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3GPP Glossaries:  SIM/UICC directories/files

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|   EF XCAPConfigData   |


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This EF contains the XCAP configuration data object as specified in TS 24.424, OMA OMA-TSXDM_MO-V1_1-20080627-A and OMA-DDS-DM_ConnMO-V1_0-20081107-A.

If this file is present in both the USIM and the ISIM, the file in the ISIM is used. It is assumed that the presence of this file in the USIM when an ISIM is present on the UICC is an incorrect configuration of the UICC.

See it under ADF USIM

Source:  TS 31.102 – Clause 4.2.111

Source:  TS 31.103 – Clause 4.2.19

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