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SIM/UICC directories/files







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This EF provides storage for the de-personalization control keys associated with the OTA de-personalization cycle of TS 22.022.

See it under DF GSM

Source:  TS 51.011 – Clause 10.3.29

Source:  TS 31.102 – Clause 4.2.49

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EF DIR is a linear fixed file under the MF and is under the responsibility of the issuer. All applications are uniquely identified by application identifiers (AID) that are obtained from EF DIR. These application identifiers are used to select the application.

See it under MF

Source:  ETSI (SCP) TS 102 221 – Clause 13.1

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This EF contains the home operator's network domain name.

See it under ADF ISIM

Source:  TS 31.103 – Clause 4.2.3

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