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3GPP Glossaries

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Features and Services









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TS 03.48   …   TS 23.048     from GSM Rel-97
Security Mechanisms for (U)SAT

TS 31.115     from Rel-3
Secured packet structure for (U)SIM Toolkit applications

TS 31.116     from Rel-3
Remote APDU Structure for (U)SIM Toolkit applications

TS 11.14   …   TS 51.014     Rel-96-R4
SAT for the SIM-ME interface

TS 11.10-4   …   TS 51.010-4     from GSM Rel-96
SAT conformance test specification

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TS 23.172     from Rel-5
CS multimedia service - UDI/RDI fallback and service modification - Stage 2

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TS 24.305     from Rel-7
SDoUE - Management Object (MO)

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TS 02.09   …   TS 42.009     from GSM Phase-1
Security aspects

TS 03.20   …   TS 43.020     from GSM Phase-1
Security-related network functions

TS 33.102     from Rel-3
3G Security architecture

TS 33.210     from Rel-5
Network Domain Security (NDS) - IP network layer security

TS 33.310     from Rel-6
Network Domain Security (NDS) - Authentication Framework

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see (in a new tab) the 3GPP News:
Security Assurance Methodology (SECAM) for 3GPP Nodes

TR 33.916     from Rel-14
Security Assurance Methodology for 3GPP network products

TS 33.116     from Rel-14
Security Assurance Specification (SCAS) for the MME network product class

TR 33.926     from Rel-13
Security Assurance Specification (SCAS) threats and critical assets in 3GPP network product classes

TR 33.805     from Rel-12
Study on Security Assurance methodology for 3GPP network products

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TS 29.204     from Rel-7
SS7 Security Gateway - Architecture, Functional Description and Protocol Details

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TS 02.19   …   TS 42.019     from GSM Rel-98
SIM API - Stage 1

TS 03.19   …   TS 43.019     from GSM Rel-98
SIM API - Stage 2

TS 31.130     from Rel-6
(U)SIM API for Java Card

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see  SIP-I  under  CS Core Network

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TR 03.54     Rel-96-98
Description for the use of a Shared Inter Working Function (SIWF) in a GSM PLMN

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see also  5G

TR 22.891     Rel-14
Study on New Services and Markets Technology Enablers

TR 22.861     from Rel-14
MIoT - Massive Internet of Things

TR 22.862     from Rel-14
Critical Communications

TR 22.863     from Rel-14
eMBB - enhanced Mobile Broadband

TR 22.864     from Rel-14
Network Operation

TR 22.886     from Rel-15
Study on enhancement of 3GPP support for 5G V2X services

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TS 03.40   …   TS 23.040     from GSM Phase-1
Technical realization of the Short Message Service

TS 03.41   …   TS 23.041     from GSM Phase-1
Technical realization of SMS Cell Broadcast Service

TS 03.42   …   TS 23.042     from GSM Rel-96
SMS Compression

TR 03.47     Rel-96-98
Example protocol stacks for interconnecting SC and MSC

TR 03.49     Rel-96-98
Example protocol stacks for interconnecting CBC and BSC

TS 04.11   …   TS 24.011     from GSM Phase-1
Point-to-Point SMS support on mobile radio interface

TS 04.12   …   TS 44.012     from GSM Phase-1
SMS Cell Broadcast Support on the Mobile Radio Interface

TS 23.204     from Rel-7
Support of SMS over generic 3GPP IP access - Stage 2

Clause 2.10  of  TS 23.008     from Rel-3
PS and CS domain – Data related to SMS

TS 24.341     from Rel-7
Support of SMS over IP networks - Stage 3

TR 23.840     Rel-7
Study into routeing of MT-SMs via the HPLMN

TR 23.811     Rel-8
Service level interworking for messaging services

TS 29.311     from Rel-8
Service level interworking for messaging services

TS 22.142     from Rel-9
Value Added Services for SMS - Requirements

TS 23.142     from Rel-9
Value Added Services for SMS - Interface and Signalling Flow

TS 32.274     from Rel-8
SMS Charging

TR 23.824     Rel-10
IP-SM-GW enhancements for interworking with OMA Converged IP Messaging

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TS 02.43   …   TS 42.043     from GSM Rel-98
Stage 1

TS 03.73   …   TS 43.073     from GSM Rel-98
Stage 2

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TS 32.500     from Rel-8
Concepts and requirements

TS 32.511     from Rel-8
Automatic Neighbour Relation (ANR) management - Concepts and requirements

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TS 02.79   …   TS 22.079     from GSM Rel-96
Stage 1

TS 03.79   …   TS 23.079     from GSM Rel-96
Stage 2

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TS 22.243     from Rel-6
Speech recognition framework for automated voice services - Stage 1

TR 22.977     from Rel-6
Feasibility study for speech-enabled services

TR 23.877     Rel-6
Architectural aspects of speech-enabled services

TS 26.243     from Rel-6
ANSI C code for the fixed-point DSR extended advanced front-end

TS 26.177     from Rel-6
Speech Enabled Services - DSR extended advanced front-end test sequences

TR 26.943     from Rel-6
Recognition performance evaluations of codecs for Speech Enabled Services (SES)

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TS 23.216     from Rel-8
SRVCC – Stage 2

Clause 2.21  of  TS 23.008     from Rel-8
PS and CS domain – Data related to SRVCC

TS 29.280     from Rel-8
3GPP EPS Sv interface (MME to MSC) for SRVCC

TS 29.277     from Rel-8
Optimized Handover between E-UTRAN Access and 1xRTT Access

TR 23.886     Rel-10
Feasibility Study of Single Radio Video Call Continuity (vSRVCC)

TR 23.885     Rel-11
Feasibility Study of SRVCC from UTRAN/GERAN to E-UTRAN/HSPA

draft-TR 23.717     Rel-13
Enabling Transcoder Free Operation During SRVCC (PS to CS)

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TS 23.116     from Rel-3
Super-Charger technical realization - Stage 2

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