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RFC 1000


Request For Comments reference guide

Part 4 of 5, p. 100 to 129
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   467     Burchfiel    Feb 73      Proposed Change to Host-Host
                                    Protocol Resynchronization of
                                    Connection Status

      To achieve resynchronization of allocation, this RFC proposes the
      addition of two commands to the host-host protocol.

   466     Winett       Feb 73      Telnet Logger/Server for Host LL-67

      This RFC contains writeup documents on the Telnet Logger/Server
      for the CP/CMS system on the Lincoln Laboratory 360/67.

   465     Never Issued.

   464     Kudlick      Feb 73      Resource Notebook Framework

      This document presents a framework for coordinating all the
      surveys and data gathering efforts concerned with "resource
      notebook" type of information.

   463     Bhushan      Feb 73      FTP Comments and Response to RFC 430

      This RFC represents the author's response to RFC 430 and other
      similar views.

   462     Iseli        Feb 73      Responding to User Needs

      A proposal to have network documentation maintained at the source,
      that is, by each site, and available as a distributed database.

   461     McKenzie     Feb 73      Telnet Meeting Announcement

      Plans for a meeting on Telnet to be held March 1973.

   460     Kline        Feb 73      NCP Survey

      This RFC is a first in a series which will request information on
      implmentation of host-to-host protocol.

   459     Kantrowitz   Feb 73      Network Questionnaires

      Suggests that there is too much or too many different people
      trying to gather data from all the other sites.

   458     Bressler     Feb 73      Mail Retrieval via FTP

      Proposal of two new FTP commands called ReaDMailFile and ReaDMail.

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   457     Walden       Feb 73      TIPUG

      How to get updates to the TIP Users Guide.

   456     NIC          Feb 73      Memorandum

      Change in the meeting time for the Network Mail meeting discussed
      in RFC 453.

   455     McKenzie     Feb 73      Traffic Statistics

      Report on the Host traffic statistics for the month of January
      1973.  Updates RFC 443.

   454     McKenzie     Feb 73      File Transfer Protocol (Meeting
                                    Announcement and a New Proposed

      The specification of the File Transfer Protocol and the
      announcement of a meeting (March 1973) to discuss it.

   453     Kudlick      Feb 73      Meeting Announcement to Discuss a
                                    Network Mail System

      Plans for a meeting on electronic mail held February 1973.  See
      RFC 469.

   452     Winett       Feb 73      Telnet Command at Host LL

      This RFC documents the use of the Telnet command at Host LL for
      uses under the CP/CMS time-sharing system.

   451     Padlipsky    Feb 73      Tentative Proposal for a Unified
                                    User Level Protocol

      A suggestion for the idea of a network standard command language
      for interactive systems.

   450     Padlipsky    Feb 73      Multics Sampling Timeout Change

      Announcement of better service for experimental users of MIT

   449     Walden       Jan 73      The Current Flow-Control Scheme for

      Updates RFC 442.

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   448     Braden       Feb 73      Print Files in FTP

      This document reviews the problem of print files.

   447     McKenzie     Jan 73      IMP/TIP Memory Retrofit Schedule

      Updates RFC 434.

   446     Deutsch      Jan 73      Proposal to Consider a Network
                                    Program Resource Notebook

   445     McKenzie     Jan 73      IMP/TIP Preventive Maintenance

   444     Never Issued.

   443     McKenzie     Jan 73      Traffic Statistics

      Report on the Host traffic statistics for the month of December
      1972.  Updates RFC 422.

   442     Cerf         Jan 73      The Current Flow-Control Scheme for

      This RFC discusses the current flow-control scheme for IMPSYS.

   441     Bressler     Jan 73      Inter-Entity Communication - An

      A status report concerning an experiment based on the desire of
      users, at their consoles, to converse with one another, and to
      receive some debugging assistance.

   440     Walden       Jan 73      Scheduled Network Software

      Explains plans and schedule for IMP software maintenance, expands
      the normal time slot.

   439     Cerf         Jan 73      PARRY Encounters the Doctor

      A lighthearted documentation on a session that actually happened
      on September 18, 1972.

   438     Thomas       Jan 73      FTP Server-Server Interaction

      This document suggests a simple extension to FTP which would allow
      a FTP user process at one site to arrange for FTP server processes
      at other sites to act cooperatively on its behalf.

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   437     Faeh         Jun 73      Data Reconfiguration Service at UCSB

      Announcement of the availability of the Data Reconfiguration
      Service (DRS) at UCSB.

   436     Krilanovich  Jan 73      Announcement of RJS at UCSB

      Announcement of the availability of RJS at UCSB.

   435     Cosell       Jan 73      Telnet Issues

      This RFC discusses a number of Telnet related issues, with the
      central issue of discussion being echoing.

   434     McKenzie     Jan 73      IMP/TIP Memory Retrofit Schedule

      Explains plans and schedule for IMP and TIP upgrades.

   433     Postel       Dec 72      Socket Number List

      Establishment of assigned socket numbers to be used for public
      functions.  This RFC has been replaced by RFC 997 and 990.

   432     Neigus       Dec 72      Network Logical Map

      Attachment of the network logical map as of December 30, 1972.

   431     Krilanovich  Dec 72      Update on SMFS Login and Logout

      This document obsoletes RFC 399, which introduced the Login and
      Logout commands for UCSB's SMFS, but was incomplete.  RFC 399 is
      restated more fully in this RFC.

   430     Braden       Feb 73      Comments on File Transfer Protocol

      Discusses several issues in FTP.

   429     Postel       Dec 72      Character Generator Process

      A proposal that there be a standard process implemented on
      whatever hosts desire which generates character data with out any
      regard to input.

   428     Never Issued.

   427     Never Issued.

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   426     Thomas       Jan 73      Reconnection Protocol

      This document describes several situations in which the ability to
      reconnect is useful, presents a mechanism to achieve
      reconnections, sketches how the mechanism could be added to
      Host-Host or Telnet protocol, and recommends a place for the
      mechanism in the protocol hierarchy.

   425     Bressler     Dec 72      "But my NCP costs $500 a day..."

      Discussion on the cost of network software and network use.

   424     Never Issued.

   423     Noble        Dec 72      UCLA Campus Computing Network
                                    Liaison Staff for ARPA Network

      A list of ARPA network contacts at CCN.  Updates RFC 389.

   422     McKenzie     Dec 72      Traffic Statistics

      Report on the Host traffic statistics for the month of November
      1972.  Updates RFC 413.

   421     McKenzie     Nov 72      A Software Consulting Service for
                                    Network Users

      An announcement of a BBN software consulting service that has been
      established for ARPA network users.

   420     Murray       Jan 73      CCA ICCC Weather Demo

      Announcement that the weather demo for the ICCC show is now
      generally available.

   419     Vezza        Dec 72      MIT-DMS on Vacation

      The MIT Dynamic Modeling System will be down for 2-4 weeks.

   418     Hathaway     Nov 72      Server File Transfer Under TSS/360
                                    at NASA/Ames Research Center

      This RFC is a description of the initial implementation of Server
      File Transfer at NASA-Ames Research Center.

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   417     Postel       Nov 72      LINK Usage Violation

      The protocol police issue a citation.

   416     Norton       Nov 72      The ARC System will be Unavailable
                                    for Use During Thanksgiving Week

      The SRI-ARC machine will be down for 9-10 days.

   415     Murray       Nov 72      TENEX Bandwidth

      Considerations of the performances of each host.  References
      RFC 392.

   414     Bhushan      Nov 72      File Transfer Protocols (FTP) Status
                                    and Further Comments

      A status report on working server and user FTPs.

   413     McKenzie     Nov 72      Traffic Statistics

      Three sets of network traffic statistic reports.  Updates RFC 400.

   412     Hicks        Nov 72      User FTP Documentation

      A "help" file for the Utah-10 implementation of the User FTP

   411     Padlipsky    Nov 72      New Multics Network Software

      Discussion on two recently-installed features of the Multics
      Network software.

   410     McQuillan    Nov 72      Removal of the 30-Second Delay When
                                    Hosts Come Up

      A proposal to elminate the 30-second delay altogether.

   409     White        Dec 72      TENEX Interface to UCSB's
                                    Simple-Minded File System

      This document is intended to provide users with the information
      necessary to use SMFS from a terminal; the reader is assumed
      familiar with Tenex.

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   408     Owen         Oct 72      NETBANK

      A proposed idea for a protocol (or service) that is offered as an
      aid to network use for new users.

   407     Bressler     Oct 72      Remote Job Entry Protocol

      The release of the official Remote Job Entry Protocol, per the
      ARPA office.

   406     McQuillan    Oct 72      Scheduled IMP Software Releases

      Explains the plans and schedule for IMP software maintenance.

   405     McKenzie     Oct 72      Correction to RFC 404

      Typographical error notation.  Obsoletes RFC 404.

   404     McKenzie     Oct 72      Host Address Changes Involving Rand
                                    and ISI

      The new address of ISI is IMP 22.  THe new address of RAND is
      IMP 7.


   403     Hicks        Jan 73      Desirability of a Network 1108

   402     NIC          Oct 72      ARPA Network Mailing Lists

      Obsoletes RFC 363.

   401     Hansen       Oct 72      Conversion of NGP-0 Coordinates to
                                    Device Specific Coordinates

      A means is described to convert NGP coordinates to interger
      coordinates in the range zero to M, where M is the maximum address
      of the device screen on a machine using 2's complement arithmetic.

   400     McKenzie     Oct 72      Traffic Statistics

      A report on the Host traffic statistics for the month of
      September 1972.  Updates RFC 391.

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   399     Krilanovich  Sep 72      SMFS Login and Logout

   398     Pickens      Sep 72      UCSB Online Graphics

      Announcement that users with Tektronix or IMLAC terminals, or with
      systems that support the proposed Level 0 graphics protocol can
      access UCSB graphics.

   397     Never Issued.

   396     Bunch        Nov 72      Network Graphics Working Group
                                    Meeting - Second Iteration

   395     McQuillan    Oct 72      Switch Settings on IMPs and TIPs

      Discussion on a description of the switches on the front panel of
      IMPs and TIPs that are important to the correct operation of the
      network software.

   394     McQuillan    Sep 72      Two Proposed Changes to the IMP-HOST

      Updates RFC 381.  This note describes two changes to the IMP-Host
      communication protocol described in BBN Report 1822.

   393     Winett       Oct 72      Comments on Telnet Protocol Changes

      Comments and objections to two of the three recent suggestions for
      changing the Telnet protocol as described in RFC 328.

   392     Hicks        Sep 72      Measurement of Host Costs for
                                    Transmitting Network Data

      Discussion of Utah's development of a program to use the Remote
      Job Service System (RJS) at UCLA-CCN in conjunction with Utah's
      "batch" users.

   391     McKenzie     Sep 72      Traffic Statistics

      A report on the Host traffic statistics for the month of
      August 1972.  Updates RFC 378.

   390     Braden       May 72      TSO Scenario Batch Compilation and
                                    Foreground Execution

      An example session with TSO on UCLA-CCN.

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   389     Noble        Aug 72      UCLA Campus Computing Network
                                    Liaison Staff for ARPA Network

      A list for ARPA Network contacts at UCLA/CCN.

   388     Cerf         Aug 72      NCP Statistics

      Updates RFC 323.  Announcement that UCLA/NMC is prepared to gather
      NCP statistics on a daily basis.

   387     Kelley       Aug 72      Some Experiences in Implementing
                                    Network Graphics Protocol Level 0

   386     Cosell       Aug 72      Letter to TIP Users - 2

      A second point of information letter to TIP users.  Updates
      RFC 365.

   385     Bhushan      Aug 72      Comments on the File Transfer
                                    Protocol (RFC 354)

      The comments in this document include errata, further discussion,
      emphasis points, and additions to the protocol.  Updates RFC 354.

   384     North        Aug 72      Official Site IDENTS for
                                    Organizations in the ARPA Network

      Includes two lists, a list in alpha order and a list by Site
      address.  Obsoletes RFC 289.

   383     Never Issued.

   382     McDaniel     Aug 72      Mathematical Software on the ARPA

      Comments on the efforts to develop high quality libraries of
      mathematical and statistical subroutines.

   381     McQuillan    Jul 72      Three Aids to Improved Network

      Discusses helpful aids to improved network operation: schedules of
      software maintenance, IMP-to-Host communication, and  network news

   380     Never Issued.

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   379     Braden       Aug 72      Using TSO at CCN

      Announcement that IBM's Time Sharing Option (TSO) is up on a
      regularly scheduled basis at UCLA/CCN.

   378     McKenzie     Aug 72      Traffic Statistics

      Traffic statistics for the month of July 1972.

   377     Braden       Aug 72      Using TSO Via ARPA Network Virtual

      Announcement of IBM's Time Sharing Option (TSO) availability at
      UCLA/CCN on Socket 1, using the standard Telnet protocol.

   376     Westheimer   Aug 72      Network Host Status

      Report on the status of Network Hosts from July 31 to August 4.
      Updates RFC 370.

   375     Never Issued.

   374     McKenzie     Jul 72      IMP System Announcement

      Updates RFCs 331,343,359.

   373     McCarthy     Jul 72      Arbitrary Character Sets

      Suggests how to get arbitrary characters sets stored in computers
      and to be able to display them on any CRT screen, edit them using
      any keyboard, and print them on any printer.

   372     Watson       Jul 72      Notes on a Conversation with Bob
                                    Kahn on the ICCC

      Discussion on some aspects of the ICCC meeting demonstration.

   371     Kahn         Jul 72      Demonstration at International
                                    Computer Communications Conference

      Observation and notes on the ICCC meeting demonstration.

   370     Westheimer   Jul 72      Network Host Status

      Report on the status of Network Hosts from July 17 to July 28.
      Updates RFC 367.

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   369     Pickens      Jul 72      Evaluation of ARPANET Services
                                    (January through March, 1972)

      This paper provides descriptions, surveys, critiques of ARPANET
      services, and suggestions for improvement.

   368     Braden       Jul 72      Comments on "Proposed Remote Job
                                    Entry Protocol"

      Suggestions on honing the final standard of the RJE protocol
      (references RFC 360).

   367     Westheimer   Jul 72      Network Host Status

      Report on the status of Network Hosts from July 1 to July 16.
      Updates RFC 366.

   366     Westheimer   Jul 72      Network Host Status

      Report on the status of Network Hosts from June 19 to June 30.
      Updates RFC 362.

   365     Walden       Jul 72      A Letter to All TIP Users

      Descriptions of new commands that have recently been added to the
      "TIP Users Guide".

   364     Abrams       Jul 72      Serving Remote Users on the ARPANET

      This paper asserts that a problem exists in serving remote users
      and offers a set of suggestions for its amelioration.

   363     NIC          Aug 72      ARPA Network Mailing Lists

      Obsoletes RFC 329.

   362     Westheimer   Jun 72      Network Host Status

      Report on the status of Network Hosts from June 5 to June 16.
      Updates RFC 353.

   361     Bressler     Jul 72      In Response to RFCs 347 and 348

      Deamon Processes on Host 106.

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   360     Holland      Jun 72      Proposed Remote Job Entry Protocol

      This protocol specifies the Network standard procedures for remote
      job entry as a mechanism whereby a user at one location causes a
      batch-processing job to be run at some other location.

   359     Walden       Jun 72      The Status of the Release of the New
                                    IMP System (2600)

      Obsoletes RFC 343.

   358     Never Issued.

   357     Davidson     Jun 72      An Echoing Strategy for Satellite

      This document describes a strategy which will eliminate the delay
      associated with simple echoing and allow the transmission delay to
      be hidden in the cost of computation only.  This scheme is
      proposed as an optional addition to existing User Telnets; its use
      requires the explicit support of a cooperating server process.

   356     Alter        Jun 72      ARPA Network Control Center

      Announcement of the NCC's new operation schedule.

   355     Davidson     Jun 72      Response to RFC 346

   354     Bhushan      Jul 72      The File Transfer Protocol

      This RFC obsoletes RFCs 264,265.  The File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
      is a protocol for file transfer between HOSTs on the ARPANET.  The
      primary function of FTP is to transfer files efficiently and
      reliably among hosts and to allow the convenient use of remote
      file storage capabilities.

   353     Westheimer   Jun 72      Network Host Status

      Status report of most Network Hosts from May 22 to June 2.
      Updates RFC 344.

   352     Crocker      Jun 72      TIP Site Information Form (Graphics)

      An information form to provide additional information for TIP
      users of the NET.

Top       Page 112 
   351     Crocker      Jun 72      (Graphics) Information Form for the
                                    ARPANET Graphics Resources Notebook

      A questionnaire about the state of graphics resources at various

   350     Stoughton    May 72      User Accounts for UCSB On-Line

      Announcement of new login parameters for the UCSB On-Line System.

   349     Postel       May 72      Proposed Standard Socket Numbers

      A proposal to officially standardize socket number assignments.

   348     Postel       May 72      Discard Process

      A RFC discussing debugging and measurement puposes for those hosts
      which are willing to implement a "Discard" process.  Old version;
      see RFC 863.

   347     Postel       May 72      Echo Process

      A RFC discussing debugging and measurement puposes for those hosts
      which are willing to implement an "Echo" process.  Old version;
      see RFC 862.

   346     Postel       May 72      Satellite Considerations

      Discussion on using space satellite transmission links in the

   345     Kelly        May 72      Interest in Mixed Integer
                                    Programming (MPSX on 360/91 at CCN)

      Request for interested persons in the MPSX to contact author.

   344     Westheimer   May 72      Network Host Status

      Updates RFC 342.

   343     McKenzie     May 72      IMP System Change Notification

      Obsoletes RFC 331.  Release of IMPSYS 2600 was unsuccessful.

Top       Page 113 
   342     Westheimer   May 72      Network Host Status

      Updates RFC 332.

   341     Never Issued.

   340     O'Sullivan   May 72      Proposed Telnet Changes

      A proposed change to the Telnet protocol calling for one standard
      protocol and dropping the idea of minimum implementation.

   339     Thomas       May 72      MLTNET - A "Multi-Telnet" Subsystem
                                    for TENEX

      This RFC describes MLTNET as a Telnet-like facility for Tenex
      which enables a user to control a number of jobs, running on
      different ARPANET hosts.  MLTNET is currently a subsystem on the
      BBN-Tenex host.

   338     Braden       May 72      EBCDIC/ASCII Mapping for Network RJE

      This RFC proposes: to make all users of NETRJS aware of the
      changed ASCII mapping; to call this problem to the attention of
      the Network RJE Protocol committee; and to knowledge and support
      Joel Winett's pioneering work in this area.

   337     Never Issued.

   336     Cotton       May 72      Level 0 Graphic Input Protocol

      A description of the graphics input protocol as discussed at a
      Network Graphics Working Group meeting.

   335     Bryan        May 72      New Interface-IMP/360

      Announcement of a new interface and requests to hear of any
      difficulties network users encounter while operating with UCSB.

   334     McKenzie     May 72      Network Use on May 8

   333     Bressler     May 72      A Proposed Experiment with a Message
                                    Switching Protocol

      This document attempts to sketch how one would organize the lowest
      level host-host protocol in the ARPANET around Message Switching
      Protocols (MSPs) and how this organization would affect the
      implementation of the host software.

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   332     Westheimer   Apr 72      Network Host Status

      Updates RFC 330.

   331     McQuillan    Apr 72      IMP System Change Notification

      Announcement of the release of IMPSYS 2600.

   330     Westheimer   Apr 72      Network Host Status

      Updates RFC 326.

   329     NIC          May 72      ARPA Network Mailing Lists

   328     Postel       Apr 72      Suggested Telnet Protocol Changes

      This RFC proposes changes to the Telnet protocol.

   327     Bhushan      Apr 72      Data and File Transfer Workshop

   326     Westheimer   Apr 72      Network Host Status

      Updates RFC 319.

   325     Hicks        Apr 72      Network Remote Job Entry Program -

      Report on the NETRJS running at the University of Utah.

   324     Postel       Apr 72      RJE Protocol Meeting

      Announcement of a RJE Protocol meeting at UCLA.

   323     Cerf         Mar 72      Formation of Network Measurement
                                    Group (NMG)

      Describes some network measurement results, some plans for further
      measurement and the formation of an interest group.

   322     Cerf         Mar 72      Well Known Socket Numbers

      Announcement of intent to catalog all sockets which are supposed
      to be well-known.

Top       Page 115 
   321     Karp         Mar 72      CBI Networking Activity at MITRE

      Response to RFC 313 - comments on Computer Based Instruction.

   320     Reddy        Mar 72      Workshop on Hard Copy Line Graphics

      Announcement of a one day workshop on the XCRIBL system at CMU.

   319     Westheimer   Mar 72      Network Host Status

      Updates RFC 315.

   318     Postel       Apr 72      Ad Hoc Telnet Protocol

      Obsoletes RFC 158.  This Telnet specification was effective for
      several years.

   317     Postel       Mar 72      Official Host-Host Protocol
                                    Modification: Assigned Link Numbers

      Lists current Link number assignments.  This RFC has been replaced
      by RFCs 997 and 990.

   316     McKay        Feb 72      ARPA Network Data Management Working
                                    Group Meeting Report

   315     Westheimer   Mar 72      Network Host Status

      Updates RFC 306.

   314     Cotton       Mar 72      Next Network Graphics Working Group

      Describes plans for a graphics meeting to be held in April 1972.

   313     O'Sullivan   Mar 72      Computer Based Instruction

      This paper has two purposes: to solicit comments from the NWG and
      others on how selected classes of resources of a General Purpose
      Network might be applied to the field of Computer Based
      Instructions; and initiate a dialog between interested parties on
      the problem of Computer Base Instruction.

   312     McKenzie     Mar 72      Proposed Change in IMP-to-Host

      This RFC proposes a redefinition of the IMP-to-Host error message
      types and the creation of additional IMP-to-Host error message
      types.  These changes should assist the Hosts in determining

Top       Page 116 
      appropriate recovery action without causing any serious
      reprogramming problems.

   311     Bryan        Feb 72      New Console Attachments to the UCSB

      Describes types of terminals used at UCSB.

   310     Bhushan      Apr 72      Another Look at Data and File
                                    Transfer Protocols

      This paper suggests some specific changes in DTP and FTP that
      should make them more useful and/or simplify implementation.

   309     Bhushan      Mar 72      Data and File Tranfer Workshop

      Describes plans for a meeting on FTP to be held April 1972.

   308     Seriff       Mar 72      ARPANET Host Availability Data

      A SURVEY program is up and working to aid in gathering information
      on the availability of various Hosts on the ARPANET.

   307     Harslem      Feb 72      Using Network Remote Job Entry

      Announcement of a program on a PDP-10 allowing access to the
      Remote Job Service (RJS) at UCLA.

   306     Westheimer   Feb 72      Network Host Status

      Updates RFC 298.

   305     Alter        Jan 72      Unknown Host Numbers

      Discusses testing of IMPs and notes that this may cause some hosts
      to receive messages from unregistered addresses.

   304     McKay        Feb 72      A Data Management System Proposal
                                    for the ARPA Network

      A proposal to provide a framework that will allow the ARPA
      community to recognize and develop the necessary tools in a
      unified manner enabling the network to manage its resources to the
      best advantage of the user.

Top       Page 117 
   303     NIC          Feb 72      ARPA Network Mailing List

      Obsoletes RFC 300.

   302     Bryan        Feb 72      Excercising the ARPANET

      Describes a class project to tryout hosts on the ARPANET.

   301     Alter        Feb 72      BBN IMP (No. 5) and NCC Schedule for
                                    March 4, 1972

      BBN host will be down for a day for moving equipment.

   300     NIC          Jan 72      ARPA Network Mailing Lists

      Obsoletes RFC 211.

   299     Hopkin       Feb 72      Information Management System

      Announcement of intent to build an Information Management and
      Statistical System for the ILLIAC IV.

   298     Westheimer   Feb 72      Network Host Status

      Updates RFC 293.

   297     Walden       Jan 72      TIP Message Buffers

      Discussion regarding the size of the TIP's message buffers.

   296     Liddle       Jan 72      DS-1 Display System

      This RFC describes a proposed modular graphic/alphanumeric display
      system containing a 512 by 512 line, 60 line per inch plasma
      display/memory panel and a minprocessor.  It is intended to
      combine the advantages of display memory and local processing
      power in three general modes.

   295     Postel       Oct 71      Report of the Protocol Workshop

      A report on the decisions reached at the protocol workshop held in
      conjunction with the NWG meeting of 10 October 1971.

   294     Bhushan      Jan 72      The Use of "Set Data Type"
                                    Transaction in File Transfer

      Updates RFC 265.

Top       Page 118 
   293     Westheimer   Jan 72      Network Host Status

      Updates RFC 288.

   292     Michener     Jan 72      Graphics Protocol - Level 0 only

      A description of part of the proposed Network Standard Graphics
      Protocol for transmitting graphics data within the ARPA network.
      The particular aspects covered are related to the form and content
      of graphics information sent from a source of graphical
      information to a display package for output to a graphics console.

   291     McKay        Jan 72      Data Management Meeting Announcement

      A meeting about datamanagement will be held February 1972.

   290     Mullery      Jan 72      Computer Network and Data Sharing: A

      Updates RFC 243.

   289     Watson       Dec 71      What We Hope is an Official List of
                                    Host Names

      An accepted list of official formal host names and nicknames.

   288     Westheimer   Jan 72      Network Host Status

      Updates RFC 287.

   287     Westheimer   Dec 71      Network Host Status

      Reports on tests of host availability for 6 Dec to 18 Dec 1971.

   286     Forman       Dec 71      Network Library Information System

      This RFC solicites interested parties in the ARPA community to
      form a working group whose interests include developing a new
      system that would enable computer query of Library holdings.
      Georgetown University is currently designing a Learning Resource
      Center which could be the prototype of the proposed working group.

   285     Huff         Dec 71      Network Graphics

      This paper is aimed at bringing together the present state of
      graphics on the NET for the newcomer and attempting to add a
      little more documentation to the current ground covered in
      graphics research by ARPA.

Top       Page 119 
   284     Never Issued.

   283     Braden       Dec 71      NETRJT - Remote Job Service Protocol
                                    for TIPS

      Discusses how it may be feasible in the future to use TIPS for
      remote job entry in one or more of three ways: attach local card
      readers, line printer, and card punches directly to TIP ports,
      connect a remote batch terminal to a full-duplex TIP port via a
      communication line, and/or use the tape drive, and do card-to-tape
      and/or tape-to-print on another computer.

   282     Padlipsky    Dec 71      Graphics Meeting Report

      Describes a graphics meeting held November 1972.

   281     McKenzie     Dec 71      A Suggested Addition to File
                                    Transfer Protocol

      Suggests an improved restart procedure in FTP.

   280     Watson       Nov 71      A Draft Set of Host Names

      A proposed list of names for hosts.

   279     Never Issued.

   278     Bhushan      Nov 71      Revision of the Mail Box Protocol

      This paper obsoletes RFC 221.  The changes to RFC 221 are
      presented in this document.  The protocol is also restated for
      additional review.

   277     Never Issued.

   276     Watson       Nov 71      NIC Course

      A course announcement from the NIC on the use of its Online System

   275     Never Issued.

   274     Forman       Nov 71      Establishing a Local Guide for
                                    Network Usage

      Discussion on the best solutions to the general problem of
      interfacing Hosts to IMPs.

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   273     Watson       Oct 71      More on Standard Host Names

      Discussion on the best way to set up naming schemes for standard
      Host names.

   272     Never Issued.

   271     Cosell       Jan 72      IMP System Change Notification

      Announcement of a new version of the IMP System, Version 2514.

   270     McKenzie     Jan 72      Correction to BBN Report No. 1822

      Updates pages 25 and 26 of BBN report 1822.

   269     Brodie       Dec 71      Some Experience with File Transfer

      Updates RFCs 122,238,172.

   268     Postel       Nov 71      Graphic Facilities Information

      Request for graphics information.

   267     Westheimer   Nov 71      Network Host Status

      Reports on tests of host availability for 8 Nov to 19 Nov 1971.

   266     Westheimer   Nov 71      Network Host Status

      Reports on tests of host availability for 25 Oct to 5 Nov 1971.

   265     Bhushan      Nov 71      The File Transfer Protocol

      This paper is a revision of RFC 172.  The changes to RFC 172 are
      presented in this document.  The protocol is also restated for
      additional review.

   264     Bhushan      Nov 71      The Data Transfer Protocol

      This paper is a revision of RFC 171.  The changes to RFC 171 are
      presented in this document.  The protocol is also restated for
      additional review.

   263     McKenzie     Dec 71      "Very Distant" Host Interface

      Discussion on the best solutions to the general problem of
      interfacing Hosts to IMPs.

   262     Never Issued.

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   261     Never Issued.

   260     Never Issued.

   259     Never Issued.

   258     Never Issued.

   257     Never Issued.

   256     Cosell       Nov 71      IMPSYS Change Notification

      Announcement of a new version of the IMP system, Version 2513.

   255     Westheimer   Oct 71      Site Status

      Updates RFC 252.

   254     Bhushan      Oct 71      Scenarios for Using ARPANET

      This document is provided to facilitate the use of ARPANET host
      computer systems via the ARPANET.  The objective of these
      scenarios is to aid a user in sampling host computers on the
      ARPANET, thereby stimulating his interest in using the ARPANET.

   253     Moorer       Oct 71      Second Network Graphics Meeting

      Plans for a graphics meeting to be held November 1971.  See RFC

   252     Westheimer   Oct 71      Site Status

      Updates RFC 240.

   251     Stern        Oct 71      Weather Data

      Announcement of the USAF Environmental Technical Application
      Center (ETAC) services in providing weather data for the ARPA

   250     Brodie       Oct 71      Some Thoughts on File Transfer

      Further clarification and proposed revision on several aspects of
      the proposed Data Transfer Protocol and the File Transfer

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   249     Borelli      Oct 71      Coordination of Equipment and
                                    Supplies Purchase

      Announcement of an agreement reached regarding the study of the
      feasibility of a coordinating point for purchases of equipment and
      supplies to be used on the network.

   248     Never Issued.

   247     Karp         Oct 71      Proffered Set of Standard Host Names

      Proposed general set of rules for forming Host Names.  Obsoletes
      RFC 226.

   246     Vezza        Oct 71      Networks Graphics Meeting

   245     Falls        Oct 71      Reservations for Network Group

   244     Never Issued.

   243     Mullery      Oct 71      Network and Data Sharing

      Updated by RFC 290.

   242     Haibt        Jul 71      Data Descriptive Language for Shared

      Discussion of representation differences.  Three categories are
      defined: very local representation, representation of collections
      of data, and other more complex structures that data collections
      may have.

   241     McKenzie     Sep 71      Connecting Computers to MLC Ports

      Discussion on the pros and cons of computers being connected
      through serial communication lines to ports on the Terminal IMP's
      Multi-Line Controller (MLC).

   240     McKenzie     Sep 71      Site Status

      A reissue of RFC 235, without typographical errors.

   239     Braden       Sep 71      Host Mnemonics Proposed in RFC 226

      Discussion and comments on RFC 226.

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   238     Braden       Sep 71      Comments on DTP and FTP Protocols

      This RFC updates RFCs 171,172.

   237     Watson       Sep 71      The NIC's View of Standard Host

      The NIC strongly favors standardization of host names.  In this
      RFC, the NIC proposes that any standard naming scheme should take
      into account certain considerations.

   236     Postel       Sep 71      Standard Host Names

      An update of RFC 229, with some modifications included.

   235     Westheimer   Sep 71      Site Status

      Starting with this RFC, BBN will report on the status of most
      Network Hosts.

   234     Vezza        Oct 71      Network Working Group Meeting

      Plans for a Network Working Group meeting in October 1971.

   233     Bhushan      Sep 71      Standardization of Host Call Letters

      A currently recommended list of call letters.

   232     Vezza        Sep 71      Announcement of the next Network
                                    Graphics Meeting

      Schedule conflict and postponement of the graphics meeting.

   231     Heafner      Sep 71      Service Center Standards for Remote
                                    Usage - A User's View

      A statement of views on service center standards.  An input to the
      service center panel discussion of the October Network meeting.

   230     Pyke         Sep 71      Toward Reliable Operation of
                                    Minicomputer-based Terminals on a

      Points out inadequate error detection and initiation of corrective
      measures in the present protocol for communication between a TIP
      and attached terminals.  References RFC 203.

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   229     Postel       Sep 71      Standard Host Names

      A suggestion of eight character names and a proposed list of

   228     Walden       Sep 71      Clarification

      A correction to RFC 70.

   227     Heafner      Sep 71      Data Transfer Rates (RAND/UCLA)

      A memo on data rates typical of the RJS use at UCLA CCN.

   226     Karp         Sep 71      Standardization of Host Mnemonics

      A list of Host Mnemonics is provided.

   225     Harslem      Sep 71      RAND/UCSB Network Graphics

      Describes use from RAND of the UCSB-OLS system.

   224     McKenzie     Sep 71      Comments on Mailbox Protocol

      Comments on electronic mail and TIP's.

   223     Melvin       Sep 71      Network Information Center Schedule
                                    for Network Users

      Access schedule for remote users of the NIC.

   222     Metcalfe     Sep 71      System Programmer's Workshop

      Announcement of the next workshop.

   221     Watson       Aug 71      A Mail Box Protocol, Version-2

      Discussion of the initial reaction to RFC 196.

   220     Never Issued

   219     Winter       Sep 71      User's View of the Datacomputer

      A description of the Datacomputer.

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   218     Cosell       Sep 71      Changing the IMP Status Reporting

      A change in internal procedures in the ARPANET status reports from
      the IMPs to the NIC.

   217     White        Sep 71      Specification Changes for OLS,
                                    RJE/RJOR, and SMFS

      Current listing of documents that have been revised.

   216     White        Sep 71      Telnet Access to UCSB's On-Line

      Discussion of the implementation of a teletype-compatible
      interface to UCSB's On-Line System.

   215     McKenzie     Aug 71      NCP, ICP, and Telnet: The Terminal
                                    IMP Implementation

      Announcement of six Terminal IMPs being incorporated into the
      Network, with additional Terminal IMPS scheduled for delivery.

   214     Harslem      Aug 71      Network Checkout

      Notification of the verification of certain sites.

   213     Cosell       Aug 71      IMP System Change Notification

      Several changes in the IMP internal procedures.

   212     Vezza        Aug 71      NWG Meeting on Network Usage

      A mailing list for RFC distribution.

   211     NIC          Aug 71      ARPA Network Mailing List

   210     Conrad       Aug 71      Improvement of Flow Control

      Discussion of the current "give back" - "return" scheme.

   209     Cosell       Aug 71      Host/IMP Interface Documentation

      Discussion of a change to the IMP and the documentation
      (BBN report 1822).

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   208     McKenzie     Aug 71      Address Tables

      A table of hosts on or soon to be on the ARPANET.

   207     Vezza        Aug 71      A September Network Working Group

      Next meeting announcement.

   206     White        Aug 71      A User Telnet Description of an
                                    Initial Implementation

      This document describes a program whose function is to make an
      Online System terminal appear to any teletype-compatible,
      time-sharing system in the Network as if it were directly
      connected to that system.

   205     Braden       Aug 71      NETCRT - A Character Display

      A significant revision of the character-display protocol (NETCRT),
      based on CCN's proposed NETCRT from the May NWG Meeting.

   204     Postel       Aug 71      Sockets in use

      Announcement to collect information on the use of socket numbers
      for standard service programs.

   203     Kalin        Aug 71      Achieving Reliable Communication

      This is a non-standard protocol, suitable for either second or
      third level use and is proposed with the intent of providing error
      resistant and highly reliable communication channels.

   202     Wolfe        Jul 71      Possible Deadlock in ICP

      A notation of a possible deadlock that will occur if both sides
      open thier send or both sides open their receive sockets first.

   201     Never Issued.

   200     NIC          Aug 71      RFC List by Number

      RFC's 1-200.

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   199     Williams     Jul 71      Suggestions for a Network
                                    Data-Tablet Graphics Protocol

      SDC's comments to the discussion of a protocol for network
      graphics within the ARPA Network community.  Concern is focused on
      the development of the graphics protocol in two areas:
      non-interactive graphics and data-tablet graphics, as opposed to
      fully interactive graphics.

   198     Heafner      Jul 71      Site Certification - Lincoln Labs

      A report from RAND that Lincoln Labs protocol implementations are

   197     Shoshani     Jul 71      Initial Connection Protocol -

      An attempt at a simple version of ICP, assuming one may add
      commands to Host-Host protocol.

   196     Watson       Jul 71      A Mail Box Protocol

      The purpose of this protocol is to provide at each site a standard
      mechanism to receive sequential files for immediate or deferred
      printing or other uses.

   195     Mealy        Jul 71      Data Computers - Data Descriptions
                                    and Access Language

      This document discusses some of the problems involved in the
      unified approach to Network data management, and to suggest
      possible avenues of approach toward their resolution.

   194     Cerf         Jul 71      The Data Reconfiguration Service -
                                    Compiler/Interpreter Implementation

      This document describes the new features of the language, the new
      syntax, the form interpreter, and the instruction set.

   193     Harslem      Jul 71      Network Checkout

      A report form RAND on testing ten other hosts.

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   192     Watson       Jul 71      Some Factors Which a Network
                                    Graphics Protocol Must Consider

      Discussion on what any network graphics protocol should come to
      grips with.

   191     Irby         Jul 71      Graphics Implementation and
                                    Conceptualization at ARC

      A brief description of the way in which graphics terminals are
      conceptualized and used at the Augmentation Research Center.

   190     Deutsch      Jul 71      DEC PDP-10 - IMLAC Communication

      This document describes an operational system for communicating
      textual display information between a main-site computer and a
      remote display processor.

   189     Braden       Jul 71      Interim NETRJS Specifications

      A description of the operation and protocol of the remote job
      entry service to CCN's 360 Model 91.  This interim protocol will
      be implemented as a production service before the end of July.

   188     Karp         Jan 71      Data Management Meeting Announcement

      Plans for a data management meeting to be held Auguest 1971.

   187     McKay        Jul 71      A Network/440 Protocol Concept

      An information Request for Comments that is intended to convey
      some of the thinking and philosophy that went into IBM's network
      protocol and overall network design.

   186     Michener     Jul 71      A Network Graphics Loader

      The Network Graphics Loader described in this document proposes to
      permit remote users on the ARPA network to obtain graphics output
      from programs they write for the Evans and Sutherland Line Drawing

   185     North        Jul 71      NIC Distribution of Manuals and

      The NIC request that sites send copies of manuals and handbooks to

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   184     Kelley       Jul 71      Proposed Graphic Display Modes

      The ARPA Network node at the University of Illinois' Center for
      Advanced Computation is different from other nodes.  It is not
      just a simple attachment to the net.  Establishment of the
      computer system specifically for use of the ILLIAC IV and the
      network is in process.  This paper describes the operating
      systems, network interface and utility routines, and ILLIAC IV
      routines to be used over the network.

   183     Winett       Jul 71      The EBCDIC Codes and Their Mapping
                                    to ASCII

      This document defines and describes the IBM Standard Extended BCD
      Interchange Code.  This is done in order to uniquely map the ASCII
      codes into corresponding EBCDIC codes in a consistent manner
      throughout the ARPA Network.

   182     North        Jun 71      Compilation of List of Relevant Site

      A Network Information Center compilation list of all site-produced
      reports which are of interest to Network participants.

   181     McConnell    Jun 71      Modifications to RFC 177

      This document is intended to modify the proposal for a device
      independent graphical display description discussed in RFC 177.
      The main changes are in the definition of coordinate areas to
      avoid one problem encountered with the old definition and to
      provide more flexibility.

   180     McKenzie     Jun 71      File System Questionnaire

      An attempt to gather information about local file and data

   179     McKenzie     Jun 71      Link Number Assignments

      This RFC has been replaced by RFCs 997 and 990.

   178     Cotton       Jun 71      Network Graphic Attention Handling

      The process of attention handling is briefly described, various
      graphic configurations are discussed, input devices are surveyed
      to identify the types of data which they produce, and an attention
      protocol is proposed.

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