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RFC 1000


Request For Comments reference guide

Part 3 of 5, p. 70 to 99
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   762     Postel       Jan 80      Assigned Numbers

      This RFC has been replaced by RFCs 997 and 990.

   761     Postel       Jan 80      DOD Standard Transmission Protocol

      An old version; see RFC 793.

   760     Postel       Jan 80      DOD Standard Internet Protocol

      An old version; see RFC 791.

   759     Postel       Aug 80      Internet Message Protocol

      The definition of the protocol and format for the exchange of
      multimedia mail.  Replaces RFC 753.

   758     Postel       Aug 79      Assigned Numbers

      This RFC has been replaced by RFCs 997 and 990.

   757     Deutsch      Sep 79      A Suggested Solution to the Naming,
                                    Addressing, and Delivery Problem for
                                    ARPANET Message Systems

      Discusses several proposals for handing the name to address to
      route processing for computer mail.  Favors a solution based on
      unique-ids and a data base, see also RFCs 759, 821 and 822.

   756     Pickens      Jul 79      The NIC Name server--A
                                    Datagram-Based Information Utility

      Describes a Host Name to Address look up service.

   755     Postel       May 79      Assigned Numbers

      This RFC has been replaced by RFCs 997 and 990.

   754     Postel       Apr 79      Out-of-Net Host Addresses for Mail

      A discussion of options for addressing computer mail beyond the

   753     Postel       Mar 79      Internet Message Protocol

      An old version; see RFC 759.

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   752     Crispin      Jan 79      A Universal Host Table

      Describes the host table used at MIT and Stanford.  This has
      several extensions and generalizations from the NIC standard and
      the table used by most Tenex and TOPS20 hosts.

   751     Lebling      Dec 78      Survey of FTP Mail and MLFL

      A survey of hosts' responses to probes of their FTP servers to see
      if servers (a) accept mail for unknown users and (b) support the
      MAIL and MLFL commands.

   750     Postel       Sep 78      Assigned Numbers

      This RFC has been replaced by RFCs 997 and  990.

   749     Greenberg    Sep 78      Telnet SUPDUP-OUTPUT Option

      Updates RFC 736; see also RFCs 734, 746, and 747.

   748     Crispin      Apr 78      Telnet Randomly-Lose Option

      Defines this Telnet option (note the date of this memo).

   747     Crispin      Mar 78      Recent Extensions to the SUPDUP

      An update to the SUPDUP protocol (RFC 734); see also RFCs 749, 746
      and 736.

   746     Stallman     Mar 78      The SUPDUP Graphics Extension

      An extension of SUPDUP for Graphics; see also RFCs 734, 736, 747
      and 749.

   745     Beeler       Mar 78      JANUS Interface Specifications

      The specification of a symmetrical 1822 style interface.

   744     Sattley      Jan 78      MARS - A Message Archiving and
                                    Retrieval Service

      The description of a database service for computer mail messages,
      which operates via computer mail.

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   543     Harrenstien  Dec 77      FTP Extension:  XRSQ/XRCP

      An extension to FTP mail to allow more efficient transmission of
      computer mail.  Now incorporated into SMTP; see RFC788.

   742     Harrenstien  Dec 77      NAME/FINGER Protocol

      Defines the Name or Finger Protocol which allows one to get "who
      is on" or "where is user x" information from another host.

   741     Cohen        Nov 77      Specifications for the Network Voice
                                    Protocol NVP

      Defines the protocol used in the ARPANET packet speech
      experiments.  Replaced by NVP-II and ST for Internet packet speech
      experiments.  ST is documented in ISN 119; NVP-II is documented in
      an ISI Internal memo.

   740     Braden       Nov 77      NETRJS Protocol

      Defines the protocol used for Remote Job Entry on the UCLA CCN IBM
      system; replaces RFCs 599 and 189.

   739     Postel       Nov 77      Assigned Numbers

      This RFC has been replaced by RFCs 997 and 990.

   738     Harrenstien  Oct 77      Time Server

      Defines the Time Server Protocol; see IEN 142 for the TCP and VDP

   737     Harrenstien  Oct 77      FTP Extension: XSEN

      An extension to the Mail procedures.  This function is
      incorporated in the SMTP; see also RFC 821.

   736     Crispin      Oct 77      Telnet SUPDUP Option

      Defines the procedure for negotiating to use the SUPDUP, protocol
      as a Telnet option; see also RFCs 734, 746, 747 and 749.

   735     Crocker      Nov 77      Revised Telnet Byte Macro Option

      Defines a Telnet option for assigning codes to stand for strings
      in Telnet connections.  Replaces RFC 729.  Obsoletes NIC 40306.

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   734     Crispin      Oct 77      SUPDUP Protocol

      Description of a terminal control protocol used at Stanford and
      MIT; see also RFCs 736, 746-749.

   733     Crocker      Nov 77      Standard for the Format of ARPA
                                    Network Text Messages

      Specification of the format for the headers of computer mail.  An
      old version; see RFC 822.

   732     Day          Sep 77      Telnet Data Entry Terminal Option

      The specification of a Telnet Option for the control of a data
      entry display terminal.  Replaces RFC 731.

   731     Day          Jun 77      Telnet Data Entry Terminal Option

      An old version; see RFC 732.

   730     Postel       May 77      Extensible Field Addressing

      Discusses some ideas on addressing that come up in the context of
      changing from 8-bit to 24-bit network addresses.

   729     Crocker      May 77      Telnet Byte Macro Option

      An old version; see RFC 735.

   728     Day          Apr 77      A Minor Pitfall in the Telnet

      This RFC warns of the possibility of an unexpected occurence in
      Telnet resulting from the interaction between option
      subnegotiations and the Telnet SYNCH operation.

   727     Crispin      Apr 77      Telnet Logout Option

      Defines a Telnet option for causing a logout.

   726     Postel       Mar 77      Remote Controlled Transmission and
                                    Echoing Telnet Option

      Defines a Telnet option for controlling the transmission and
      echoing of data to smooth the response to use in high transmission
      delay environments; see also RFCs 719 and 718.

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   725     Day          Mar 77      An RJE Protocol for a Resource
                                    Sharing Network

      Describes a possible Remote Job Entry protocol.

   724     Crocker      May 77      Proposed Official Standard for the
                                    Format of ARPA Network Messages

      An old version; see RFC 822.

   723     Never Issued.

   722     Haverty      Sep 76      Thoughts on Interactions in
                                    Distributed Services

      A discussion on the design of interactive distributed services and
      the kinds of primitive operations that are needed.

   721     Garlick      Sep 76      Out of Band Control Signals in a
                                    Host to Host Protocol

      A discussion of the control signals in transport protocols (e.g.,
      NCP's Interrupt or TCP's Urgent).

   720     Crocker      Aug 76      Address Specification Syntax for
                                    Network Mail

      A discussion of computer mail addresses, with comments on real
      names vs. mailboxes, and mailing lists; see also RFC 819.

   719     Postel       Jul 76      Discussion on RCTE

      A short discussion of RCTE implementation issues; see also RFCs
      726  and 718.

   718     Postel       Jun 76      Comments on RCTE from the Tenex
                                    Implementation Experience

      A short note on the Tenex implementation of RCTE; see also RFCs
      726 and 719.

   717     Postel       Jul 76      Assigned Network Numbers

      This RFC has been replaced by RFC 997 and 990.

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   716     Levin        May 76      Interim Revision to Appendix F of
                                    BBN 1822

      A short note updating the specification of the Very Distant Host
      1822 interface.

   715     Never Issued.

   714     McKenzie     Apr 76      A Host/Host Protocol for an
                                    ARPANET-type Network

      A specification of a NCP-like protocol for an ARPA-like network.
      Interesting to compare to the NCP specification to see what the
      author would do differently.

   713     Haverty      Apr 76      MSDTP -- Message Services Data
                                    Transmission Protocol

      The specification of a set of Data Primitives for building
      interactive services.

   712     Donnelley    Feb 76      A Distributed Capability Computing
                                    System DCCS

      A description of a Distributed Capability based computing system.

   711     Never Issued.

   710     Never Issued.

   709     Never Issued.

   708     White        Jan 76      Elements of a Distributed
                                    Programming System

      A description of a distributed programming system; see also RFC

   707     White        Dec 75      A High-Level Framework for
                                    Network-Based Resource Sharing

      A description of a programming environment for network-based
      programs; see also RFC 708.

   706     Postel       Nov 75      On the Junk Mail Problem

      A short note pointing out that the ARPANET maybe subject to a
      "denial of service" attack by a misbehaving host.

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   705     Bryan        Nov 75      Front-End Protocol

      This RFC describes a protocol used between a PDP-11 (the ARPANET
      front end) and a B6700 to support network communication.

   704     Santos       Sep 75      IMP/Host and Host/IMP Protocol

      Describes the changes to the 1822 interface to eliminate the
      restriction of 63 IMPs.

   703     Dodds        Jul 75      Survey of New-Protocol Telnet

      A poll of Telnet servers to check implementation status and Telnet
      options.  Updates RFCs 702, 701, 679 and 669.

   702     Dodds        Sep 74      Survey of New-Protocol Telnet

      An earlier poll of Telnet server implementation status; see also
      RFC's703, 701, 679, and 669.

   701     Dodds        Aug 74      Survey of New-Protocol Telnet

      An earlier poll of Telnet server implementation status; see also
      RFCs 703, 702, 679 and 669.

   700     Mader        Aug 74      A Protocol Experiment

      Describes a protocol based loosely on a very early version of TCP,
      used to send data to a printer server.

   699     Postel       Nov 82      Requests for Comments Summary
                                    Notes:  600-699

      A summary of the Request for Comments documents from RFC 600-699.

   698     Tovar        Jul 75      Telnet Extended ASCII Option

      Describes an option to allow transmission of a special kind of
      extended ASCII used at the Stanford AI and MIT AI Labs.

   697     Lieb         Jul 75      CWD Command of FTP

      Discusses FTP login access to "files only" directories.

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   696     Cerf         Jul 75      Comments on the IMP/HOST and
                                    HOST/IMP Protocol Changes

      Observations on current international standards recommendations
      from IFIP working group 6.1; see also RFCs 692, 690 687.

   695     Krilanovich  Jul 75      Official Change in  Host-Host

      Corrects an ambiguity concerning the ERR command; changes NIC 8246
      and NIC 7104.

   694     Postel       Jun 75      Protocol Information

      This RFC has been replaced by RFC 991.

   693     Never Issued.

   692     Wolfe        Jun 75      Comments on IMP/Host Protocol

      A proposed solution to the problem of combined length of IMP and
      Host leaders; see also RFCs 696, 690 and 687.

   691     Harvey       May 75      One More Try on the FTP

      A slight revision of RFC 686, regarding the subject of print
      files; see also RFCs 640, 630, 542, 454, 448, 414, 385 and 354.

   690     Postel       Jun 75      Comments on the Proposed Host/IMP
                                    Protocol Changes

      Comments on suggestions in RFC 687; see also RFCs 692 and 696.

   689     Clements     May 75      Tenex NCP Finite State Machine for

      Describes the internal states of an NCP connection in the Tenex

   688     Walden       Jun 75      Tentative Schedule for the New
                                    Telnet Implementation for the TIP

   687     Walden       Jun 75      IMP/Host and Host/IMP Protocol

      This RFC discusses addressing hosts on more than 63 IMPs, and
      other backwards compatible expansions; see also RFCs 690 and 692.

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   686     Harvey       May 75      Leaving Well Enough Alone

      Discusses the difference between early and later versions of FTP;
      see also RFCs 691, 640, 630, 542, 454, 448, 414, 385 and 354.

   685     Beeler       Apr 75      Response Time in Cross-network

      This memo discusses the contribution of ARPANET communication to
      response time.

   684     Schantz      Apr 75      A Commentary on Procedure Calling as
                                    a Network Protocol

      Describes issues in designing distributed computing systems.
      Shortcomings of RFC 674; see also RFCs 542 and 354.

   683     Clements     Apr 75      FTPSRV -- Tenex Extension for Paged

      Defines an extension to FTP for page-mode transfers between Tenex
      systems; also discusses file transfer reliability.

   682     Never Issued.

   681     Holmgren     May 75      Network Unix

      Capabilities as an ARPANET Mini-Host:  standard I/O, Telnet, NCP,
      Hardware/Software requirements, reliability, availability.

   680     Myer         Apr 75      Message Transmission Protocol

      Extends message field definition beyond RFC 561 attempts to
      establish syntactic and semantic standards for ARPANET; see also
      RFCs 733 and 822.

   679     Dodds        Feb 75      February, 1975, Survey of
                                    New-Protocol Telnet Servers

      An earlier poll of Telnet server implementation status.  Updates
      RFCs 701, 702 and 669; see also RFC 703.

   678     Postel       Dec 74      Standard File Formats

      For transmission of documents across different environments.

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   677     Johnson      Jan 75      The Maintenance of Duplicate

   676     Never Issued.

   675     Cerf         Dec 74      Specification of Internet
                                    Transmission Control Program (TCP)

      The first detailed specification of TCP; see RFC 793.

   674     Postel       Dec 74      Procedure Call Documents--Version 2

      A host level protocol used in the NSW--a slightly constrained
      version of ARPANET Host-to-Host protocol, affecting allocation,
      RFNM wait, and retransmission; see also RFC 684.

   673     Never Issued.

   672     Schantz      Dec 74      A Multi-Site Data Collection

      Applicability of TIP/Tenex protocols beyond TIP accounting.

   671     Schantz      Dec 74      A Note on Reconnection Protocol

      Experience with implementation in RSEXEC context.

   670     Never Issued.

   669     Dodds        Dec 74      November 1974, Survey of
                                    New-Protocol Telnet Servers

      An earlier poll of Telnet server implementation status. Updates
      RFC 702; see also RFCs 703 and 679.

   668     Never Issued.

   667     Chipman      Dec 74      BBN Host Ports

      Approved scheme to connect host ports to the network.

   666     Padlipsky    Nov 74      Specification of the Unified
                                    User-Level Protocol

      Discusses and proposes a common command language.

   665     Never Issued.

   664     Never Issued.

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   663     Kanodia      Nov 74      A Lost Message Detection and
                                    Recovery Protocol

      Proposed extension of host-host protocol; see also RFCs 534, 516,
      512, 492 and 467.

   662     Kanodia      Nov 74      Performance Improvement in ARPANET
                                    File Transfers from Multics

      Experimenting with host output buffers to improve throughput.

   661     Postel       Nov 74      Protocol Information

      This RFC has been replaced by RFC 991.

   660     Walden       Oct 74      Some Changes to the IMP and the
                                    IMP/Host Interface

      Decoupling of message number sequences of hosts; host-host access
      control; message number window; messages outside normal mechanism;
      see also BBN 1822.

   659     Postel       Oct 74      Announcing Additional Telnet Options

      Options defined in RFCs 651-658.

   658     Crocker      Oct 74      Telnet Output Line Feed Disposition

      Defines a Telnet option for specific control of Line Feed.

   657     Crocker      Oct 74      Telnet Output Vertical Tab
                                    Disposition Option

      Defines a Telnet option for specific control of Vertical Tab.

   656     Crocker      Oct 74      Telnet Output Vertical Tab Stops

      Defines a Telnet option for setting the stops for Vertical Tab.

   655     Crocker      Oct 74      Telnet Output Form Feed Disposition

      Defines a Telnet option for specific control of Form Feed.

Top       Page 81 
   654     Crocker      Oct 74      Telnet Output Horizontal Tab
                                    Disposition Option

      Defines a Telnet option for specific control of Horizontal Tab.

   653     Crocker      Oct 74      Telnet Output Horizontal Tab Stops

      Defines a Telnet option for setting the stops for Horizontal Tab.

   652     Crocker      Oct 74      Telnet Output Carriage Return
                                    Disposition Option

      Defines a Telnet option for specific control of Carriage Return.

   651     Crocker      Oct 74      Revised Telnet Status Option

      Revises the Telnet Option for communicating the status of all
      Telnet options over the network.

   650     Never Issued.

   649     Never Issued.

   648     Never Issued.

   647     Padlipsky    Nov 74      A Proposed Protocol for Connecting
                                    Host Computers to ARPA-Like Networks
                                    via Front End Processors

      Approaches to Front-End protocol processing using available
      hardware and software.

   646     Never Issued.

   645     Crocker      Jun 74      Network Standard Data Specification

      Providing a mechanism for specifying all attributes of a
      collection of bits; see also RFC 615.

   644     Thomas       Jul 74      On The Problem of Signature
                                    Authentication for Network Mail

      Proposes that the mail sender be an authorized system process and
      that the mail sender and mail receiver processes exchange a
      password.  The sender process takes responsibility for
      authentication of the signature on the mail.

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   643     Mader        Jul 74      Network Debugging Protocol

      To be used in an implementation of a PDP-11 network bootstrap
      device and a cross-network debugger.

   642     Burchfiel    Jul 74      Ready Line Philosophy and

   641     Never Issued.

   640     Postel       Jun 74      Revised FTP Reply Codes

      Updates RFC 542.

   639     Never Issued.

   638     McKenzie     Apr 74      IMP/TIP Preventive Maintenance

      Corrects RFC 633.

   637     McKenzie     Apr 74      Change of Network Address for SU-DSL

      A host at Stanford changes its address from 2/2 to 2/3.

   636     Burchfiel    Jun 74      TIP/TENEX Reliability Improvements

      Obtaining/maintaining connections; recovery from lost connections;
      connection-state changes.

   635     Cerf         Apr 74      An Assessment of ARPANET Protocols

      Theoretical and practical motivation for redesign.  Multipacket
      messages; host retransmission; duplicate detection; sequencing;

   634     McKenzie     Apr 74      Change in Network Address for
                                    Haskins Lab.

      A host a Haskins Lab changes its address from 5/3 to 9/3.

   633     McKenzie     Mar 74      IMP/TIP Preventive Maintenance

      An old version; see RFC 638.

Top       Page 83 
   632     Opderbeck    May 74      Throughput Degradations for Single
                                    Packet Messages

      A study of packet throughput.

   631     Danthine     Apr 74      Call for Papers:  International
                                    Meeting on Minicomputers and Data

      A meeting on data communications held January 1975 in Liege,

   630     Sussman      Apr 74      FTP Error Code Usage for More
                                    Reliable Mail Service

      Describes FTP reply-code usage in TENEX mail processing.

   629     North        Mar 74      Scenario for Using the Network

      An example of how to access information in the NIC's Journal

   628     Keeney       Mar 74      Status of RFC Numbers and a Note on
                                    Pre-assigned Journal Numbers

      A method for getting the next RFC number to use on a new memo.

   627     Feinler      Mar 74      ASCII Text File of Hostnames

      See also RFCs 606, 608, 623 and 625.

   626     Kleinrock    Mar 74      On a possible Lockup Condition in
                                    IMP Subnet due to Message Sequencing

      A potential problem in the IMP processing of messages.  A detailed
      description of how this condition can arise.

   625     Feinler      Mar 74      On Line Hostnames Service

      See also RFCs 606, 608, 623 and 627.

   624     Krilanovich  Feb 74      Comments on the File Transfer

      Design changes and slight modifications.  Replaces RFC 607; see
      also RFCs 614, 542 and 640.

Top       Page 84 
   623     Krilanovich  Feb 74      Comments on On-Line Host Name

      See also RFCs 627, 625, 608 and 606.

   622     McKenzie     Mar 74      Scheduling IMP/TIP Down Time

      Modification of previous policy.

   621     Kudlick      Mar 74      NIC User Directories at SRI-ARC

      Changes in user accounts at the NIC.

   620     Ferguson     Mar 74      Request for Monitor Host Table

      Changes in the hosts Office-1 and SRI-ARC.

   619     Naylor       Mar 74      Mean Round-Trip Times in the ARPANET

      Actual measurements of round-trip times.

   618     Taft         Feb 74      A Few Observations on NCP Statistics

      Distribution of NCP and IMP message types by actual measurement.

   617     Taft         Feb 74      A Note on Socket Number Assignment

      Danger of imposing more fixed socket number requirements; see also
      RFCs 542, 503 and 451.

   616     Walden       Feb 74      Latest Network Maps

      Geographic ad Topologic maps of the ARPANET of January 1974.

   615     Crocker      Mar 74      Proposed Network Standard Data
                                    Pathname Syntax

      A suggestion for a network wide standard for naming data (such as

   614     Pogran       Jan 74      Response to RFC 607 (NIC-21255),
                                    "Comments on the FTP"

      See also RFCs 624, 542 and 640.

Top       Page 85 
   613     McKenzie     Jan 74      Network Connectivity: A Response to
                                    RFC 603

      Remarks about connectivity and robustness of networks.

   612     McKenzie     Jan 74      Traffic Statistics

      A report on Host traffic statistics for the month of December
      1973.  Updates RFC 601.

   611     Walden       Feb 74      Two Changes to the IMP/Host Protocol

      Expansion of Host-Going-Down and addition of Dead-Host-Status

   610     Winter       Dec 73      Further Datalanguage Design Concepts

      Preliminary results of the language design; a model for data
      languagea semantics; future considerations.

   609     Ferguson     Jan 74      Statement of Upcoming Move of
                                    NIC/NLS Service

      See also RFCs 621 and 620.

   608     Feinler      Jan 73      Host Names On-Line

      Response to RFC 606; see also RFCs 627, 625 and 623.

   607     Krilanovich  Jan 73      NIC-21255 Comments on the File
                                    Transfer Protocol

      An old version; see RFC 624; see also RFCs 614, 542 and 640.

   606     Deutsch      Dec 73      Host Names On-Line

      Resolving differences in hostname-address mappings; see also RFCs
      627, 625, 623 and 608.

   605     Never Issued.

   604     Postel       Dec 73      Assigned Link Numbers

      Modifies official host-host protocol.  Replaced by RFCs 997 and

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   603     Burchfiel    Dec 73      Response to RFC 597: Host Status

      Questions about the ARPANET topology described in RFC 597.

   602     Metcalfe     Dec 73      "The Stockings Were Hung by the
                                    Chimney With Care"

      Susceptibility of ARPANET to security violations.

   601     McKenzie     Dec 73      Traffic Statistics

      A report on Host traffic statistics for the month of November
      1973.  Updates RFC 586.

   600     Berggreen    Nov 73      Interfacing an Illinois Plasma
                                    Terminal to the ARPANET

      Discusses plans to map Plato terminal codes to network ASCII for
      accessing the Plato system via the network using Telnet.

   599     Braden       Dec 73      Update on NETRJS

      A status report and update on UCLA-CCN's remote job entry service.

   598     NICSTA       Dec 73      RFC Index - December 5, 1973

      Lists RFCs 1-593.

   597     Neigus       Dec 73      Host Status

      This RFC provides the most current network maps, geographic and
      logical, plus a list of hosts connected to the ARPANET.

   596     Taft         Dec 73      Second Thoughts on Telnet Go-Ahead

      Cited objections to the requirement that hosts implement the
      Telnet Go-Ahead (GA) command, as specified in the Telnet Protocol

   595     Hathaway     Dec 73      Some Thoughts in Defense of the
                                    Telnet Go-Ahead

      This RFC is in reply to RFC 596.

   594     Burchfiel    Dec 73      Speedup of Host-IMP Interface

      A discussion on how to make the full performance capabilities of
      the subnet available for interprocess communication.

Top       Page 87 
   593     McKenzie     Nov 73      Telnet and FTP Implementation
                                    Schedule Change

   592     Watson       Nov 73      Some Thoughts on System Design to
                                    Facilitate Resource Sharing

      Proposes a system interconnection approach which would help in
      moving toward more resource sharing on the ARPANET.

   591     Walden       Nov 73      Addition to the Very Distant Host

      A sentence correction notation that should be inserted in Appendix
      F of BBN Report 1822.

   590     Padlipsky    Nov 73      MULTICS Address Change

      Announcement of a plan to change the address of MIT Multics.

   589     Braden       Nov 73      CCN NETRJS Server Messages to Remote

      Describes the system to user messages at UCLA-CCN's remote job
      entry service.

   588     Stokes       Oct 73      London Node is now up

      Notice that an ARPANET node is operational at University College,

   587     Postel       Nov 73      Announcing New Telnet Options

      Announcement of Negotiate About Output Line Width (NAOL), and
      Negotiate About Output Page Size (NAOP).

   586     McKenzie     Nov 73      Traffic Statistics

      A report on the Host traffic statistics for the month of
      October 1973.  Updates RFC 579.

   585     Crocker      Nov 73      ARPANET Users Interest Working Group

      Meeting notes of the first Users Interest Working Group.

Top       Page 88 
   584     Iseli        Nov 73      Charter for ARPANET Users Interest
                                    Working Group

      Describes the background, membership, and scope of the newly
      formed Users Interest Working Group.

   583     Never Issued.

   582     Clements     Nov 73      Comments on RFC 580 - Machine
                                    Readable Protocols

      Cites objections to the phrase "preferably NLS files".

   581     Crocker      Nov 73      Corrections to RFC 560 - Remote
                                    Controlled Transmission and Echoing
                                    Telnet Option

      This RFC contains corrections to RFC 560, which described the
      Remote Controlled Transmission and Echoing Telnet Option.

   580     Postel       Oct 73      Note to Protocol Designers and

      An announcement that future proposed protocols shall be submitted
      in the form of on-line documents, preferably in NLS files, to the
      Network Information Center.

   579     McKenzie     Oct 73      Traffic Statistics

      A report on the Host traffic statistics for the month of
      September 1973.  Updates RFC 566.

   578     Bhushan      Oct 73      Using MIT-MATHLAB MACSYMA From
                                    MIT-DMS Muddle - An Experiment in
                                    Automated Resource Sharing

      This paper describes an experiment in non-trivial automated
      resource sharing between dissimilar systems.  The goal of this
      experiment was to interface the Muddle system at MIT-DMS to the
      MACSYMA system at MIT-Mathlab.

   577     Crocker      Oct 73      Mail Priority

      A paper that suggests interpretations for urgency values, based on
      arguments presented in RFC 555.  References RFC 539.

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   576     Victor       Sep 73      Proposal for Modifying Linking

      This RFC presents a plan to modify the link jsys in Tenex to work
      in a better way in terms of the user interface.

   575     Never Issued.

   574     Krilanovich  Sep 73      Announcement of a Mail Facility at

      An announcement of a server program which supports that subset of
      the File Transfer Protocol necessary for mail delivery.

   573     Bhushan      Sep 73      Data and File Transfer - Some
                                    Measurement Results

      A report on the results of the performance of MIT-DM's FTP-user
      and FTP-server programs.

   572     Never Issued.

   571     Braden       Nov 73      Tenex FTP Problem

      A report on a problem in the current Tenex implementation which is
      likely to cause incorrect results when transferring files to a
      non-Tenex site.

   570     Pickens      Oct 73      Experimental Input Mapping Between
                                    NVT ASCII and UCSB Online System

      This RFC updates RFC 216.  This document describes the proposed
      solutions from the requests to improve the human interface to the
      UCSB On-Line System.

   569     Padlipsky    Oct 73      NETED: A Common Editor for the ARPA

      Defines a simple line style text editor and suggests that it be
      made available on every host in the network.

   568     McQuillan    Sep 73      Response to RFC 567 - Cross-Country
                                    Network Bandwidth

      This RFC serves as a brief correction to several fundamental
      errors in RFC 567.

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   567     Deutsch      Sep 73      Cross-Country Network Bandwidth

      Computation of cross-country network bandwidth.

   566     McKenzie     Sep 73      Traffic Statistics

      A report on the Host traffic statistics for the month of
      August 1973.  Updates RFC 556.

   565     Cantor       Aug 73      Storing Network Survey Data at the

      A project summary report describing the programs developed and
      implemented that have been operating successfully with the
      datacomputer since July 10.

   564     Never Issued.

   563     Davidson     Aug 73      Comments on the RCTE Telnet Option

      A critique based on inferences drawn from the sample Tenex
      interaction in RFC 560.

   562     McKenzie     Aug 73      Modifications to the Telnet

      Presenting two documents that update RFC 495, plus summarizing the

   561     Bhushan      Sep 73      Standardizing Network Mail Headers

      A proposed document for the explicit specification of such header
      information as author, title, and date within the current FTP mail

   560     Crocker      Aug 73      Remote Controlled Transmission and
                                    Echoing Telnet Option

      Defines a Telnet option for detailed control of echoing to promote
      interactive use on long delay paths.

   559     Bhushan      Aug 73      Comments on the New Telnet Protocol
                                    and Its Implementation

      This RFC describes the experience that MIT-DM had with the
      implementation of the new Telnet protocol (both server and user).

   558     Never Issued.

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   557     Wessler      Aug 73      Revelations in Network Host

      A report to the RFC community on the current network host

   556     McKenzie     Aug 73      Traffic Statistics

      A report on the Host traffic statistics for the month of
      July 1973.  Updates RFC 538.

   555     White        Jul 73      Response to Critiques of the
                                    Proposed Mail Protocol

      Response to the proposal for a Mail Protocol (RFC 524).

   554     Never Issued.

   553     Thomas       Jul 73      Draft Design for a Text/Graphics

      This document was proposed as a synthesis of existing ideas rather
      than an attempt to put forth new ones.  It draws upon the concerns
      about the lack of text-handling capabilities of the protoocl
      suggested in RFC 493.

   552     Owen         Jul 73      Single Access to Standard Protocols

      Queries and statements regarding a socket number assignment for a
      single access protocol before the proposed mail protocol becomes

   551     Feinroth     Aug 73      NYU, ANL, and LBL Joining the Net

      Announcement of the intent of several Atomic Energy Commission
      installations to enter the network.

   550     Deutsch      Aug 73      NIC NCP Experiment

      Statistics on total incoming messages, incoming host-host control
      opcodes, and size of outgoing messages.

   549     Michener     Jul 73      Minutes of Network Graphics Group

      Description of a meeting on graphics held in July 1973.

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   548     Walden       Aug 73      Hosts Using the IMP Going Down

      Discusses the user and intention of the ARPANET IMP's "going down"

   547     Walden       Aug 73      Change to the Very Distant Host

      A document on a new version of figure F-4 for BBN Report 1822.

   546     Thomas       Aug 73      Tenex Load Averages for July 1973

      Report on the load on two of the key service computers on the

   545     Pickens      Jul 73      Of What Quality be the UCSB Resource

      This memo is in response to RFC 531.

   544     Meyer        Jul 73      Locating On-Line Documentation at

      Updated memo on how to access on-line documentation at the NIC.

   543     Meyer        Jul 73      Network Journal Submission and

      Announcement that the first implementation of a Network Journal
      Submission and Delivery system is now experimentally up.

   542     Neigus       Jul 73      File Transfer Protocol

      This RFC states that there are considerable changes from the last
      "official" version of FTP, but the gross structure still remains
      the same.  References RFCs 354, 454, and 495.

   541     Never Issued.

   540     Never Issued.

   539     Crocker      Jul 73      Thoughts on the Mail Protocol
                                    Proposed in RFC 524

      This memo is in response to RFC 524.  In general, the authors of
      this RFC feel that the protocol is extremely rich.  They also feel
      that there are some minor and some major problems.

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   538     McKenzie     Jul 73      Traffic Statistics

      A report on the Host traffic statistics for the month of June
      1973.  Updates RFC 522.

   537     Bunch        Jun 73      Announcement of NGG Meeting

      Arrangement details for a graphics meeting held July 1973.  See
      RFC 549.

   536     Never Issued.

   535     Thomas       Jul 73      Comments on File Access Protocol

      This memo is in response to RFC 420.

   534     Walden       Jul 73      Lost Message Detection

      This RFC presents three suggestions for detecting the loss of
      messages by the communications subsystem.

   533     Walden       Jul 73      Message-ID Numbers

      Notice that the ARPANET link field of 8-bits has been expanded to
      12-bits and renamed the message-id field.

   532     Merryman     Jul 73      The UCSD-CC Server-FTP Facility

      A description of the FTP service at UCSD.

   531     Padlipsky    Jun 73      Feast or Famine? - A Response to Two
                                    Recent RFC's About Network

      This memo is in response to RFCs 514 and 519.

   530     Bhushan      Jun 73      A Report on the SURVEY Project

      The purpose of this paper is 1) to report on the status of the
      SURVEY project and current data, 2) to inform the ARPANET
      community of the services offered related to this project, 3) to
      report on future plans, and 4) to ask for suggestions and

   529     McKenzie     Jun 73      A Note on Protocol Synch Sequences

      A response to RFC 513.

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   528     McQuillan    Jun 73      Software Checksumming in the IMP and
                                    Network Reliability

      A description  of some of the modifications that have recently
      been made to the IMP and TIP programs.

   527     Merryman     Jun 73      ARPAWOCKY

      A parody by D. L. Covill of the ARPANET based on the Jabberwocky
      of Lewis Carroll

   526     Pratt        Jun 73      Technical Meeting - Digital Image
                                    Processing Software Systems

      Announcement of a technical meeting on digital image processing
      software systems.

   525     Parrish      Jun 73      MIT-Mathlab Meets UCSB-OLS

      A description of problem solving using both the MIT-P1ACSYM system
      and the UCSB-OLS system.

   524     White        Jun 73      A Proposed Mail Protocol

      A proposed specification for handling mail in the ARPA network.

   523     Bhushan      Jun 73      SURVEY is in Operation Again

      The purpose of this RFC is to alert the network community that the
      survey program at MIT-DMCG computer system is in operation.

   522     McKenzie     Jun 73      Traffic Statistics

      A report on the Host traffic statistics for the month of May 1973.
      Updates RFC 509.

   521     McKenzie     May 73      Restricted Use of IMP DDT

      Proposal of restricted use of IMP DDT due to opinions from
      representatives of several sites feeling that uncontrolled use of
      IMP DDT made access control mechanisms too vulnerable to
      interception or tampering.

   520     Day          Jun 73      Memo to FTP Group (Proposal for File
                                    Access Protocol)

      This document discusses the File Access Protocol as an extension
      to FTP.

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   519     Pickens      Jun 73      Resource Evaluation

      UCSB announces a new test group based upon RFC 369, which attempts
      to take a detailed look at specific network resources and develop
      initial site dependent and function dependent MINIMAN's.

   518     Feinler      Jun 73      ARPANET Accounts

      A memo on information regarding opening an account at a given site
      on the ARPANET.

   517     Never Issued.

   516     Postel       May 73      Lost Message Detection

      This RFC is replaced by RFC 534.

   515     Winter       Jun 73      Specifications for Datalanguage,
                                    Version 0/9

      This specification for Datalanguage is extremely primitive.
      Version 0/9 is currently running at CCA and offers an opportunity
      for experience with the Datacomputer and with fundamental
      Datalanguage concepts.

   514     Kantrowitz   Jun 73      Network Make-Work

      Updates RFC 459.

   513     Hathaway     May 73      Comments on the New Telnet

      Discussion of the Telnet Protocol.

   512     Hathaway     May 73      Lost Message Detection

      This RFC is replaced by RFC 534.

   511     North        May 73      Enterprise Phone Service to NIC From
                                    ARPANET Sites

      Discussion of cost and alternatives for special telephone numbers
      for the NIC.

   510     White        May 73      Request for Network Mailbox

      Announcement of Network Journal delivery by the NIC and a request
      for updated/additional network mailbox addresses.

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   509     McKenzie     May 73      Traffic Statistics

      A report on the Host traffic statistics for the month of April
      1973.  Updates RFC 497.

   508     Pfeifer      May 73      Real-Time Data Transmission on the

      Discussion on the pros and cons of support of real-time processes
      on the ARPA Network.

   507     Never Issued.

   506     Padlipsky    Jun 73      An FTP Command Naming Problem

      This RFC discusses a problem when using the File Transfer
      Protocol: the choice of names for two crucial commands is faulty.

   505     Padlipsky    Jun 73      Two Solutions to a File Transfer
                                    Access Problem

      This memo is in response to RFCs 487 and 501.

   504     Thomas       May 73      Workshop Announcement

      Detailed plans for a workshop on Automated Resource Sharing to be
      held May 1973.

   503     Neigus       Apr 73      Socket Number List

      This RFC has been replaced by RFCs 997 and 990.

   502     Never Issued.

   501     Pogran       May 73      Un-Muddling "Free File Transfer"

      This memo is in response to RFC 487.

   500     Shoshani     Apr 73      The Integration of Data Management
                                    Systems on a Computer Network

      In this paper, discussion is focused on an approach to integrating
      data management systems on a computer network for the purpose of
      data sharing.

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   499     Reussow      Apr 73      Harvard's Network RJE

      A description of the remote job entry service at Harvard.

   498     Braden       Apr 73      On Mail Service to CCN

      A description of the electronic mail service at UCLA-CCN.

   497     McKenize     Apr 73      Traffic Statistics

      A report on the Host traffic statistics for the month of March
      1973.  Updates RFC 482.

   496     Auerbach     Apr 73      A TNLS Quick Reference Card is

      Announcement of a new TNLS Quick Reference Card.

   495     McKenize     May 73      Telnet Protocol Specification

      Results of an open meeting discussing Telnet, with two attached
      documents which report the results of that meeting.

   494     Walden       Apr 73      Availability of MIX and MIXAL in the

      A list of hosts that support programming in MIX and MIXAL.

   993     Michener     Apr 73      Graphics Protocol

      Discuses the opinions and decisions reached at the second meeting
      of the Network Graphics Group.

   492     Meyer        Apr 73      Response to RFC 467

      This document briefly describes the problems and proposed
      solutions, offers comments and alternative suggestions in response
      to RFC 467.

   491     Padlipsky    Apr 73      What is "Free"?

      This memo discusses the assertion that network mail should be
      free; i.e., no login or USER command should be required.

   490     Pickens      Mar 73      Surrogate RJS for UCLA-CCN

      A description of how UCLA's RJS can be accessed from UCSB's
      standard remote job entry service.

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   489     Postel       Mar 73      Comment on Resynchronization of
                                    Connection Status Proposal

      Comments on ideas proposed in RFC 467.

   488     Auerbach     Mar 73      NLS Classes at Network Sites

      This RFC solicits comments from the Network community on the
      desirability of doing on-site classes.

   487     Bressler     Mar 73      Host-Dependent FTP Parameters

      This memo is in response to RFC 430.

   486     Bressler     Apr 73      Data Transfer Revisited

      A proposeal to base RJE and FTP on a common data transfer

   485     Pickens      Mar 73      MIX and MIXAL at UCSB

      A response to Walden's MIX query (RFC 473).

   484     Never Issued.

   483     Kudlick      Mar 73      Cancellation of the Resource
                                    Notebook Famework Meeting

   482     McKenzie     Mar 73      Traffic Statistics

      A report on the Host traffic statistics for the month of February
      1973.  Updates RFC 455.

   481     Never Issued.

   480     White        Mar 73      Host-Dependent FTP Parameters

      This memo is in response to RFC 430.

   479     White        Mar 73      Use of FTP by the NIC Journal

      This RFC states how the NIC outlined its requirements for
      implementing FTP Journal delivery and submission.

   478     Bressler     Mar 73      FTP Server-Server Interaction - II

      Discusses server-server interaction where, in a typical situation,
      a user conversing with two servers is interested in retrieving a
      file from one site and sending it to another.

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   477     Krilanovich  May 73      Remote Job Service at UCSB

      This RFC is the follow-on document to RFC 436.  This document
      restates the essence of the official RJE Protocol and documents in
      detail UCSB's implementation of it.  Obsoletes RFC 436.

   476     McKenzie     Mar 73      IMP/TIP Memory Retrofit Schedules
                                    (Revision 2)

      Describes plans and schedule for upgrading IMPs and TIPs.

   475     Bhushan      Mar 73      FTP and the Network Mail System

      This paper describes the author's understanding of the results of
      the Network Mail System meeting and the implications for FTP.

   474     Bunch        Mar 73      Announcement of Forthcoming Meeting
                                    of the Network Graphics Working
                                    Group and Call for RFC's.

      Plans for a graphics meeting to be held in May 1973.

   473     Walden       Feb 73      MIX and MIXAL?

   472     Bunch        Mar 73      Illinois' Reply to Maxwell's Request
                                    for Graphics Information

      This RFC represents the author's response to NIC document 14925.

   471     Thomas       Mar 73      Announcement of a (Tenative)
                                    Workshop on Multi-Site Executive

      A suggestion for a workshop and a query for interest.

   470     Thomas       Mar 73      Change in Socket for TIP News

   469     Kudlick      Mar 73      Network Mail Meeting Summary

      A description of a meeting on mail held February 1973.

   468     Braden       Mar 73      FTP Data Compression

      This RFC describes the definition of the "HASP" or compressed

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