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3GPP Glossaries:  Features and Services

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TS 02.41   …   TS 22.041     from GSM Phase-2
Operator Determined Call Barring (ODB)

TS 03.15   …   TS 23.015     from GSM Phase-2
Technical Realization of Operator Determined Barring

TS 24.315     from Rel-11

Clause 2.8  of  TS 23.008     from Rel-3
PS and CS domain – Data related to ODB

Clause 3.11.5  of  TS 23.008     from Rel-6
I-WLAN domain – ODB general data

Clause 10  of  TS 29.364     from Rel-11
ODB Information for IMS Oriented Services

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Clause 8.2.1  and  Clause 8.2.2  of  TS 22.173     from Rel-8
MMTEL (MTSI) Stage 1 – OIP – OIR

TS 24.607     from Rel-8
OIP and OIR using IMS - Protocol specification

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TS 23.153     from Rel-4
Out of band transcoder control - Stage 2

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TS 22.127     from Rel-4 to Rel-9
Stage 1

TS 23.127     from Rel-3 to Rel-5
Virtual Home Environment (VHE)/OSA

TS 23.198     from Rel-6 to Rel-9
Stage 2

TS 29.198-01 .. 198-15     from Rel-4 to Rel-9

TS 29.199-01 .. 199-22     from Rel-6 to Rel-9
OSA Parlay X web services

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