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3GPP Glossaries



Features and Services









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ECT  —  Explicit Call/Communication Transfer   supplementary service

TS 02.91   …   TS 22.091     from GSM Rel-96
Explicit Call Transfer – Stage 1

TS 03.91   …   TS 23.091     from GSM Rel-96
Explicit Call Transfer – Stage 2

TS 04.91   …   TS 24.091     from GSM Rel-96
Explicit Call Transfer – Stage 3

TS 22.173     from Rel-8
MMTEL (MTSI) Stage 1 – Clause 8.2.15 – Explicit Communication Transfer

TS 24.629     from Rel-8
Explicit Communication Transfer using IMS - Protocol specification

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EDGE  —  Enhanced Data Rates for Global Evolution

TS 04.21   …   TS 44.021     from GSM Rel-99
Rate adaptation on the MS-BSS interface – Clause 9 – The EDGE Multiplexing Function

TS 08.20   …   TS 48.020     from GSM Rel-99
Rate adaption on the BSS-MSC interface – Clause 8 – The EDGE Multiplexing Function

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EEA3-EIA3  —  3GPP Confidentiality and Integrity Algorithms

TS 35.221     from Rel-11
Document 1: EEA3 and EIA3 specifications

TS 35.222     from Rel-11
Document 2: ZUC specification

TS 35.223     from Rel-11
Document 3: Implementors' test data

TR 35.924     from Rel-11
Document 5: Design and evaluation report

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eGTP  —  evolved GPRS Tunnelling Protocol

TS 29.274     from Rel-8
Evolved GPRS Tunnelling Protocol (eGTP) for EPS

TS 29.281     from Rel-8
GPRS Tunnelling Protocol for User Plane (GTPv1-U)

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eMLPP  —  Enhanced Multi-Level Precedence and Pre-emption  supplementary service

TS 02.67   …   TS 22.067     from GSM Rel-96
Stage 1

TS 03.67   …   TS 23.067     from GSM Rel-96
Stage 2

TS 04.67   …   TS 24.067     from GSM Rel-96
Stage 3

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EPC  —  Evolved Packet Core (intra-3GPP)

TS 23.401     from Rel-8
GPRS enhancements for E-UTRAN access

TR 23.882     Rel-8
3GPP SAE: Report on technical options and conclusions

TS 33.401     from Rel-8
3GPP System Architecture Evolution (SAE) - Security architecture

TS 24.301     from Rel-8
Non-Access-Stratum (NAS) protocol for EPS

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EPC  —  Evolved Packet Core (non-3GPP accesses)

TS 23.402     from Rel-8
Architecture enhancements for non-3GPP accesses

TS 33.402     from Rel-8
3GPP SAE - Security aspects of non-3GPP accesses

TS 24.302     from Rel-8
Access to EPC via non-3GPP access networks

TS 24.303     from Rel-8
Mobility management based on Dual-Stack Mobile IPv6

TS 24.304     from Rel-8
Mobility management based on Mobile IPv4 - UE-FA interface

TS 29.273     from Rel-8
3GPP EPS AAA interfaces

TS 29.276     from Rel-8
Optimized Handover between E-UTRAN Access and cdma2000 HRPD Access

TR 23.834     Rel-10
Study on GPRS Tunelling Protocol (GTP) based S2b

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ETWS  —  Earthquake and Tsunami Warning System

TS 22.168     Rel-8
ETWS - Stage 1

TS 22.268     from Rel-9
Public Warning System (PWS) requirements

TR 22.968     from Rel-8
Study for requirements for a Public Warning System (PWS) service

TR 22.968     from Rel-8
Annex E – Relationship between PWS and ETWS

TR 23.828     Rel-8
ETWS requirements and solutions - Solution placeholder

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E-UTRAN  —  LTE Radio Access Network

TS 36.300     from Rel-8
E-UTRA and E-UTRAN - Overall description

TS 36.401     from Rel-8
E-UTRAN - Architecture description

TS 36.410     from Rel-8
E-UTRAN - S1 interface

TS 36.420     from Rel-8
E-UTRAN - X2 interface

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EVS  —  Enhanced Voice Services codec

TS 26.441     from Rel-12
General overview

TS 26.442     from Rel-12
ANSI C code (fixed-point)

TS 26.443     from Rel-12
ANSI C code (floating-point)

TS 26.444     from Rel-12
Test Sequences

TS 26.445     from Rel-12
Detailed Algorithmic Description

TS 26.446     from Rel-12
AMR-WB Backward Compatible Functions

TS 26.447     from Rel-12
Error Concealment of Lost Packets

TS 26.448     from Rel-12
Jitter Buffer Management

TS 26.449     from Rel-12
Comfort Noise Generation (CNG) Aspects

TS 26.450     from Rel-12
Discontinuous Transmission (DTX)

TS 26.451     from Rel-12
Voice Activity Detection (VAD)

TR 26.952     from Rel-12
Performance Characterization

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