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RFC 0574

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Announcement of a Mail Facility at UCSB


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Network Working Group                                     M. Krilanovich
Request for Comments: 574                                           UCSB
NIC: 19144                                             26 September 1973

                Announcement of a Mail Facility at UCSB
   There now exists a server program at UCSB, resident under socket 3,
   which supports that subset of the File Transfer Protocol necessary
   for mail delivery.  Only the MAIL and BYE commands are implemented at
   this time.

   Mail may be sent to an individual at UCSB by specifying his local
   user name in the MAIL command.  The following is a list of those
   individuals currently defined as valid recipients of Network mail,
   each with their respective user name:  Ed Faeh (FAEH), Jim Guyton
   (GUYTON), Mark Krilanovich (KRILANOV), Curtis Mosso (MOSSO), John
   Pickens (PICKENS), and Ron Stoughton (STOUGHTN).  In addition, any
   general comments or complaints about UCSB services may be sent to
   user name GRIPE.

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