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3GPP Glossaries:  Features and Services

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TS 23.203     from Rel-7
PCC architecture
TR 23.813     Rel-11
Study on policy solutions and enhancements
TR 23.800     Rel-12
Study on Application Based Charging (ABC)
TR 23.858     Rel-13
Usage Monitoring Control PCC Enhancement

TS 29.212     from Rel-7
PCC reference points: Gx, Gxx (R8+), Sd (R11+)
TS 29.213     from Rel-7
PCC signalling flows and QoS parameter mapping
TS 29.214     from Rel-7
PCC over Rx reference point
TS 29.215     from Rel-8
PCC over S9 reference point
TS 29.217     Rel-13
PCC over Np reference point
TS 29.219     from Rel-11
PCC: Spending Limit Reporting over Sy reference point
TS 29.201     from Rel-12
PCC: REST-Rx reference point
TR 29.816     Rel-10
Study on PCRF failure and restoration
TR 29.817     Rel-12
Study on XML-based access of the AF to the PCRF

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TS 02.63     Rel-96-98
PDS - Stage 1

TS 03.63     Rel-96-98
PDS - Stage 2

TS 04.63     Rel-96-98
PDS - Stage 3

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TS 22.259     from Rel-8
Stage 1

TS 23.259     from Rel-8
Stage 2

TS 24.259     from Rel-8
Stage 3

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TS 22.141     from Rel-6
Stage 1

TS 23.141     from Rel-6
Stage 2

TS 24.141     from Rel-6
Stage 3

TS 26.141     from Rel-6
IMS Messaging and Presence - Media Formats and Codecs

TS 33.141     from Rel-6
Presence Service - Security

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TR 22.803     Rel-12
Feasibility Study for ProSe
Clause 7A  of  TS 22.278     from Rel-12
Requirements for Proximity Services

TS 23.303     from Rel-12
ProSe – Stage 2
TR 23.703     Rel-12
Study on architecture enhancements to support ProSe
TR 23.713     Rel-13
Study on extended architecture support for ProSe
TR 23.733     Rel-15
Study on architecture enhancements to ProSe UE-to-Network Relay
Clause 3.13  of  TS 23.008     from Rel-12
Data related to ProSe

TS 24.334     from Rel-12
ProSe UE to ProSe Function protocol aspects
TS 24.333     from Rel-12
ProSe MO

TS 29.343     from Rel-12
PC2 Reference Point
TS 29.344     from Rel-12
PC4a Reference Point
TS 29.345     from Rel-12
PC6/PC7 Reference Points

TS 32.277     from Rel-12
ProSe Charging
Clause 4.6  of  TS 22.115     from Rel-12
ProSe Charging Requirements

TS 33.303     from Rel-12
ProSe – Security aspects
TR 33.833     Rel-13
Study on security issues to support ProSe
draft-TR 33.843     Rel-15
Study on security aspect of architecture enhancements to ProSe UE-to-network relay

TR 36.877     Rel-12
LTE Device to Device (D2D) ProSe - UE radio transmission and reception

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TS 22.233     from Rel-5
PSS – Stage 1

TS 26.233     from Rel-4
PSS – General Description
TS 26.234     from Rel-4
PSS – Protocols and Codecs
TS 26.244     from Rel-6
PSS – '3GP' file format
TS 26.245     from Rel-6
PSS – Timed text format
TS 26.246     from Rel-6
PSS – 3GPP SMIL language profile
TS 26.237     from Rel-8
IMS-based PSS
TS 26.247     from Rel-10
Progressive Download and Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP

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TS 22.168     Rel-8
ETWS - Earthquake and Tsunami Warning System Requirements - Stage 1
TS 22.268     from Rel-9
PWS requirements
TR 22.968     from Rel-8
Study for requirements for a PWS service
TR 22.815     Rel-14
Study on Multimedia Broadcast Supplement for PWS

TR 23.828     Rel-8
ETWS requirements and solutions - Solution placeholder

TR 33.969     from Rel-12
Study on security aspects of PWS

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