       Chaundy, Chris
[CC99]       Catlett, Charlie         catlett@NCSA.NCSA.UIUC.EDU
[CC108]      Clanton, Charles
[CC129]      Cline, Carol
[CD75]       Dowat, Cary              dowat%fnal.hepnet@LBL.GOV
[CD83]       Dimmers, Claudia         postmaster@PYRAMID.COM
[CDB4]       Barnes, Carol D.         T45@A.ISI.EDU
[CF4]        Frost, Cliff
[CF35]       Fung, Charles            cxf@SUNSPOT.RIT.EDU
[CF57]       Fernandez, Carlos        Fernandez@AFWL-VAX.ARPA
[CFB1]       Brandt, Carl F.          carl%lsumvs.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU
[CFD4]       Dunn, Charles F.         CHUCK@UBVM.CC.BUFFALO.EDU
[CG1]        George, Calvin           GEORGE@EGLIN-VAX.ARPA
[CG24]       Generous, Curtis         GENEROUS@DAITC.ARPA
[CH2]        Hornig, Charles          CAH@MC.LCS.MIT.EDU
[CJ38]       Johnson, Chris
[CJB1]       Bamford, Cliff J.        opticom@APPLE.COM
[CJB15]      Bedore, Clifford J.,     isavax!cliffb@UMD5.UMD.EDU
[CJL2]       Lydick, Carl J.          carl@CITHEX.CALTECH.EDU
[CJW2]       Weinstein, Clifford J.   cjw@LL-SST.ARPA
[CL64]       Lynch, Clifford
[CL80]       Leser, C.
[CLH3]       Hedrick, Charles L.      HEDRICK@ARAMIS.RUTGERS.EDU
[CM115]      McDonald, Catherine      ddnmgr@ADEL01.ARPA
[CM116]      Moret, Christophe    sysgeg%frpoly11.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU
[CM130]      Maeckel, Clay            claris!clay@AMES.ARC.NASA.GOV
[CMC6]       Chow, Chai M.            chowcm@WPAFB-AMS1.ARPA
[CMR]        Rogers, Craig Milo       ROGERS@VENERA.ISI.EDU
[CO16]       Olson, Chris
[CP10]       Partridge, Craig         craig@BBN.COM

Top       Page 49 
[CR24]       Rokitansky, Carl         ROKI@A.ISI.EDU
[CR83]       Reynolds, Christine      quirk@HUBCAP.CLEMSON.EDU
[CRT4]       Tettemer, Clair R., Jr.
[CS124]      Stork, Christof          clay@DIX.CALTECH.EDU
[CS136]      Stokely, Celeste         cstokely@COHERENT.COM
[CS2]        Seitz, Charles           CHUCK@VLSI.CALTECH.EDU
[CSTACY]     Stacy, Christopher C.    CStacy@AI.AI.MIT.EDU
[CV14]       Verboom, Charles
[CWH3]       Hunt, Craig W.           CRAIG@CAM-VAX.ARPA
[CWR4]       Reece, Carole Warner
[CYH]        Huang, Chien Y.       6026959%PUCC.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU
[DAF9]       Futcher, Debbie  A.      DFUTCHE@NSWC-OAS.ARPA
[DAM22]      Morgan, Deborah A.       deb%siemens@PRINCETON.EDU
[DAT4]       Thomae, Doug A.
[DAVE]       Roode, R. David          Roode%orc.uucp@UNIX.SRI.COM
[DB14]       Borman, Dave             dab@UMN-REI-UC.ARPA
[DB28]       Bullard, Dave         dave%clemson.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU
[DB35]       Branis, Danny            danny%israel.csnet@RELAY.CS.NET
[DB97]       Bergum, Dave             bergum@HI-MULTICS.ARPA
[DB150]      Bloom, David             andromeda!bloom@TOPAZ.RUTGERS.EDU
[DB162]      Black, David
[DB186]      Brooks, Doug             brooks@OSIRIS.CSO.UIUC.EDU
[DB211]      Boss, Don
[DBJ4]       Johnson, David B.        drilltech!dbj@RICE.EDU
[DBL1]       Long, Daniel B.          long@SH.CS.NET
[DC99]       Chan, David              chan@BEK-MC.CALTECH.EDU
[DC115]      Comay, David S.          dsc@seismo.CSS.GOV
[DC126]      Cogger, Dick          rhx%cornellc.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU
[DC159]      Clar, Daniel          CLAR%FRESE51.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU
[DCMW]       Wood, David CM           DCMWOOD@COLO.COLORADO.EDU
[DCW9]       Wells, Donald C.         dwells@NRAO.ARPA
[DD11]       Deal, Don                don@PYR.GATECH.EDU
[DD41]       DeGrossa, Dan            NSC-Huen@DDN2.ARPA
[DD47]       Donaldson, Diane         ANDIE@CVL.UMD.EDU
[DD63]       Dorosz, Dave             dorosz@ESDVAX.ARPA
[DD112]      Deeth, Dave
[DDC1]       Clark, David D.          ddc@LCS.MIT.EDU
[DDK1]       Knight, Donald D.        CC-SI@EDWARDS-2060.ARPA
[DE6]        Estrin, Deborah          Estrin@OBERON.USC.EDU
[DEA]        Anselmi, David E.        USASCEC@SIMTEL20.ARPA
[DET]        Towson, David E.         TOWSON@AMSAA.ARPA
[DF71]       Fordyce, David           fordyce@MIPS.CSC.TI.COM
[DFH2]       Hocking, Dan             DHOCKING@ADA20.ISI.EDU
[DG28]       Gorham, Delores          dgorham@APG-1.ARPA
[DGH13]      Hirsh, Donald G.      wucs1!wucs2!don@seismo.CSS.GOV
[DGL4]       Loudon, Dennis G.
[DGM18]      McCreary, Daniel G.      dan@ETA.ETA.COM
[DGT6]       Taylor, David G.         taylor@RAND-UNIX.ARPA

Top       Page 50 
[DH17]       Hirsch, Doug             DHIRSCH@CCS.BBN.COM
[DH23]       Hayes, David S.          AI01@HIOS-PENT.ARPA
[DH30]       Hayes, Doc               NS-DDN@DDN2.ARPA
[DH161]      Houge, Diana
[DID1]       Dalva, David I.          DID@TIS.ARPA
[DIM2]       Meiron, Daniel I.        Meiron@DIPOLE.CALTECH.EDU
[DJF]        Farber, David J.         farber@CIS.UPENN.EDU
[DJG2]       Grim, Daniel J.          grim@HUEY.UDEL.EDU
[DJV1]       Van Buer, Darrel J.      VANBUER@ECLA.USC.EDU
[DK2]        Krafft, Dean B.          dean@GVAX.CS.CORNELL.EDU
[DK5]        Kirby, Diana
[DK66]       Konkin, Doug
[DK70]       Kirschen, Dave           kirschen@MULTIMAX.ARPA
[DLM1]       Mills, Dave              MILLS@HUEY.UDEL.EDU
[DLM34]      Merrifield, David L.
[DM27]       McCallum, Doug           mccallum@ICO.ISC.COM
[DM69]       Marquardt, David R.      rosevax!dave@UUNET.UU.NET
[DM147]      Morales, Dan
[DM157]      Michael, Dennis          dennis%ucrmath.UUCP@UCSD.EDU
[DMK18]      Keirsey, David M.        Keirsey@ECLA.USC.EDU
[DN22]       Novotny, David           C50DANO@HARC.EDU
[DO26]       O'Reilly, Dennis
[DO27]       Oliver, David  
[DP71]       Palus, David
[DP91]       Pennell, David
[DR49]       Reynolds, Dick           hcx1!dick@UUNET.UU.NET
[DR71]       Rettig, Duane
[DR137]      Rageth, David            rageth@SPOT.COLORADO.EDU
[DRM24]      Meadows, Donald R.       doim-nm@SAAD.ARPA
[DRS4]       Smith, Dennis R.         smith@ECLC.USC.EDU
[DS59]       Schmidt, David           davids@ISCUVA.ISCS.COM
[DS85]       Smith, Dale C.           dsmith@OREGON.UOREGON.EDU
[DS229]      Sabino, David            sundc!sneezy!sabino@SUN.COM
[DSP11]      St. Pierre, David        david@PACBELL.COM
[DSR]        Russell, Dale            dsr@JOVE.CAM.UNISYS.COM
[DT50]       Trinkle, Daniel          trinkle@CS.PURDUE.EDU
[DT59]       Tetreault, David         DJT@NAVELEXNET-STIN.ARPA
[DTH]        Hsu, David T.            hsu@ENEEVAX.UMD.EDU
[DW15]       Williams, Doug           WILLIAMSD@A.ISI.EDU
[DW93]       Watson, David            david@DANDELION.CI.COM
[DW96]       Walker, David    dhwalker%ucivmsa.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU
[DW139]      Woerz, Dieter            unido!bossix!woerz@UUNET.UU.NET
[EC5]        Cain, Edward A.          Cain@EDN-UNIX.ARPA
[ECM6]       Mulrean, Edward C.
[ED38]       DeHart, Ed               DEHART@TL-20B.ARPA

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[EEW6]       Woodward, Ernest E.      ernie@NORTHWESTERN.ARPA
[EF5]        Franceschini, E.         FRANCESCHINI@NYU.ARPA
[EG17]       Guglielmo, Eugene        EJG@NWC.ARPA
[EHH4]       Hunter, Eddie H.
[EJ12]       Jorgensen, Ed            jorg%lvva.span@SDS.SDSC.EDU
[EJ19]       James, Ed                edjames@SHADOW.Berkeley.EDU
[EJN1]       Norman, Eric J.          ejnorman@UNIX2.MACC.WISC.EDU
[EK18]       King, Edwin              King@SRI-LEWIS.ARPA
[EM67]       Rehm, Eric               REHM@COGITO.DEC.COM
[EM75]       Madden, Edward
[EPA]        Allman, Eric P.          eric@UCBVAX.Berkeley.EDU
[ER42]       Rose, Eric
[ERC1]       Crane, Eric R.           Eric.Crane@C.CS.CMU.EDU
[ERK3]       Kozel, Edward R.         Kozel@SPAM.ISTC.SRI.COM
[EY5]        Yamin, Elaine
[EZ3]        Zawacki, Edward   u17375%uicvm.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU
[FAS]        Segovich, Fred A.        fred@XENURUS.GOULD.COM
[FCH]        Holtry, Franklin C.
[FD18]       de Kruijf, F.        FREEK%DUTRUN.UUCP@seismo.CSS.GOV
[FE6]        Ellis, Frank             ellis@PVAMU.EDU
[FH35]       Haag, F.
[FJB3]       Ball, Frederick J.       ball@FORD-VAX.ARPA
[FJH1]       Halloran, Frank J.       AMSEL-RD-COM-I@CECOM-1.ARPA
[FJK2]       Kastenholz, Frank J.     Kodinsky@MIT-MULTICS.ARPA
[FJS3]       Schmidt, F. Jeffery      JSCHMIDT%CDA@AMC-HQ.ARPA
[FMA1]       Avolio, Frederick M.     avolio@DECUAC.DEC.COM
[FU1]        Ullings, Fons            fons@NAT.VU.NL
[FW17]       Wendling, Frederic       FWENDLING@NOTE.NSF.GOV
[FWD]        Dyner, Wolfgang J.       DYNERW@HEIDELBERG-EMH.ARPA
[GAA]        Adams, Glenn A., Jr.     glenn@XN.LL.MIT.EDU
[GAL5]       Loyola, Guillermo A.     loyola%ibm-sj@RELAY.CS.NET
[GAM27]      Mohr, Gregory A.         wucs1!onemohr!mrh@UUNET.UU.NET
[GB7]        Beling, Gerd             GBELING@A.ISI.EDU
[GB43]       Broomell, George      UKT101%UKCC.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU
[GB95]       Bauerschmidt, Gary       gbauers@ARIEL.UNM.EDU
[GB125]      Brunkhorst, Geoffrey     gbb@FERMAT.MAY.EDU
[GBR]        Reilly, G. Brendan       REILLY@WHARTON.UPENN.EDU
[GC]         Campbell, Graham         gc@BNL.ARPA
[GC89]       Crawford, Geoff
[GEOFF]      Mulligan, Geoffrey C.    GEOFF@USAFA.ARPA
[GG11]       Goble, George            GHG@EE.ECN.PURDUE.EDU
[GG43]       Gagnon, Gary             ggagnon@CSC-LONS.ARPA
[GG68]       Guillerm, Gerard    sysdomi%frpoly11.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU
[GGB2]       Baehr, G. Geoffrey       geoffb@TRWIND.TRW.COM
[GH29]       Hidley, Gregory R.       hidley@SDCSVAX.UCSD.EDU
[GIH]        Hastie, Glenn I., II     hastie@SPAM.ISTC.SRI.COM
[GJK1]       Klem, George J.          KLEM@BRL.ARPA
[GK44]       Kunis, Gary

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[GKN1]       Newman, Gerard           GKN@SDS.SDSC.EDU
[GL41]       Lindberg, Gunnar         lindberg@CS.CHALMERS.SE
[GLD]        Durant, Geraldine L.     DURANT@LL.ARPA
[GLH5]       Hemphill, Gavin L.       HEMPHILL@DREA-XX.ARPA
[GM34]       Miyata, Gaylord         MIYATA%OZ.AI.MIT.EDU@XX.LCS.MIT.EDU
[GMQ]        Quinn, George M.      quinn%ceramics.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU
[GMT6]       Trimble, Gary M.         lams!gmt@AMES.ARC.NASA.GOV
[GP11]       LeClair, Gene P.         GENE@OPTIMIS-PENT.ARPA
[GP56]       Petschl, Gottfried
[GR11]       Ricart, Glenn            glenn@MIMSY.UMD.EDU
[GR26]       Richter, Georg      urz07%dmswwulc.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU
[GS91]       Streeter, Guy            ingr!streeter@UUNET.UU.NET
[GS119]      Smith, Gordon            gordon@UNE.OZ.AU
[GS123]      Stone, Geof
[GTA]        Almes, Guy T.            Almes@RICE.EDU
[GW22]       Weiler, Grant            weiler@CS.UTAH.EDU
[GW40]       Wallace, Gary            gary%umass.csnet@RELAY.CS.NET
[GW49]       Ward, George
[HB60]       Boetzkes, H. A. P. A.    mcvax!nlgvax!henkbo@UUNET.UU.NET
[HC2]        Cho, Haesoon             hscho%kaist.csnet@RELAY.CS.NET
[HC24]       Chen, Ho
[HDW2]       Wactlar, Howard D.       HOWARD.WACTLAR@A.CS.CMU.EDU
[HG20]       Geist, Harald            unido!nixpbe!geist@UUNET.UU.NET
[HGH1]       Heard, Harry G.          HEARD@AMES-VMSB.ARPA
[HH37]       Hesseling, Hans          HESSELING@HGRRUG5.BITNET
[HH45]       Hori, Hidehiko
[HK24]       Knight, Holly            myrtle!holly@TSCA.ISTC.SRI.COM
[HKG2]       Gilbert, Howard K.     gilbert%YALEVM.BITNET@MITVMA.MIT.EDU
[HKO]        Orman, Hilarie K.        HO@TIS-W.ARPA
[HLW7]       Lorenz-Wirzba, Heidi     heidi@ELXBSD.CALTECH.EDU
[HM38]       Mikami, Hirohide       mikami%ntt-20@SUMEX-AIM.STANFORD.EDU
[HML1]       Long, Morrow H.          LONG-MORROW@CS.YALE.EDU
[HN3]        Naef, Heinz              mcvax!cgcha!whna@seismo.CSS.GOV
[HP32]       Price, Harold
[HT12]       Tam, Henry           rmay%cornelld.bitnet@JADE.Berkeley.EDU
[HT19]       Trickey, Howard          trickey@ATT.ARPA
[HVS1]       van Staveren, Hans       mcvax!!sater@UUNET.UU.NET
[HWB]        Braun, Hans-Werner       HWB@MCR.UMICH.EDU
[HWP2]       Poor, Henry W. (Hank)    poor@RSMAS.MIAMI.EDU
[IHM]        Merritt, Ian H.          nrcvax!ihm@TRWIND.TRW.COM
[IMK1]       Kirmer, Irwin M.         kirmer%unmb.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU
[IRN]        Nassi, Isaac R.          NASSI@MULTIMAX.ARPA
[IW5]        Winston, Ira             ira@CIS.UPENN.EDU
[JA]         Akkerhuis, Jaap          jaap@MOUTON.ARPA
[JA1]        Aronson, Jules P.        ARONSON@MCS.NLM.NIH.GOV
[JA91]       Angotti, Joseph J.
[JAG3]       Gumpf, Jeffrey A.        Gumpf@CWRU.CWRU.EDU
[JAJ17]      Jokl, James A.           jaj@UVAARPA.VIRGINIA.EDU

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[JAW16]      Wieclawek, Joseph A.     jaw@SESUN.JPL.NASA.GOV
[JAW34]      Wabik, Jeff A.           shamash!jwabik@UUNET.UU.NET
[JB113]      Bennett, Jerome          bennett@DFTNIC.GSFC.NASA.GOV
[JB188]      Burger, Josef            bolo@SPOOL.WISC.EDU
[JB218]      Blondeau, Jim          jbb%tektools.tek.csnet@RELAY.CS.NET
[JB230]      Bottenberg, Jaap         mcvax!nlgvax!jaapb@UUNET.UU.NET
[JB254]      Blows, Jeff              jeff@SMOKEY.OZ
[JBP]        Postel, Jon              POSTEL@VENERA.ISI.EDU
[JBV2]       VanBokkelen, James B.    jbvb@VAX.FTP.COM
[JBW1]       Walters, Joseph B., Jr.  JWALTERS@CCX.BBN.COM
[JC11]       Clifford, James R.       jrc@LANL.GOV
[JC106]      Conklin, Joel            CONKLIN@GE-CRD.ARPA
[JC235]      Crowhurst, Jon           crowhurst@ADMIN.OGC.EDU
[JC272]      Cowan, Jack
[JC288]      Cottrell, Jim
[JCB42]      Bergeron, Jay C.
[JCH17]      Honig, Jeffrey C.        jch@DEVVAX.TN.CORNELL.EDU
[JCW12]      Woodard, James C.
[JD27]       Doyle, John              doyle@CSVAX.CALTECH.EDU
[JD86]       Duran, Jose              NSC-HILL@DDN2.ARPA
[JDC20]      Case, Jeffrey D.         case@UTKUX1.UTK.EDU
[JDG]        Guyton, James D.         guyton@RAND-UNIX.ARPA
[JEB50]      Bradt, James E.          bradt@GE-CRD.ARPA
[JEE4]       Ellison, Jan E.          JELLISON@GTEWIS.ARPA
[JF77]       Fallon, Jim              JFALLON@MACOMW.ARPA
[JF78]       Finke, John              JFINKE@ITSGW.RPI.EDU
[JFAS]       Schillemans, Joop F.A.
[JFC6]       Chambon, J. Francois
[JFD9]       Detke, John F.
[JFS22]      Scheimer, James F.       jfs@IRIS.CSS.GOV
[JGD1]       Deck, Joseph G.
[JH10]       Hargrove, Jimmy          jimmy@SEAHUB.ARPA
[JH18]       Huens, Jean              prlb2!kulcs!jean@seismo.CSS.GOV
[JH22]       Hook, James              jgh@SVAX.CS.CORNELL.EDU
[JH92]       Hahn, Jack               hahn%umdc.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU
[JH141]      Heinanen, Juha
[JH155]      Hayward, Jeff            ucc1@UHVAX1.UH.EDU
[JHH8]       Haynes, James H.         ucscc!haynes@UCBVAX.Berkeley.EDU
[JJ48]       Jongeward, Jeffrey
[JJD12]      Diehl, Jeff J.           hq-spcd-xqr@AFCC-OA2.ARPA
[JK7]        Koda, Jim                KODA@VENERA.ISI.EDU
[JK151]      Kim, June   
[JKR1]       Reynolds, Joyce K.       JKREYNOLDS@VENERA.ISI.EDU
[JL15]       Lepreau, Jay             LEPREAU@CS.UTAH.EDU

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[JL52]       Lekashman, John          lekash@ORVILLE.NAS.NASA.GOV
[JL115]      Little, John             portal!jel@SUN.COM
[JL152]      Lange, John
[JLM23]      Mills, John L.           LIAISON@BCO-MULTICS.ARPA
[JLS45]      Sloan, John L.           jsloan%wright.csnet@RELAY.CS.NET
[JM60]       McCollum, Jim            MCCOLLUM@TOPS20.DEC.COM
[JM184]      Macelli, Joseph          joem%suny-sb.csnet@RELAY.CS.NET
[JM246]      Moretz, Joseph           rogers@NEMS.ARPA
[JM278]      Mazumdar, Jin
[JM292]      Murai, Jun               jun%JAPAN.CSNET@RELAY.CS.NET
[JM303]      Moorfoot, John           jgm%charlie.oz@seismo.CSS.GOV
[JM304]      McClurg, Jim
[JMA16]      Adams, James M., III     ADAMS@MACOMW.ARPA
[JMH10]      Hayes, Jordan Michael    jordan@ADS.COM
[JMR]        Rushby, John M.          Rushby@CSL.SRI.COM
[JMRM]       Matheson, James M.R.
[JN40]       Noble, John
[JN47]       Nerbovig, Jerry
[JNL1]       Larson, John N.          JLarson.PA@XEROX.COM
[JO54]       O'Connor, John
[JOG]        Gartley, John O.
[JOO]        Ostlund, James O.        ostlund@SALK-ADM.SDSC.EDU
[JP147]      Petragnani, Joseph
[JPB17]      Bossert, John
[JPC17]      Chion, J.P.
[JPO4]       O'Brien, John P.
[JPS17]      Stoneback, John P.     allegra!mc70!stonebac@seismo.CSS.GOV
[JPS21]      Sorensen, Jan P.       RKUJPS%NEUVM1.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU
[JPW11]      Wies, J.P.
[JR15]       Rhodes, John E.          jrhodes@LOGNET2.ARPA
[JR17]       Robinson, John           ROBINSON@DMC-CRC.ARPA
[JRM1]       Miller, James R.         jmiller@NOSC.MIL
[JRR14]      Ragland, Joe R.          TUCJRR@TUCC.TUCC.EDU
[JRS8]       Schwab, Jeffrey R.       jrs@ECN.PURDUE.EDU
[JS28]       Shriver, John A.         jas@PROTEON.COM
[JS38]       Sventek, Joseph S.       JSSventek@LBL.ARPA
[JS81]       Smith, Jeff              aat@J.CC.PURDUE.EDU
[JS167]      Shprentz, Joel           shprentz@BDM.COM
[JS171]      Scott, Jerry             JERRY@TWG.ARPA
[JS210]      Stearns, Jeff            fluke!jeff@SUN.COM
[JS268]      Simonetti, J.
[JS281]      Shultis, Jonathan        daf@ZOG.CS.CMU.EDU
[JS283]      Schwartz, Jack           JSCHWARTZ@A.ISI.EDU

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[JSG5]       Goodridge, Jon S.        JSG@CCM.BBN.COM
[JSL9]       Lowe, James S.           james@CSD4.MILW.WISC.EDU
[JSM11]      Miller, James S.     jmiller%brandeis.csnet@RELAY.CS.NET
[JSOL]       Solomon, Jon             JSOL@EDDIE.MIT.EDU
[JSQ1]       Quarterman, John S.      jsq@SALLY.UTEXAS.EDU
[JSS4]       Sabnis, Jayant S.        sabnix%nrl.decnet@NRL.ARPA
[JSY2]       Yaplee, Jeffrey S.
[JT122]      Thomassen, Jens          Jens@IFI.UIO.NO
[JTE2]       Ellis, James T.          PSN-ADMIN@MORGUL.PSC.EDU
[JTN]        Nelson, John T.          jtn@POTOMAC.ADS.COM
[JV41]       Voigt, John          sysbjav%tcsvm.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU
[JV53]       Vinh, Josianne   mcvax!!vinh@UUNET.UU.NET
[JVE2]       Eijndhoven, Jos van
[JW47]       Wobus, John              JMWOBUS@SUVM.ACS.SYR.EDU
[JW136]      White, James D.          jdw@UOKUCS.UOKNOR.EDU
[JW156]      Wray, John               JCW2%rsre@CS.UCL.AC.UK
[JW181]      Washer, James W.         washer@LLL-CRG.LLNL.GOV
[JW196]      Williams, John
[JY11]       Yancone, Joe             yancone@CRDEC.ARPA
[KA4]        Auerbach, Karl           auerbach@CSL.SRI.COM
[KB60]       Braun, Karl
[KBC]        Casey, Kevin B.    kbcasey%gallub.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU
[KC8]        Chen, Ken                PERCEPT@A.ISI.EDU
[KDM5]       Miller, Keith D.
[KDM6]       Mayer-Spohn, Klaus D.
[KDZ]        Zeilenga, Kurt D.        zeilenga@HC.DSPO.GOV
[KFS]        Sauer, Kurt F.           ks@SVO.DECISION.COM
[KG35]       Gilmore, Kirk            gilmore@GALILEO.AS.ARIZONA.EDU
[KH74]       Han, Kisoo
[KHJ]        Jobes, Karen H.     jobes%iassns.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU
[KL31]       Lamb, Kathleen           klamb%csm9a@COLO.COLORADO.EDU
[KM79]       Moran, Kathy
[KMC3]       Crepea, Kenneth M.       CREPEA@SPAM.ISTC.SRI.COM
[KMH8]       Hays, Kenneth M.         hays%fsu.mfenet@NMFECC.ARPA
[KO11]       O'Keefe, Kevin           HAZELTINE@A.ISI.EDU
[KR9]        Rohan, Kevin             JJKKRR@FORD-COS1.ARPA
[KRM5]       Magill, K. Richard       oxtrap!rich@UUNET.UU.NET
[KS62]       Simpson, Kathy
[KSL]        Lougheed, Kirk S.        LOUGHEED@KL.SRI.COM
[KTP]        Pogran, Kenneth          POGRAN@CCQ.BBN.COM
[KW2]        Wescourt, Keith T.       WESCOURT@CEL.FMC.COM
[LA55]       Allison, Larry
[LAB5]       Butler, Lee A.           butler@BRL.ARPA
[LAM1]       Mamakos, Louis A.        louie@TRANTOR.UMD.EDU
[LB16]       Bukys, Liudvikas         bukys@CS.ROCHESTER.EDU

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[LB110]      Binding, Lothar          $45%dhdurz1.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU
[LCN]        Nelson, Louis C.         lou@AEROSPACE.AERO.ORG
[LCN2]       Noll, Landon Curt        chongo@UTS.AMDAHL.COM
[LCS]        Schreier, Louis C.       schreier@SPAM.ISTC.SRI.COM
[LCV]        Varian, Lee C.           lvarian@PUCC.PRINCETON.EDU
[LD46]       Deni, Larry         deni%canisius.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU
[LDB3]       Borchert, L. David       borchert@BRAGGVAX.ARPA
[LFO]        Ortiz, Luis F.           ortiz-luis@YALE.ARPA
[LJR5]       Romero, Louis J.
[LK27]       Kurtz, Linda             SEAADSA@DDN2.ARPA
[LL53]       Lanzillo, Leo            leo@SH.CS.NET
[LL56]       Lattanzi, Len            LATTANZI@SUMEX-AIM.STANFORD.EDU
[LL64]       Leedom, Leith            casey@LLL-CRG.LLNL.GOV
[LM35]       Michela, Larry J.        332LJM@FLTAC-POE.ARPA
[LM88]       McLoughlin, Lee          lmjm%DOC.IC.AC.UK@CS.UCL.AC.UK
[LNZ]        Zubkoff, Leonard N.      edsel!lnz@LABREA.STANFORD.EDU
[LOU]        Salkind, Louis           SALKIND@NYU.ARPA
[LP71]       Paniccia, Larry
[LPM]        Michelson, Leslie P.     michelso@JVNCF.CSC.ORG
[LR44]       Roy, Lynette             roy@GMR.COM
[LRB]        Bierma, Larry R.         BIERMA@NPRDC.ARPA
[LRC7]       Custead, Larry R.       CUSTEAD%SASK.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU
[LRR1]       Rogers, Lawrence R.      lrr@PRINCETON.EDU
[LS136]      Sefton, Laurie           lsefton@UTS.AMDAHL.COM
[LSV]        Vance, L. Stuart         XXSS520@CHPC.BRC.UTEXAS.EDU
[LW26]       Winkler, Linda          B32357%ANLVM.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU
[LWR]        Robinson, Lawrence W.    lwr@MORDOR.S1.GOV
[MA]         Accetta, Michael         MIKE.ACCETTA@A.CS.CMU.EDU
[MA24]       Anderson, Melanie   melanie%ncsavmsa.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU
[MA54]       Allegue, Manny          MANNY%TRINCC.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU
[MA56]       Alexander, Mark
[MA63]       Allen, Mike              mcvax!ethz!allen@UUNET.UU.NET
[MAB4]       Brown, Mark A.           Mark@OBERON.USC.EDU
[MAJ1]       Johnson, M. A.
[MAW25]      Waldschmidt, Mark A.     MARKW%CPVB.SPAN@SDS.SDSC.EDU
[MB]         Brescia, Michael         BRESCIA@CCV.BBN.COM
[MB26]       Brzustowicz, Mike        MAB@ADS.ARPA
[MB31]       Bereschinsky, Michael    BERESCHINSKY@A.ISI.EDU
[MB168]      de Barros, Marcus        marcus@beno.CSS.GOV
[MC17]       Crawford, Matt           crawford@ANL-MCS.ARPA
[MC65]       Corn, Michael
[MC147]      Clark, Mark              mclark@NRAO.ARPA
[MCA1]       Akers, Mary Crocombe     makers@BBN.COM
[MCH5]       Holland, M. C.         prlb2!prlvax4!hollandm@UUNET.UU.NET
[MCL9]       Linimon, Mark C.

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[MCSJ]       St. Johns, Michael       StJohns@SRI-NIC.ARPA
[MDC]        Connor, Martin David     mdc@HT.AI.MIT.EDU
[ME38]       Elvy, Marc               ELVY@CARRARA.MARBLE.COM
[MF14]       Fingerhut, Michael       ircam!mf@UUNET.UU.NET
[MF31]       Fouts, Martin            FOUTS@AMELIA.ARC.NASA.GOV
[MF74]       Fidler, Mike         TS0026%OHSTVMA.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU
[MG58]       Gilbert, Mike            MBALLENTINE@ADA20.ISI.EDU
[MG95]       Greisen, Marc
[MH82]       Horton, Mark   !mark@RUTGERS.EDU
[MH98]       Hrybyk, Michael          hrybyk@HOPKINS-EECS-BRAVO.ARPA
[MH118]      Harper, Malcom
[MJ33]       Johnson, Mark
[MJM2]       Muuss, Michael John      MIKE@BRL.ARPA
[MJO4]       O'Connor, Michael J.     OCONNOR@SCCGATE.SCC.COM
[MJO7]       O'Donnell, Michael J.    odonnell@HOPKINS-EECS-BRAVO.ARPA
[MK17]       Karels, Mike             karels@UCBVAX.Berkeley.EDU
[MK38]       Kowitz, Mark             mark@ROCKEFELLER.ARPA
[MK68]       Kazar, Michael           Mike.Kazar@K.CS.CMU.EDU
[MK75]       Koulopoulos, Mike        well!rk@LLL-LCC.ARPA
[MK79]       Kito, Masafumi 
[MKL]        Lottor, Mark K.          MKL@SRI-NIC.ARPA
[MKP2]       Peterson, Michael K.     scgvaxd!mkp@CSVAX.CALTECH.EDU
[ML62]       Levine, Michael          LEVINE@A.PSY.CMU.EDU
[MLC]        Corrigan, Michael        Corrigan@DDN3.ARPA
[MM135]      Mills, M.
[MM147]      Meyer, Mark           mark%unlcdc3.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU
[MM149]      Miller, Mark         LUMM%LEHIIBM1.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU
[MM227]      Mohar, Mike              csed-1!csed-37!mohar@DAITC.ARPA
[MMH5]       Hayman, Martin M.
[MMM3]       McDonnell, Michael M.    MIKE@ETL.ARPA
[MOUSE]      Parker, Mike             mouse@LARRY.MCRCIM.MCGILL.EDU
[MP12]       Petry, Michael           petry@TRANTOR.UMD.EDU
[MP20]       Perras, Mickey           PERRAS@NUSC-ADA.ARPA
[MPM]        Mullen, M. Preston       MULLEN@NRL-CSS.ARPA
[MQ7]        Quipourt, M.
[MR29]       Russell, Mike
[MR78]       Rotert, Michael          ZORN%GERMANY.CSNET@RELAY.CS.NET
[MR91]       Reynolds, Mark
[MR101]      Roberson, Milton
[MS9]        Schoffstall, Martin Lee  schoff@CSV.RPI.EDU
[MS22]       Starner, Mark L.         starner@PRC.UNISYS.COM
[MS101]      Szymendera, Michael      mikey%CANISIUS.EDU@RELAY.CS.NET
[MS171]      Shapiro, Marc            Marc.Shapiro@C.CS.CMU.EDU
[MS172]      Simonians, Marina
[MS195]      Shojima, Makoto
[MSA1]       Andersson, Mats S.       enea!liuida!msa@seismo.CSS.GOV

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[MSM1]       Medin, Milo              MEDIN@AMES.ARPA
[MSP1]       St. Paul, Mark           stpaul@NMSU.EDU
[MT1]        Tharenos, Michael        tharenos@IBM.COM
[MV24]       Vasoll, Mark
[MW83]       Wexler, Mike             bigboy!mikew@UUNET.UU.NET
[MWS10]      Stalnaker, Michael W.    MIKE@NRL-SSD.ARPA
[NAL]        Lann, Neil               nal@MORDOR.S1.GOV
[NB16]       Ball, Nancy              NancyB@AUSTIN.LOCKHEED.COM
[NC3]        Chiappa, Noel            JNC@XX.LCS.MIT.EDU
[NG]         Gower, Neil E.           GOWER@A.ISI.EDU
[NH2]        Howard, Nat              nrh@FLASH.BELLCORE.COM
[NM31]       Mishkin, Nat             apollo!mishkin@EDDIE.MIT.EDU
[NMM]        Minnich, N. Michael      mminnich@HUEY.UDEL.EDU
[NT12]       Todd, Neil               mcvax!ist!neil@seismo.CSS.GOV
[NT13]       Titley, Nigel            mcvax!btnix!titley@seismo.CSS.GOV
[OD8]        Deguine, O.
[OG4]        Gremont, O.
[PA5]        Almquist, Philip         Almquist@SCORE.STANFORD.EDU
[PAK6]       Kaslo, Philip A.         phil@ARIZONA.EDU
[PAN1]       Nelson, Philip A.
[PAP4]       Prindeville, Philip A.   PHILIPP@LARRY.MCRCIM.MCGILL.EDU
[PB40]       Bowden, Phillip E.       BOWDENPE@VTVM1.CC.VT.EDU
[PB67]       Boyle, Pat               boyle%ubc.csnet@RELAY.CS.NET
[PC55]       Charlton, Phyliss
[PD39]       Delaney, Pete  pete%crcvax.uucp%germany.csnet@RELAY.CS.NET
[PDB5]       Barron, Patrick D.       pdb@SEI.CMU.EDU
[PEK]        Kane, Patrick E.         kane@XENURUS.GOULD.COM
[PEM4]       McKenney, Paul E.        mckenney@SRI.COM
[PFK]        King, Peter F.           KING%NEXT.COM@RELAY.CS.NET
[PFS2]       Sass, Paul F.            SASS@A.ISI.EDU
[PG40]       Gillis, Paul             paulg@USAGE.UNSW.OZ
[PGA1]       Apley, Phillip G.
[PGM]        Milazzo, Paul G.         milazzo@RICE.EDU
[PH45]       Ho, Peter                HO@HAC2ARPA.HAC.COM
[PHS1]       Schmidt, Paul H.         pschmidt@AFIT-AB.ARPA
[PJT9]       Tyers, Peter J.          tyers%trlluna.oz@UUNET.UU.NET
[PK]         Kirstein, Peter T.       KIRSTEIN@NSS.CS.UCL.AC.UK
[PK19]       Karr, Penny              PKARR@BBN.COM
[PK28]       Karn, Phil               KARN@THUMPER.BELLCORE.COM
[PKH1]       Hyder, Paul K.           HYDER@HUB.UCSB.EDU
[PL37]       LaForgue, Pierre         laforgue@IMAG.IMAG.FR
[PLH8]       Haymon, Paula Langford   apctrc!bigmac!haymon@UUNET.UU.NET
[PM4]        Martin, Paul             PMARTIN@KL.SRI.COM
[PM37]       Melvin, Phyllis          phyllis@BOEING.COM
[PM72]       Mies, Paul               unido!gmdzi!mies@seismo.CSS.GOV
[PM81]       Marshall, Peter  p.marshall%UWOVAX.BITNET@WISCVM.WISC.EDU
[PMH3]       Henderson, P. Marshall

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[PML1]       Lashley, Patrick M.      Holems!pat1@SUN.COM
[PN23]       Nellessen, Peter         CRTVAX!PN@SPICE.CS.CMU.EDU
[PNW]        Wan, Peter N.            peter%msdc.uucp@GATECH.EDU
[PP14]       Pomes, Paul              paul@UXC.CSO.UIUC.EDU
[PP36]       Patton, Paul
[PRT2]       Taylor, Paul R.   rocksvax!oswego!taylor@CS.ROCHESTER.EDU
[PS27]       Spilling, Paal           SPILLING@A.ISI.EDU
[PSS1]       Schwarz, Phil S.
[PT23]       Tomb, Peter            ptomb%umass.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU
[PT26]       Taylor, Philip
[PW37]       Woods, Paul
[PW44]       Wishart, Peter           pjw%anucsd.oz@UUNET.UU.NET
[PW49]       Ware, Pete               esosun!pete@seismo.CSS.GOV
[RA11]       Adams, Rick              rick@seismo.CSS.GOV
[RA17]       Albrightson, Robert      bob@CS.WASHINGTON.EDU
[RA62]       Aschenbrenner, Rex       Rex%CGIVB%CGI.CSNET@RELAY.CS.NET
[RA66]       Antonorsi, Richard
[RA94]       Allison, Roger
[RAJ3]       Johnson, Richard A.      RAJ@ICS.UCI.EDU
[RAJ8]       Jones, Richard A.        jones@COLO.COLORADO.EDU
[RAK12]      Kawin, Richard A.        kawin@MORDOR.S1.GOV
[RAM57]      Mann, Rex A.
[RAR22]      Ridder, Robert A.
[RAR23]      Ragosa, Richard A.
[RAY4]       Yamin, Raymond A.
[RB187]      Baxter, Richard          baxter-richard@YALE.ARPA
[RB217]      Bracho, Rafael           RXB@KL.SRI.COM
[RB218]      Bentson, Randolph   bentson%colostate.csnet@RELAY.CS.NET
[RB219]      Bybee, Robert
[RB221]      Blachley, Rick
[RBW]        Wales, Richard B.        WALES@CS.UCLA.EDU
[RC113]      Collier, Renee
[RCM9]       McQueen, Robert C.       SIT.MCQUEEN@CU20B.COLUMBIA.EDU
[RD91]       Dussaulx, Regine
[RD104]      Dirlewanger, Roland      rd@SUN8.LRI.FR
[RD108]      Dahlhoff, Randall    GR.RFD%ISUMVS.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU
[RDG12]      Garvie, Robert D.    garvie%grumpy.dnet@SPOT.COLORADO.EDU
[RDQ]        Quigley, Roger d.        quigley@SRI-LEWIS.ARPA
[RDR4]       Rockwell, R. Dennis      DROCKWELL@SH.CS.NET
[RE22]       Enas, R.                 cdc-ddn@DDN2.ARPA
[RED22]      Donnelly, Robert  E.
[RER20]      Rogers, Robert E.
[RF57]       Fajman, Roger            RAF%NIHCU.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU
[RFD1]       Donnelly, Robert F.      rfd@ARDEC.ARPA
[RG92]       Gopstein, Richard        gopstein@RUTGERS.EDU

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[RGB14]      Bookbinder, Robert G.    lamont!rgb@COLUMBIA.EDU
[RH5]        Hobby, Russell           RDHOBBY@UCDAVIS.UCDAVIS.EDU
[RH6]        Hinden, Robert           HINDEN@CCV.BBN.COM
[RH60]       Hale, Roger              ROGER@LL-SST.ARPA
[RH164]      Hoffmann, Ron            hoffmann@BITSY.MIT.EDU
[RHC3]       Cole, Robert H.          rhc%HPLB.CSNET@RELAY.CS.NET
[RHM11]      Moreno, Robert H.        rmoreno@MISER.ARPA
[RHS16]      Sweed, Richard H.        SWEED@RADC-TOPS20.ARPA
[RJH33]      Hickman, Robert J.
[RJH37]      Hendley, R.J.    HendleyRJ%CS.BHAM.AC.UK@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU
[RJL3]       Liebschutz, Robert J.    rob@PRESTO.IG.COM
[RK51]       Kisielewski, Richard
[RK75]       Kocian, Ray    
[RKJ2]       Johnsson, Richard K.     Johnsson@DECWRL.DEC.COM
[RKS1]       Stodola, Robert K.       STODOLA@RM.FCCC.EDU
[RL104]      Lynch, Rich             VM10CA%WVNVM.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU
[RLB3]       Broersma, Ronald L.      ron@NOSC.MIL
[RLP30]      Paulson, Ray L.
[RLR23]      Reyenga, Robert L.       REYENGA@WESTPOINT.ARPA
[RLR36]      Rawlins, Ray L.          ray%USU.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU
[RLS6]       Smith, Ronald L.         COINS@A.ISI.EDU
[RLU3]       Ullmann, Robert L.       Ariel@EN-C06.PRIME.COM
[RM8]        Marantz, Roy             marantz@KLINZHAI.RUTGERS.EDU
[RM120]      McCarthy, Richard    sp0003%bingvmb.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU
[RM125]      McCorkle, Ray            NSC-Keyport@DDN2.ARPA
[RM142]      Michaels, Robert         michaels@HPLABS.HP.COM
[RM176]      Merry, Rod
[RM177]      Morrison, Robert         rlm%wyocdc1.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU
[RM196]      Murphy, Richard      Richard%SWRIMV.SPAN@STAR.STANFORD.EDU
[RM213]      Mohr, Rupert             UNIDO!RMI!ZENTRALE@UUNET.UU.NET
[RN25]       Negaret, Roger
[RN29]       Nomura, Ryo
[RNB5]       Berlinger, Robert N.     naftoli@AECOM.YU.EDU
[RNM1]       MacKenzie, R. Neil
[RP88]       Perry, Russ              RUSS@CSUFRESNO.EDU
[RPP]        Pingree, Robert P.       PINGREE@NUSC.ARPA
[RR2]        Romine, Raleigh F.       ROMINE@NOTE.NSF.GOV
[RR18]       Reisor, Ron              ron%vax3@LOUIE.UDEL.EDU
[RR26]       Reilly, William R.       REILLY@COA.ARPA
[RR33]       Romanelli, Richard       romanell@BRL.ARPA
[RR97]       Russell, Robb            ROBB%DUVM.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU
[RS253]      Saccoman, Remi           remi%framentec.FR@UUNET.UU.NET
[RS255]      Sinnhuber, Roger
[RSD2]       Dixon, Robert S.      TS0400%OHSTVMA.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU
[RSH]        Hammel, Randall S.       rsh@SUPER.ORG
[RSM1]       Miles, Robert S.         rsm@NRTC.NORTHROP.COM

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[RT60]       Thigpen, Robert     decvax!savax!thigpen@UCVAX.Berkeley.EDU
[RTB8]       Baynes, Robert T.
[RTL]        LaCoss, Richard T.       lacoss@XN.LL.MIT.EDU
[RV32]       Volk, Ruediger           rv%unido@UUNET.UU.NET
[RW101]      Witlicki, Randy
[RWH5]       Henry, Robert W.         rwh@UCBVAX.Berkeley.EDU
[RWT2]       Tinker, Robert W.        tinker@DTIX.ARPA
[SA]         Allen, Scott
[SA46]       Archer, Stephen          archer@CS.ROCHESTER.EDU
[SA47]       Ayers, Stephen
[SAB17]      Baird, Scott A.
[SAK3]       Kahn, Steven A.          steve@APLVAX.JHUAPL.EDU
[SB12]       Bertilson, Scott         scott@UMN-REI-UC.ARPA
[SB28]       Bradner, Scott           SOB@HARVARD.HARVARD.EDU
[SB90]       Brady, Sean              brady@DCN9.ARPA
[SB98]       Barber, Stan             SOB@BCM.TMC.EDU
[SBW4]       Whidden, Samuel B.       sbw@MATH.AMS.COM
[SC54]       Comer, Scott             wert@RICE.EDU
[SC59]       Campbell, Stephen
[SC81]       Callahan, Sean           sean@ELXSI.CALTECH.EDU
[SD1]        Dyer, Stephen            dyer@HARVARD.HARVARD.EDU
[SD78]       Donegan, Steve
[SF34]       Fenstermacher, Scott     scott%wmmvs.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU
[SF41]       Fogel, Steve        SFOGEL!MTCS!MTXINU@UCBARPA.Berkeley.EDU
[SFJ]        Johnston, Scott F.
[SG1]        Grandi, Steve            grandi@NOAO.ARPA
[SG83]       Garwood, Steve
[SG88]       Gai, Silvano         silvano%itopoli.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU
[SGC]        Chipman, Stephen G.      CHIPMAN@F.BBN.COM
[SGR1]       Roediger, Steve G.
[SH37]       Heker, Sergio            heker@JVNCA.CSC.ORG
[SH47]       Hallstrom, Steve      STEVEH%UWACDC.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU
[SH71]       Herber, Steve  
[SHB]        Blumenthal, Steven H.    BLUMENTHAL@VAX.BBN.COM
 [SI8]        Ilnicki, Slawomir
[SJL]        Lucks, Steven J.
[SJM9]       Mahler, Stephen J.   mahler%usl-pc%usl.csnet@RELAY.CS.NET
[SJP10]      Piatz, Steven J.         piatz@SP.UNISYS.COM
[SJS11]      Schroeder, Steven J.     SJS%PSUVM.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU
[SL10]       Lerner, Sandy            sandy@SPAR-20.ARPA
[SL47]       Laube, Sheldon           cfisun!shel@HARVARD.HARVARD.EDU
[SL55]       Leaviseur, Sean          SJL%UKC.AC.UK@CS.UCL.AC.UK
[SL68]       Langlois, Sylvain        sylvain@CHORUS.FR
[SLH19]      Howell, Steven L.        showell@NSWC-WO.ARPA
[SM6]        McLinden, Sean           MCLINDEN@CADRE.DSL.PITTSBURGH.EDU
[SM62]       Mackey, Sandy            skm@MITRE-OMAHA.ARPA
[SM67]       Miller, Steve  
[SM83]       McPherson, Stew          stew@CSUPWB.COLOSTATE.EDU

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[SM96]       Morris, Scooter          scooter@CGL.UCSF.EDU
[SM111]      Mandell, Stewart         mandell@BN1.ARPA
[SMF5]       Feldman, Steven M.
[SMK2]       King, Stephen Michael    KING@HQAFSC-VAX.ARPA
[SMS1]       Schultz, Steve M.        sms@ETN-WLV.EATON.COM
[SR77]       Rousseau, Susan          susan@NUSC.ARPA
[SS80]       Schaller, Skip           SKIP@SOLPL.AS.ARIZONA.EDU
[SS110]      Smith, Stanfield         stan%gcylab.uucp@ITSGW.RPI.EDU
[SS125]      Stovall, Steven          sstovaall@DAITC.ARPA
[SS131]      Sutphen, Steven    steve%alberta.cdn%ubc.csnet@RELAY.CS.NET
[SSW]        Wolff, Stephen S.        STEVE@BRL.ARPA
[ST13]       Takagi, S.     
[SW78]       Wadle, Steve
[SWR3]       Rogers, Scott W.         scottr@CSC-LONS.ARPA
[SWW6]       Weller, Scott W.
[SY8]        Yokota, Shozo
[TA24]       Asami, Tohru
[TB4]        Baker, Theodore          TBAKER@AJPO.SEI.CMU.EDU
[TB64]       Becker, Tony   
[TD40]       Davis, Tom               DAVIS@EGLIN-VAX.ARPA
[TDM8]       Mudgett, Trish Dailey
[TE16]       Eldredge, Timothy        g.eldre@SCORE.STANFORD.EDU
[TEC6]       Chessman, Thomas E.      chessman@LOGNET2.ARPA
[TES16]      Swazuk, Thomas E.
[TF6]        Ferrin, Thomas           TEF@CGL.UCSF.EDU
[TFB3]       Blakely, Thomas F.       ittfb%dcatla.uucp@UUNET.UU.NET
[TGN]        Norman, T.G.      net-admin!
[TGS6]       Sickles, Theodore G.
[TH15]       Holt, Tracy              Holt%gmuvax.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU
[TH60]       Hutton, Thomas           hutton@SCUBED.ARPA
[THD]        Dunigan, Thomas H.       DUNIGAN@MSR.EPM.ORNL.GOV
[TK43]       Kobayashi, Tsutomu       koba%ntt-20@SUMEX-AIM.STANFORD.EDU
[TM10]       Mallory, Tracy           tmallory@CCV.BBN.COM
[TM37]       Lafleur, Tom             LAFLEUR@NET1.UCSD.EDU
[TM57]       Mead, Theodore           mead@TUT.CC.ROCHESTER.EDU
[TM86]       MacMillan, Todd          todd%apple.csnet@RELAY.CS.NET
[TMD6]       Dillon, Theresa M.       tmd@MITRE-BEDFORD.ARPA
[TMH6]       Herrick, Thomas M.       DCAB600@DDN1.ARPA
[TML]        Louden, T. Michael       LOUDEN@MITRE.ARPA
[TN17]       Nijssen, Teun           TEUN%HTIKUB5.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU
[TO4]        Oishi, Tosaku 
[TONY]       Holland, Anthony R.      TONY@KL.SRI.COM
[TR38]       Radzykewycz, Tim         calma!radzy@UCBVAX.Berkeley.EDU
[TRG4]       Giebelhaus, Tim R.       hi-csc!giebelhaus@UMN-CS.ARPA
[TS9]        Slattery, Terry          tcs@USNA.MIL

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[TS14]       Stuckey, Trish           TRISH@TRANTOR.HARRIS-ATD.COM
[TS31]       Symchych, Tim            symchych@SKL-CRC.ARPA
[TT35]       Terbush, Terry           tlt%gwuvm.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU
[TVF1]       Fossum, Timothy V.       fossum@VACS.UWP.WISC.EDU
[TW51]       Wadlow, Tom A.           taw@MORDOR.S1.GOV
[UB3]        Bilting, Ulf             BILTING@PURDUE.EDU
[US2]        Straumann, Ulrich   K538915%CZHRZU1A.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU
[VBK]        Kava, Victor B.
[VDC1]       Cone, V. Donald          Cone@SPAM.ISTC.SRI.COM
[VHB]        Barnes, Vonnie H.        VBARNES@NSWC-OAS.ARPA
[WA16]       Armitage, William
[WAG5]       Guthmiller, Wayne A.     MKATZ@A.ISI.EDU
[WAH11]      Hunt, Warren A., Jr.     HUNT@CLI.COM
[WB53]       Ball, Wayne              wball%umass.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU
[WCB3]       Bard, William C.         Bard@NGP.UTEXAS.EDU
[WCW7]       Wells, William C.
[WCWI]       Ince, W.C.W.
[WD27]       Dair, Willis             DAIR%SCU.BITNET@JADE.Berkeley.EDU
[WDL]        Lazear, Walter D.        LAZEAR@MITRE.ARPA
[WDR7]       Rolph, W.D.
[WDS11]      Smith, William D.
[WDW2]       Welch, William D., Jr.   ingr!zaiaz!bill@UUNET.UU.NET
[WE12]       Edgington, Will     wedgingt%ducair.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU
[WF3]        Fink, William E.         bill@NRL-LCP.ARPA
[WG]         Graves, Wayne            WRGRAVES@LBL.ARPA
[WH64]       Hake, Wolfgang    UHRZS007%DBIUNI11.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU
[WL31]       Lampeter, William        bill@CS.ROCHESTER.EDU
[WLB5]       Boyer, William L.        WLB@NCIFCRF.GOV
[WLG7]       Gordon, Windy L.
[WM10]       Moore, Wire              wire@INTEL-IWARP.ARPA
[WM68]       Magnussen, Walt       X048WM%TAMVM1.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU
[WPJ]        Jones, William Prichard  JONES@AMES.ARPA
[WRR5]       Ritchie, William R.      DDNWRR@FLTAC-POE.ARPA
[WS94]       Spirk, Werner     A2824AB%DMOLRZ01.BITNET@BCUNYVM.CUNY.EDU
[WSC5]       Currie, W.S.
[WU1]        Underwood, Walter        wunder@HPLABS.HP.COM
[WW2]        Wedel, Wally             wedel@NGP.UTEXAS.EDU
[WWP8]       Plummer, William W.      Plummer@DOCKMASTER.ARPA
[WWS]        Seemuller, William W.    BILL@ETL.ARPA
[YD2]        Despond, Yves      despond%clsepf51.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU
[YN]         Nguyen, Yen              yen@ARINC-GW.ARPA
[YS10]       Saito, Yaski           yaski%ntt-20@SUMEX-AIM.STANFORD.EDU
[ZSU]        Su, Zaw-Sing             ZSu@TSCA.ISTC.SRI.COM

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                               APPENDIX A

The network numbers in class A, B, and C network addresses are allocated
among Research, Defense, Government (Non-Defense) and Commercial uses.

   Class A (highest-order bit 0)

      Research allocation:             8
      Defense allocation:             24
      Government allocation:          24
      Commercial allocation:          94
      Reserved Addresses:   (0, 127)
      Total                          128

   Class B (highest-order bits 1-0)

      Research allocation:          1024
      Defense allocation:           3072
      Government allocation:        3072
      Commercial allocation:       12286
      Reserved Addresses: (0, 16383)
      Total                        16384

   Class C (highest-order bits 1-1-0)

      Research allocation:           65536
      Defense allocation:           458725
      Government allocation:        458725
      Commercial allocation:       1572862
      Reserved Addresses: (0, 2097151)
      Total                        2097152

   Class D (highest-order bits 1-1-1-0)

      All addresses in this class are allocated for multicast use.

   Class E (highest-order bits 1-1-1-1)

      All addresses in this class are reserved for future use.

Experimental networks which later become operational need not be
renumbered.  Rather, the identifiers could be moved from Research to
Defense, Government or Commercial status.  Thus, network identifiers may
change state among Research, Defense, Government and Commercial, but the
number of identifiers allocated to each use must remain within the
limits indicated above.  To make possible this fluid assignment, the
network identifier spaces are not allocated by simple partition, but
rather by specific assignment.

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Also, organizations not currently affiliated with the Internet may be
assigned numbers for networks for non-connected service.  If at some
later time such networks are connecteed to the Internet (with
appropriate prermissions and approvals) the networks need not be