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3GPP Glossaries:  Features and Services

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5G Phase 1 underway in CT Groups (June 2017)

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TS 22.261     from Rel-15
Service requirements for next generation new services and markets
see also  SMARTER
TR 38.913     from Rel-14
Study on Scenarios and Requirements for Next Generation Access Technologies
see also  NR

TR 23.799     Rel-14
Study on Architecture for Next Generation System
TS 23.501     from Rel-15
System Architecture for the 5G System
TS 23.502     from Rel-15
Procedures for the 5G System
TS 23.503     from Rel-15
Policy and Charging Control Framework for the 5G System
Annex Y  of  TS 23.228, Rel‑15     from Rel-15
IP-CAN specific concepts when using 5GS to access IMS

TR 24.890     Rel-15
CT WG1 aspects of 5G System Phase 1

TR 29.890     Rel-15
CT WG3 aspects of 5G System Phase 1
TR 29.891     Rel-15
CT WG4 aspects of 5G System Phase 1

TR 31.890     Rel-15
CT WG6 aspects of 5G System Phase 1

TR 32.899     Rel-15
Study on charging aspects of 5G system architecture phase 1

draft-TR 32.972     from Rel-15
Study on system and functional aspects of energy efficiency in 5G networks

TS 33.501     from Rel-15
Security architecture and procedures for 5G System

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36–series     from Rel-8
LTE (Evolved UTRA) radio technology
36–series     from Rel-10
LTE-Advanced radio technology
36–series     from Rel-13
LTE-Advanced Pro radio technology

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25–series     from Rel-3
Radio aspects

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