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Standardization of NB-IOT completed

TR 36.802     Rel-13
E-UTRA – NB-IoT – BS and UE radio transmission and reception

Clause 4.10  of  TR 36.300     Rel-13
Overall architecture – NB-IoT

TR 36.752     Rel-14
Study of NB-IoT RF requirement to co-existence with CDMA

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TR 22.951     from Rel-6
Service aspects and requirements for network sharing

TR 22.852     from Rel-12
Study on RAN sharing enhancements

Clause 28  of  TS 22.101     from Rel-13
Service Principles – RAN Sharing Enhancements

TS 23.251     from Rel-6
Network sharing - Architecture and functional description

TR 23.704     Rel-13
Study on CS/PS coordination in shared network

TR 32.851     Rel-12
Study on OAM aspects of Network Sharing

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TS 02.42   …   TS 22.042     from GSM Rel-96
Network Identity and Time Zone (NITZ) - Service description

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