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RFC 1000


Request For Comments reference guide

Part 5 of 5, p. 130 to 149
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   177     McConnell    Jun 71      A Device Independent Graphical
                                    Display Description

      As more nodes are connected to the ARPA network, the types of
      graphical display processors available to users is quite varied.
      To attempt to facilitate the transmission of graphical information
      over the network, a device independent description of a display is

   176     Bhushan      Jun 71      Comments on Byte Size for

      This document points out three views on the use of byte size for
      network connections: 1) Byte size should not be used at all. 2)
      Byte size is solely for the convenience of NCP's. 3) Byte size
      choice is a user-level prerogative.

   175     Harslem      Jun 71      Comments on "Socket Conventions

      Pro and con discussion regarding RFC 167.

   174     Postel       Jun 71      UCLA-Computer Science Graphics

      This document provides an overview of the hardware, software, and
      intentions of the UCLA Computer Science Department's Graphics

   173     Karp         Jun 71      Network Data Management Committeee
                                    Meeting Announcement

      A report on the formation of a data managment committee and on its
      first meeting.

   172     Bhushan      Jun 71      The File Transfer Protocol

      This protocol is a user-level protocol for file transfer between
      host computers (including terminal IMPs), on the ARPA computer
      network.  The File Transfer Protocol (FTP) uses the data transfer
      protocol described in RFC 171.  This paper assumes knowledge of
      RFC 171.

   171     Bhushan      Jun 71      The Data Transfer Protocol

      Definition of a low-level Data Transfer Protocol (DTP) to be used
      for transfer of data in file transfer, remote job entry, and other
      applications oriented protocols.  A companion paper (RFC 172)
      describes file transfer protocol.

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   170     NIC          Jun 71      RFC List by Number

      A list of RFCs 1-170.

   168     North        May 71      ARPA Network Mailing Lists

      Distribution list for RFCs.

   167     Bhushan      May 71      Socket Conventions Reconsidered

      The recent NCP Protocol said nothing about how hosts should assign
      socket numbers to process ports, except that the low-order bit is
      to specify socket gender.  This document discusses two recent
      proposals that call for additional network-wide conventions on the
      32-bit socket number.

   166     Anderson     May 71      Data Reconfiguration Service - An
                                    Implementation Specification

      This DRS experiment involved a software mechanism to reformat
      Network data streams.  The mechanism can be adapted to numerous
      Network application programs.

   165     Postel       May 71      A Proferred Official Initial
                                    Connection Protocol

      This document specifies the third level protocol used to connect a
      user process at one site with a server process at another site.

   164     Heafner      May 71      Minutes of Network Working Group

      A 38 page reference on the discussions held at the Network Working
      Group Meeting.

   163     Cerf         May 71      Data Transfer Protocols

      An informal statement on Data Transfer Protocols, in relation to
      material discussed at the SJCC.

   162     Kampe        May 71      NETBUGGER3

      Discussion of NETBUGGER3 as a third level program for the
      debugging of second and third level programs, experimentation with
      and simulation of third level protocols.

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   161     Shoshani     May 71      A Solution to the Race Condition in
                                    the ICP

      A proposed solution to a problem that arose out of RFC 143.

   160     NIC          May 71      RFC Brief List

      Title or Partial Title RFC List (1-160)

   159     Never Issued.

   158     O'Sullivan   May 71      Proposed Telnet Protocol

      Solicitation of comments, evaluation, and requests for
      modification of the proposed Telnet protocol.

   157     Cerf         May 71      Invitation to the Second Symposium
                                    on Problems in the Optimization of
                                    Data Communication Systems

      Announcement of an ACM/IEEE conference on data communication.

   156     Bouknight    Apr 71      Status of the Illinois Site
                                    (Response to RFC 116)

      Discusses the status of the operational hardware at the Illinois

   155     NIC          May 71      List to Receive RFCs

      Mailing list of people who are receiving the initial distribution
      of RFCs.

   154     Crocker      May 71      Exposition Style

      A note on style in documentation.

   153     Melvin       May 71      SRI ARC-NIC Status

      Discusses the current computer and network status of the SRI

   152     Wilber       May 71      SRI Artificial Intelligence Status

      Status report on SRAI's connection to the ARPANET as a research

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   151     Shoshani     May 71      Comments on a Proferred Official ICP
                                    (RFCs 123,127)

      Specific and general remarks regarding the ICP.

   150     Kalin        May 71      The Use of IPC Facilities

      A working paper discussing the exposition of the types of usage to
      which an IPC facility would be subjected.  This document hopes to
      clarify the goals being pursued and should provide a benchmark for
      gauging various implementation strategies.

   149     Crocker      May 71      The Best Laid Plans...

      Changes to the topics and attendees of the upcoming NWG meeting.

   148     Bhushan      May 71      Comments on RFC 123

      Regarding the byte size requirements for the initial connection.

   147     Winett       May 71      The Definition of a Socket

      Defining, specifying, and identifying sockets.

   146     Karp         May 71      Views on Issues Relevant to Data
                                    Sharing on Computer Networks

      Concurrence with the views presented in RFC 140.

   145     Postel       May 71      Initial Connection Protocol Control

      An interpretation of the exchange between NCP's which would be
      necessary to carry out the Initial Connection Protocol (ICP) of
      RFC 123.

   144     Shoshani     Apr 71      Data Sharing on Computer Networks

      An introductory paper for the upcoming NWG meeting in Atlantic

   143     Naylor       May 71      Regarding Proferred Official ICP

      Comments on a race condition discovered in the ICP as proposed in
      RFC 123.

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   142     Kline        May 71      Time-out Mechanism in the Host-Host

      Discussion on potential situations that can occur when sending a
      message to a foreign site.

   141     Harslem      Apr 71      Comments on RFC 114 (A File Transfer

      Further discussion on the File Transfer Protocol.

   140     Crocker      May 71      Agenda for the May NWG Meeting

      A list of topics to be discussed at the upcoming meeting, plus a
      listing of relevant RFCs that should be reviewed prior to the

   139     O'Sullivan   May 71      Discussion of Telnet Protocol

      An extension of RFC 137.

   138     Anderson     Apr 71      Status Report on Proposed Data
                                    Reconfiguration Service

      Provides a description of a proposed Network experiment and to
      solicit comments on any aspect of the experiment.

   137     O'Sullivan   Apr 71      Telnet Protocol - A Proposed

      Solicitation for review and comment before the Atlantic City NWG

   136     Kahn         Apr 71      Host Accounting and Administrative

      Discussion of a plan to be formulated and accepted for the
      development of a Host accounting system in the ARPA Network.

   135     Hathaway     Apr 71      Response to RFC 110

      Comments and proposals of new conventions to replace the ones
      proposed in RFC 110.

   134     Vezza        Apr 71      Network Graphics Meeting

      Announcement of the next Network Graphics Meeting at Project MAC
      in July 1971.

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   133     Sundberg     Apr 71      File Transfer and Error Recovery

      Sample interchanges and comments on file transfer and errors.

   132     White        Apr 71      Typographical Error in RFC 107

      Points out an error in RFC 107.

   131     Harslem      Apr 71      Response to RFC 116 (May NWG

      A description of networr plans at RAND, including the data
      reconfiguration service, and a comment on the role of the NWG.

   130     Heafner      Apr 71      Response to RFC 111 (Pressure from
                                    the Chairman)

      Discussion of RAND's role in testing other host implementations
      and schedule dependences.

   129     Harslem      Apr 71      A Request for Comments on Socket
                                    Name Structure

      Comments on several suggested socket name structures.

   128     Postel       Apr 71      Bytes

      Discussion of the Byte size parameter allowed by the 2nd level

   127     Postel       Apr 71      Comments on RFC 123

      Continued interpretations of the exchange between NCP's which
      would be necessary to carry out the Initial Connection Protocol of
      RFC 123.

   126     McConnell    Apr 71      Ames Graphics Facilities at Ames
                                    Research Center

      Discusses the graphical facilities at Ames for the IBM 360/67 TSS.

   125     McConnell    Apr 71      Response to RFC 86, Proposal for
                                    Network Standard Format for a
                                    Graphics Data Stream

      Improves and updates RFC 86.

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   124     Melvin       Apr 71      Typographical Error in RFC 107

      Points out an error in RFC 107.

   123     Crocker      Apr 71      A Proferred Official ICP

      Description of a family of ICPs (Initial Connection Protocol)
      suitable for establishing one pair of connections (one in each
      direction) between any user process and any server process, and
      proposes a particular subset of this family as the standard ICP
      for connecting user processes to loggers on systems which accept
      teletype-like devices.

   122     White        Apr 71      Network Specifications for UCSB's
                                    Simple-Minded File System

      UCSB's Simple Minded File System (SMFS) which will provide file
      storage for network users.  This document provides programmers
      with the information necessary to communicate with SMFS.

   121     Krilanovich  Apr 71      Network On-Line Operators

      Descriptions of operators that have been implemented within UCSB's
      On-Line System and make the network (via NCP) accessible to
      On-Line system users.

   120     Krilanovich  Apr 71      Network PL1 Subprograms

      Descriptions of subroutines that have been implemented at UCSB and
      make the network (via NCP) accessible to PL1 programs executing in
      the IBM 360/75.

   119     Krilanovich  Apr 71      Network FORTRAN Subprograms

      Descriptions of a set of assembly-language subprograms, their
      functions and calling sequences.

   118     Watson       Apr 71      Information Required for Each
                                    Service Available to the Network

      Cites two classes of information which each site needs to provide
      for every service or process it makes available over the ARPA

   117     Wong         Apr 71      Some Comments on the Official

      Cites weaknesses in RFC 107, and provides suggestions for
      correction and handling.

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   116     Crocker      Apr 71      Structure of the May NWG Meeting

      Proposed meeting agenda centering around discussions of advertised
      topics, with published status reports and position papers.

   115     Watson       Apr 71      Some Network Information Center
                                    Policies on Handling Documents

      Discusses current document policies between the Network
      Information Center and sites on the network.

   114     Bhushan      Apr 71      A File Transfer Protocol

      Proposed file transfer mechanisms that have been developed for
      immediate implementation on hosts at MIT.

   113     Harlsem      Apr 71      Network Activity Report: UCSB and

      Report on the network use and validity between UCSB's RJE and RJOR
      systems and RAND.

   112     O'Sullivan   Apr 71      User/Server Site Protocol Network
                                    HOST Questionnaire

      A summary of the responses to the referenced questionnaire.

   111     Crocker      Mar 71      Pressure from the Chairman

      Proposed scheduling for the implementation of NCPs and Telnets.

   110     Winett       Mar 71      Conventions for Using an IBM 2741
                                    Terminal as a User Console for
                                    Access to Network Server Hosts

      Telnet implementation and the 2741.

   109     Winett       Mar 71      Level III Server Protocol for the
                                    Lincoln Laboratory 360/67 Host

      Telnet implementation and the 360/67.

   108     Watson       Mar 71      Attendance List at the Urbana NWG
                                    Meeting, 17-19 February 1971

      Lists attendees at the NWG meeting held February 1971.

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   107     Bressler     Mar 71      Output of the Host-Host Protocol
                                    Glitch Cleaning Committee

      The second meeting of the Host-Host Protocol Glitch Cleaning

   106     O'Sullivan   Mar 71      USER/SERVER Site Protocol Network
                                    Host Questionnaire

      An attempt to gather information for creating the Telnet Protocol.

   105     White        Mar 71      Network Specification for Remote Job
                                    Entry and Remote Job Output
                                    Retrieval at UCSB

      Describes the remote job entry service at UCSB.

   104     Postel       Feb 71      Link 191

      General agreement to reserve a link for use in measurements.
      Therefore, Link 191 will be assigned for measurement use.

   103     Kalin        Feb 71      Implementation of Interrupt Keys

      This paper discusses the problems and solutions that are simple to
      implement in the current protocol specifications that contain
      serious logical errors in the interrupt functions.

   102     Crocker      Feb 71      Output of the HOST/HOST Protocol
                                    Glitch Cleaning Committee

      Numerous topics were discussed.

   101     Watson       Feb 71      Notes on the Network Working Group

      Transcript of the Network Working Group Meeting, February 1970.

   100     Karp         Feb 71      Categorization and Guide to NWG/RFCs

      Categorizes, identifies, and summarizes RFCS 1-100.

   099     Karp         Feb 71      Network Meeting

      Announcement of the next meeting of the Network Working Group for
      20 May 1970.

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   098     Meyer        Feb 71      Logger Protocol Proposal

      This "network logger protocol" is intended to specify how the
      existing logger of a network host is to interface to the network
      so as to permit a login from a console attached to another host.

   097     Melvin       Feb 71      A First Cut at a Proposed Telnet

      This document was motivated by the need to set specifications for
      a protocol which would allow on-line access to the Network
      Information Center (NIC).

   096     Watson       Feb 71      An Interactive Network Experiment to
                                    Study Modes of Access to the Network
                                    Information Center

      Outlines the framework for a simple interactive experiment to
      study modes of access to the Network Information Center (NIC).

   095     Crocker      Feb 71      Distribution of NWG/RFC's Through
                                    the NIC

      Standards for establishing lines of communication of all of the
      sites with the Network Information Center, in regards to
      distribution of RFC's.

   094     Harslem      Feb 71      Some Thoughts on Network Graphics

      Discussion of the initial reaction to RFC 86, whose purpose was to
      provide a basis for discussion and development of Network

   093     McKenzie     Jan 71      Initial Connection Protocol

      A review of the Initial Connection Protocol (ICP), first described
      in RFC 66 and restated in RFC 80.

   092     Never Issued.

   091     Mealy        Dec 70      A Proposed User-User Protocol

      Discussion of UCLA's Campus Computing Network of services and
      implementation priorities.

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   090     Braden       Jan 71      CCN as a Network Service Center

      Discussion of UCLA's Campus Computing Network of services and
      implementation priorities.

   089     Metcalfe     Jan 71      Some Historic Moments in Networking

      Noteworthy achievements for the MIT-Project MAC Dynamic
      Modeling/Computer Graphics PDP-6/10 System, while awaiting the
      completion of an interim network control program.

   088     Braden       Jan 71      NETRJS - A Third Level Protocol for
                                    Remote Job Entry

      Description of NETRJS, which is the name for a message protocol
      and a set of control conventions which will allow users at remote
      Hosts to access the RJS remote batch subsystem of UCLA/CCN.

   087     Vezza        Jan 71      Topic for Discussion at the Next
                                    Network Working Group Meeting

      Suggests Network Working Group discussion on topics germane to
      network graphics.

   086     Crocker      Jan 71      Proposal for a Network Standard
                                    Format for a Data Stream to Control
                                    Graphics Display

      Proposes specifying the form of an output stream for the case that
      the output portion of the console (which is attached to a computer
      at the user's site) is a typical refresh display with point,
      vector, and character drawing capability.

   085     Crocker      Dec 70      Network Working Group Meeting

      Announcement of regularly scheduled Network Working Group Meetings
      every three months.

   084     North        Dec 70      List of NWG/RFCs 1-80

      Lists RFCs 1-80.

   083     Anderson     Dec 70      Language-Machine for Data

      Describes a syntax-driven interpreter that operates on a grammar
      which is an orderd set of replacement rules for the Form Machine.

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   082     Meyer        Dec 70      Network Meeting Notes

      A transcribed summary of the Fall 1970 network meeting notes.

   081     Bouknight    Dec 70      Request for Reference Information

      Request for documents in the subject areas of data communications
      and communications theory.

   080     Harslem      Dec 70      Protocol and Data Formats

      Proposes general solutions concerning Initial Connection
      Protocols, Pre-specificed Data Formats, and Adaptable Mechanisms.

   079     Meyer        Nov 70      Logger Protocol Error

   078     Harslem      Nov 70      NCP Status Report: UCSB/Rand

      Conducted an excercise between UCSB console to/from RAND console
      validation of the respective NCPs.

   077     Postel       Nov 70      Network Meeting Report

      Report on three Network Working Group meetings held during
      November 16, 17, and 18.

   076     Bouknight    Oct 70      Connection-by-Name: User-Oriented

      Suggests a user level interface to network protocol where all user
      protocol is handled symbolically with system procedures making the
      translation into host-to-host protocol.  Proposes general

   075     Crocker      Oct 70      Network Meeting

      Announcement of the next scheduled meeting of the Network Working
      Group for 16 Nov 70.

   074     White        Oct 70      Specifications for Network Use of
                                    the UCSB On-Line System

      Announcement of UCSB's On-Line System (OLS) availability to ARPA
      Network users.

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   073     Crocker      Sep 70      Response to RFC 67

      General agreement with proposed policy.

   072     Bressler     Sep 70      Proposed Moratorium on Changes to
                                    Network Protocol

      Cites critical changes that could occur in hardware/software
      development efforts and advanced debugging if changes in the
      Network Protocol aren't kept in check.

   071     Schipper     Sep 70      Reallocation in Case of Input Error

      Discussion of how to resynchronize flow control using a proposed
      protocol for the CCN-Host at UCLA.

   070     Crocker      Oct 70      A Note on Padding

      Discussion of padding on a message.

   069     Bhushan      Sep 70      Distribution List Change for MIT.

      Announcement of name change.

   068     Elie         Aug 70      Comments on Memory Allocation
                                    Control Commands (CEASE, ALL, GVB,
                                    RET) and RFNM

      Provides a scheme for buffer allocation.

   067     Crowther     Undated     Proposed Change to Host/IMP Spec to
                                    Eliminate Marking

      Proposed change to eliminate marking, per Walden's comments.

   066     Crocker      Aug 70      3rd Level Ideas and Other Noise

      Meeting notes from 12 Aug 70 between Crocker and representatives
      from BBN and MIT regarding the third level protocol.

   065     Walden       Aug 70      Comments on Host-Host Protocol
                                    Document Number 1 (Crocker,
                                    3 August 70)

      Critique and suggestions for improvement of the Host-Host Protocol

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   064     Elie         Undated     Getting Rid of Marking

      Suggests simple modifications and solutions to the IMP-HOST
      interface which would be a better solution than marking.

   063     Cerf         Jul 70      Belated Network Meeting Report

      Network meeting report of the Network Working Group from 8 May 70.

   062     Walden       Aug 70      A System for Interprocess
                                    Communication in a Resource Sharing
                                    Computer Network

      Supercedes RFC 61.

   061     Walden       Jul 70      A Note on Interprocess Communication
                                    in a Resource Sharing Computer

      A draft request for comments of a resource sharing study that may
      be of general interest to network participants.

   060     Kalin        Jul 70      A Simplified NCP Protocol

      Definition of a new NCP Protocol that is simple enough to be
      implemented on a very small computer, yet can be extended for
      efficient operation on large timesharing machines.

   059     Meyer        Jun 70      Flow Control-Fixed Versus Demand

      Discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of the method of
      flow control as described in RFC 54.

   058     Skinner      Jun 70      Logical Message Synchronization

      A discussion on a question raised at the last network meeting
      regarding the question of logical and physical message

   057     Kraley       Jun 70      Thoughts and Reflections on RFC 54

   056     Belove       Jun 70      Third Level Protocol

      All explanations in this RFC are meant to describe functional
      characteristics rather than design.

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   055     Newkirk      Jun 70      A Prototypical Implementation of the

      A prototypical specification in a prose format of what the NCP
      could look like.

   054     Crocker      Jun 70      An Official Protocol Proffering

      Submission of the Official Protocol for comments and suggestions.

   053     Crocker      Jun 70      An Official Protocol Mechanism

      Group discussion on rules for establishing and modifying an
      official Host-Host protocol.

   052     Postel       Jul 70      Updated Distribution List

      Mailing list for distributing the RFCs.

   051     Elie         May 70      Proposal for a Network Interchange

      A proposal to specify a high level programming language for
      computer networks, specifically the ARPA network.

   050     Harslem      Apr 70      Comments on the Meyer Proposal

      General acceptance on RFC 46, plus comments on the seven issues
      raised in RFC 47.

   049     Meyer        Apr 70      Conversations with Steve Crocker

      Discussion of telephone conversations relating to the Network
      Protocol, specifically regarding Meyer's proposal in RFC 46.

   048     Postel       Apr 70      A Possible Protocol Plateau

      Reporting activities since the Network meeting of 17 March 1970.

   047     Postel       Apr 70      BBN's Comments on RFC 33

      Comments from BBN regarding RFC 33 (New HOST-HOST Protocol).

   046     Meyer        Apr 70      ARPA Network Protocol Notes

      Comments and suggestions from the NWG at Project MAC, based upon
      the protocol outlined in RFCs 33,36.

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   045     Postel       Apr 70      New Protocol is Coming

      Announcement of a new version of the Network Protocol.

   044     Shoshani     Apr 70      Comments on RFCs 33,36

      General discussion and suggestions for refinements to the
      HOST-HOST Protocol.

   043     Nemeth       Mar 70      Proposed Meeting

      An announcement of a meeting to discuss the Local Interaction
      Language system.

   042     Ancona       Mar 70      Message Data Types

      A proposal that the first eight bits of a normal message be
      reserved for a message data type.

   041     Melvin       Mar 70      IMP/IMP Teletype Communication

      Comments that transmitting IMP sites should use 24 hour time and
      include the time zone designation.

   040     Harslem      Mar 70      More Comments on the Forthcoming

      Further elaborations on the errors, queries, and Host status that
      were mentioned in RFC 39.

   039     Harslem      Mar 70      Comments on Network Protocol
                                    (RFC 36)

      More suggestions to be considered as additions to RFC 36 - Network

   038     Wolfe        Mar 70      Comments on Network Protocol
                                    (RFC 36)

      Continued discussion on the proposed Network Protocol.

   037     Crocker      Mar 70      Network Meeting Epilogues, etc.

      Network Meeting notes from 17 March 1970.

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   036     Crocker      Mar 70      Protocol Notes

      A three part overview of the Network Protocol.

   035     Crocker      Mar 70      Network Meeting

      Announcement of a network meeting: date, time, place, and proposed

   034     English      Feb 70      Some Brief Preliminary Notes on the
                                    ARC Clock

      Describes the ARC Clock system.

   033     Crocker      Feb 70      New Host-Host Protocol

      Revises RFC 11, and indicates numerous changes in the old

   032     Cole         Feb 70      Some Thoughts on SRI's Proposed Real
                                    Time Clock

      References and comments on RFCs 28,29.

   031     Bobrow       Feb 68      Binary Message Forms in Computer

      Suggest alternative approaches and methods for describing

   030     Crocker      Feb 70      Documentation Conventions

      Revises the definition of style, content, form, and distribution
      of the Network Working Group's notes.  Replaces RFCs 10,16,24,27.

   029     Kahn         Jan 70      Note in Response to Bill English's
                                    Request for Comments

      Comments in response to English's question which was raised in
      RFC 28.

   028     English      Jan 70      Time Standards

      Request for comments relative to Network time standards.

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   027     Crocker      Dec 69      Documentation Conventions

      Revises the definition of style, content, form, and distribution
      of the Network Working Group's notes.  Replaces RFCs 10,16,24.

   026     Never Issued.

   025     Crocker      Oct 69      No High Link Numbers

      Suggests that no link number over 63 be used.

   024     Crocker      Nov 69      Documentation Conventions

      Revises the definition of style, content, form, and distribution
      of the Network Working Group's notes.  Replaces RFCs 10,16.

   023     Gregg        Oct 69      Transmission of Multiple Control

      Discusses how a network program at a site should be prepared to
      send or receive more than one control message in a single control

   022     Cerf         Oct 69      Host-Host Control Message Formats

      Reports on a new control message format which does not use the
      7-bit ASCII character mode of transmission.

   021     Cerf         Oct 69      Report on Network Meeting

      Attendance list and topics discussed.

   020     Cerf         Oct 69      ASCII Format for Network Interchange

      Discusses the use of standard 7-bit ASCII embedded in an 8-bit
      byte whose high order bit is always 1.

   019     Kreznar      Oct 69      Two Protocol Suggestions to Reduce
                                    Congestion at Swap-Bound Nodes

      Suggests alternatives in reducing congestion at swap-bound nodes.

   018     Cerf         Sep 69      Comments Re: Host-Host control link

      Suggestions regarding the Host-Host control link.

Top       Page 148 
   017a    Kahn         Aug 69      Some Comments Re: HOST-IMP Protocol

      Comments in response to Kreznar's questions which were raised in
      RFC 17.

   017     Kreznar      Aug 69      Some Questions Re: HOST-IMP Protocol

      Queries and opinions regarding the HOST-IMP Protocol.

   016     Crocker      Aug 69      M.I.T.

      Announcement that MIT is now to receive all Network Working Group

   015     Carr         Sep 69      Network Subsystem for Time Sharing

      Proposes a subsystem called "Telnet", which would be a shell
      program around the network system primitives, allowing a teletype
      or similar terminal at a remote host to function as a teletype at
      the serving host.

   014     Never Issued.

   013     Cerf         Aug 69      Referring to RFC 11

      Proposes a zero text length EOF (End-Of-File) message.

   012     Wingfield    Aug 69      IMP-HOST Interface Flow Diagrams

      Flow diagrams that indicate the logical sequence of hardware
      operations which occur within the IMP-HOST interface.

   011     Deloche      Aug 69      Implementation of the Host-Host
                                    Software Procedures in GORDO

      Discussion of Host-Host Procedures and GORDO as a time-sharing
      system that was implemented on a SDS Sigma 7.

   010     Crocker      Jul 69      Documentation Conventions

      Revises the definition of style, content, form, and distribution
      of the Network Working Group's notes.  Replaces RFC 3.

   009     Deloche      May 69      Host Software

      Discusses the Host-Host Protocol, Network Service Calls, and Data

Top       Page 149 
   008     Deloche      May 69      ARPA Network Functional

      Discusses transmission features, functional software
      specifications, and the Link establishment procedure.

   007     Deloche      May 69      HOST-IMP Interface

      Discusses Host-IMP interface issues.

   006     Crocker      Apr 69      Conversation with Bob Kahn

      Conversations regarding code conversion in the IMP's, IMP-HOST
      communication, and HOST software.

   005     Rulifson     Jun 69      DEL

      Details the machine independent language DEL (Decode-Encode

   004     Shapiro      Mar 69      Network Timetable

      Discusses installation, configuration, network checkout, and test
      messages run between SRI and UCLA.

   003     Crocker      Apr 69      Documentation Conventions

      Establishes a definition of style, content, form, and distribution
      of the Network Working Group's notes (Obsoleted by RFC 10).

   002     Duvall       Apr 69      Links

      Discusses various types of Links, including Control, Primary, and
      Auxilliary Links.

   001     Crocker      Apr 69      Host Software

      Discusses the Host software and initial experiments on the ARPA