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Initial Cellular V2X standard completed (Sep 2016)

TS 22.185     from Rel-14
Service requirements

TR 22.885     Rel-14
Study on LTE support for V2X services

TR 22.886     Rel-15
Study on enhancement of 3GPP support for 5G V2X services

TS 23.285     from Rel-14
Architecture enhancements for V2X services

TR 23.785     from Rel-14
Study on architecture enhancements for LTE support of V2X services

TS 24.385     Rel-14
V2X services Management Object (MO)

TS 24.386     Rel-14
V2X-enabled UE to V2X Control Function aspects (V3)

TS 29.388     Rel-14
V2X Control Function to HSS aspects (V4)

TS 29.389     Rel-14
Inter-V2X Control Function Signalling aspects (V6)

TR 33.885     Rel-14
Study on security aspects for LTE support of V2X services

TR 36.785     from Rel-14
Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) services based on LTE sidelink - UE radio transmission and reception

TR 36.786     Rel-14
V2X Services based on LTE – UE radio transmission and reception

TR 36.885     Rel-14
Study on LTE-based V2X services

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Clause 13  of  TS 45.001     from Rel-9
GSM/EDGE Physical layer on the radio path – VAMOS

TR 45.914     from Rel-8
Circuit switched voice capacity evolution for GERAN

TR 43.801     Rel-12
Solutions for VAMOS enhancements

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TS 02.69   …   TS 42.069     from GSM Rel-96
Stage 1

TS 03.69   …   TS 43.069     from GSM Rel-96
Stage 2

TS 04.69   …   TS 44.069     from GSM Rel-96
Broadcast Call Control (BCC) protocol

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Clause 21  of  TS 22.101     Rel-7
Service Principles – Voice Call Continuity

TS 23.206     Rel-7
Stage 2

TS 24.206     Rel-7
Stage 3

TR 23.806     Rel-7
Voice Call Continuity between CS and IMS Study

TR 23.826     Rel-9
Feasibility study on VCC support for emergency calls

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TS 02.68   …   TS 42.068     from GSM Rel-96
Stage 1

TS 03.68   …   TS 43.068     from GSM Rel-96
Stage 2

TS 04.68   …   TS 44.068     from GSM Rel-96
Group Call Control (GCC) protocol

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